Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting packed for New York.

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So what should I put in?

Books ....check

More books ....check.

Passport ....check -can you see it?

Oh yes...My box .....check

What should I pack? What is the weather like? New York peeps where una, and please suggestions on what to do are welcome. See you guys and the Lady soon.

All I'm thinking of. (Poem)

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You are all I’m thinking of
Those times I find it hard to sleep
The times I am rushed with work
When I walk down the road
When I sit with my friends
You are all I’m thinking of

You are all I’m thinking of
When the clouds turn dark
And rain drives down from the heavens
Now the days are so quickly gone
And the skies become dark
You are all I’m thinking of

You are all I’m thinking of
To make you a part of my life
To be able to say I love you
To give you the best of me
To tell you from the heart
You are all I’m thinking of...


So who are you thinking of? Your family in a different state or country from where you are? Your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancĂ©? Have you told them? Now is the time o cos this life is so short, no one knows tomorrow. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today, live your dream now!

Have a lovely weekend all and see you in New York soon.