Sunday, May 9, 2010

Balderdash! Word Verification Meme

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Some of you may have heard or played the word game Balderdash, well there's a blogger version. I first saw the Balderdash Word Verification meme played on this blog by the Petty Witter. It piqued my interest and after a few clicks I got to the originator, Sheila at Book Journey. When I read this on her blog, I thought someone had opened my head and written what they saw there, lol.

Ok… I admit it. I am a comment junkie. I love – love ♥ LOVE ♥ to read blogs, the discussions on books, author interviews, bookshelves, great bookish stories and adventures….
but along with loving to comment comes the ever dreaded endless… (dun dun dun dun…scary music) word verification.
I know it is a necessity… I get that. You leave a comment, chances are you going to be word verified. Yet being a comment junkie… it slows me down. So to make this a bit more enjoyable… I came up with a plan.

And her plan was the Balderdash word verification meme which has become quite popular that some bloggers do it weekly. For the month of May, I intend to host the meme every Monday. I am hoping you will play along with me so I will be accepting GUEST BLOGGERS! I hear some of you ask; What does that mean? How do you play? The answer is very simple indeed.

1. Write down all the word verifications you get while posting comments on other peoples blogs.
2. Pick your best five (or so) of them and come up with an authentic sounding definitions for them.

But to make this more exciting, I want you and everyone to get involved. So I have turned on my word verification. When you leave a comment, include the word Google throws at you and make up a definition for it. If you are given a real word, make up a more interesting definition, lol.

These are my own top 10 captchas and their funky definitions.

1. Jocontac: (n) A joke on a tack
(v)When you make a joke from a tack pin.

2. Garbio: A garbage bio. Look at it from three ways;
a) the biography of garbage
b) a biography that is garbage
c) biography of a garbage man.

3. Cavable: From the french word Ca'va. The reply is usually bien.
(n) one who can reply positively to the referenced question.

4. Fowlsway: Is this the sway of a fowl or it's way? I go with the first since we have catwalk right?
(n) A way in which a person's movement imitates that of a fowl.

5. Fingster: This gives me naughty ideas of what one can do with their fingers but I'll desist.
(v) To give someone the open palm with five fingers outstretched. You know like "waka"?

6. Jauntru: From the word Jaunt.
(n) A true life account of a person's jaunts in life.

7. Undenses: From the word dense - to make more stupid (yeah I said that, lol)
( To make someone less stupid.

8. Dercobbl:
i - (v) To remove the cobbles on a street.
ii - (n) A handmade shoe

9. Zintux: A tuxedo of the highest order.

10. Ringbeau: This one is very obvious right? No?
(n) A beau who comes bearing a ring.

If none of the above words or meanings made any sense to you, then welcome to Balderdash! LOL.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and mother's day for those in the US. Have a great week everyone.