Friday, April 23, 2010

My Frohawk Hair Experiment.

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The mohawk hairstyle has different varieties, the most popular of course is the one where the wearer shaves both sides of the head. Then there is the Frohawk which Wiki describes as "occasionally seen on African American punks, ravers and old-school hip-hop fans. Some include hair twists on the side, cornrows or just pinning up the sides. This style, originally the traditional haircut for warriors of the African Mandika tribe, was popularised by actor, wrestler and rapper Mr T."

So I cut my hair really short in February. Thing is I usually cut my hair once a year, remove at least three inches or so. I went overboard this year, don't ask me, :). I almost did the Big Chop except I had no new growth. It was soon after a retouch and I was about to fix an Afro Weave-on. I told the stylist, just cut it off, let's see what I look like without long hair. Not that we saw my frame-less face for long, we only admired the great haircut for a minutes before I put on the medium afro and left the shop.

You see I've always had long and fast growing hair. Like most girls in Nigeria, I had my hair natural till I finished secondary school. After my SSCE exams, one of the first things I did was to relax it. You should have seen the hair then, pitch black, long, thick, lots of volume. By my third year, I was tired of long hair and began looking at short hairstyles with longing. My parents, sisters and friends would hear of no such thing, I couldn't get myself to do it too, so I took refuge in the yearly trims and short weave-on styles when in the mood.

Fast forward to February, my 2009 trim had grown out again, I'm running out of style ideas and the short hair experiment was born. Anyways, I removed the Afro a couple of weeks ago and washed my hair. The next morning, reality hit. There was lots of new growth and it made the short hair stand up on end, lol. Each morning, I will condition and comb it back with no relief, after a few hours, it will puff up like blow dried chicken feathers. I also realized something I'd always feared, long hair is easier to manage. before now, I could have just put my hair in a Scrunchie and gone about my business.

Anyway, why this post? Earlier in the week, I had made an appointment with my hairstylist to retouch the hair yesterday. Thursday dawned and I was ready to go for my ESL volunteer class. As if knowing that I had a stylist appointment in the afternoon, the hair refused to be combed back even with conditioner. So I said, WTH? I combed it all forward. To make it look like a style, I pinned it up and flicked it to the side.

Guess what happened, everyone loved it! LOL. My students were all eyes and with their little English, used words like Fantastic! Excellent! Catwalk Hair! When I ran a few errands afterwards, it was the same. Being an ugly duckling and the Non-Fashionista that I am, I can assure you that I have never gotten so many looks and stares. I was blushing, lol, knowing deep down I was beefing the hair. This was me on my way to the hair salon, lol. Anyways I decided to come back home and take pictures to show Atala since he had left for work before me. He has been liking the short hair so it was no surprise he likes the Frohawk too, but more especially that flick at the front, lol. As it were, he could only admire the pics cos the hair is now tame and in a boring bob. After that, I had to share with you guys too.

Enjoy the rest of the flying frohawk...

ps, no this is not turning into a hair or fashion blog, lol

PSS, have a great weekend you all.