Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The two Lovebirds + Blog Rolling

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“What is so funny?”

Chinedu let out a quiet laugh. It was that of a confident and mildly amused man. “So you sabi Ibo like that?” Iphey hadn’t realised she had been cursing in Ibo at her choppy day, her manager and her car. They both burst into laughter. The tension brewed by all the day’s previous events melted into oblivion. There was something about him that always put her at ease. It was the same calm she felt when he comforted her during Obi’s hospitalisation. Her mind drifted, envisioning being held in his arms, totally at peace without a care in the world.

“You always know exactly what to say or do. When you aren’t having strange women over or robbing people at gunpoint, of course.”

The laughter died at once. A feeling of intense stupidity enveloped Iphey. She had no idea why she had said that. Before she could take it back, Chinedu had veered off the road, stopping sharply by some roadside stalls. He was visibly angry.

“Who do you think you are? You no get secret? You no get past? The fact that you know mine does not give you the right to throw it in my face all the time."

He threw his hands up. "Women! You say you want honesty, then you run when you hear the truth. You say you are not interested in me, then you freak out at the sight of another woman. What the hell do you want from me?”

Iphey was dumbfounded. He was irate. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him, reverting to a childhood habit of playing with her fingers when nervous. She now looked down at them.

“Answer me! Answer me now!”

“A chance?” she whispered.

Chinedu thought he was hallucinating. He could feel everything inside him softening, turning to mush. “What?”

“I said...a chance. I’m sorry for joking about that. It sounded funny in my head.”

She laughed awkwardly in an attempt to minimise the gravity of what she was saying, and looked down at her fingers again. “I was scared. I still am. You know how they say, ‘Be careful what you wish for’? Well, I wished for someone who made me feel safe. And you do. The violence of your past scares me. But I could work through that. I just want a chance with you...” CONTINUE...


Go over and find out what Chinedu and Iphey are up to, a reconciliation at last? You tell me.

On other news, here are more blogs to discover and follow. You can click on the links in my side bar.

Half and half is run by two bloggers F and M. Their profile says "we decided to start a blog but with a different point of view. We are very weird people therefore look forward to Interesting issues raised or old issues raised in an discussed with a fresh perspective." I enjoy their debates where they usually present a topic from differing points of view. F is also an aspiring writer and has a story up for a contest on Naija Stories, you can go vote for her.

Kaleidoscope is also run by two friends who study in Hungary. They "decided we wanted to start blogging to keep our memories alive, share our stories and views with our friends family and to whoever cares. give opinions on certain matters, talk about what has caught our eyes...We both study (for now) in debrecen, hungary. It is a very unique place not every one is gonna have the oppurtunity we have so we r sharing the debrecen experience." I love their blog for their travel notes and pictures and they're both beautiful and hardworking ladies too.

Le Dynamique Professeur is a charming young man, an inspiration and a teacher. "His vision for life is to motivate, encourage and make men believe in who they were born to be. He carved out his vision statement thus, “to bring my world to heights yet unattained and grounds yet uncovered. To fabricate ease from complexities and put smiles on the face of my generation and the ones to come”.

Cinema and Fiction is a blog that stays true to it's name: "'cinema' and 'fiction'; terms which I use to refer broadly to filmic and written fictional narrative, focusing primarily on film, tv, novels, and short stories." The blog author contacted me from Australia to add to an article he was writing and when I had a look at his work, I was impressed.

Confessions in Scarlet is "a butterfly who's burst out of her coccoon. I'm very quiet but when i get talking i never shut up. I'm so many things to so many people. Most of all i just try to be me not who other want me to be."

This I promise (Poem)

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I want to be good to you
A promise I’ll keep to
Even when things are tight
Our life will turn out right
My heart will bear the seed
To fulfill your every need

You’re always there for me
And so I’ll make you see
That I’ll continue to be here
To show you that I care

I’ll do anything you desire
Light up your fire
I’ll treat you just right
So happiness fills our sight

Our love was meant to be
You are the world to me
This I want you to know
That as we continue to grow
I’ll heartily cherish you
I will to you be true


In my nine months of blogging, Blogville, especially the Naija community has been there for me and I appreciate it. I often like to say I am a lover, not a fighter. I try to stay out of controversy cos it really makes me uncomfortable but I hope no one thinks that makes me weak. I was really upset yesterday but writing the rebuttal took a lot of it off my chest. I won't lie and say I'll simply forget this incident or that there are no thoughts that have come out of this. One thing I'll say though, please if you do not want me on your blog, if my comments on your posts rub you the wrong way, please do let me know and I'll stop. I'm not blogging to steal anyone's thunder or dim their light.

This I promise is a poem I wrote for the one I love but it can be read to you guys. YOU who follow this blog, who leave comments, both personal and critique. You who send emails, subscribe to my posts and most importantly, believe in my work and support me in any way you can. I do not take lightly the trust you have resided in me, by making this blog and Naija Stories what they are. I am sure it is not just me and I couldn't have done it without you. I care about you all and I care about our community here online. If anyone has issues, comments, questions, etc, my email is myne@mynewhitman.com. Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

On this note, I ask that we please move on. I have disabled comments on the previous post. Thanks to all those who commented, one thing shines through. The sky is wide enough for us all and there can never be too many opportunities.

This I promise you. I will keep blogging with an open mind.