Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Greetings + Blog Roll

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I want to wish all of you my wonderful friends and blog readers a Happy Easter! I wish everyone a day filled with enjoyment, friends and family. In the midst of all the celebrations and happiness this Easter Sunday and Monday however, let us not forget the true importance of Easter. 


It is not the bunnies, eggs or chocolate, but the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which has ushered in a hope for life eternal. I want to also use this opportunity to wish you all a blessed and happy new month of April. I know that great things will surely happen and keep happening to all of us.

In other news: Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on my blog, supporting me in this exciting adventure of writing! I always want to show my appreciation one way or another. This one is a quick and easy widget on my right sidebar titled April Blog Roll. Simply fill in your names and link your blog. I promise to visit, comment and if possible follow any blog listed there, that is if I'm not doing that already. I will also remind other blog visitors to check the blogs out in all the posts I make through out this month of April. So let the blogs roll!

Happy Easter!!