Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing my Family - UPDATE

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Thank you all for the beautiful comments, the wonderful prayers, and the total belief of my prank. Those who know these things better and how they are done say it should not pass twelve noon. I guess they did not take into account different time zones. I know it is evening and almost midnight in some places but it is just 11.50am here in my corner of the world. So permit me to say, mea culpa. The little mischief imp stole my hands, my thoughts and my laptop for the day.

Those pictures were NOT of Atala and the baby. They were the first pictures that came up on a search for CUTE African babies on google images. I think they fit the bill and BTW, Atala fine pass that guy sha, lol. But that baby, chai! God please give me that baby look alike, LOL.

Finally, thanks to all my FB friends who did not come around to spoil the show. So yeah, if you want to see Myne and Atala, find me on facebook.

ps, I am keeing all the prayers and wishes o.

pss, Abeg no curse me too much, you hear? Hehe

psss, I hope your chuckling now, please just laugh it off

pssss, Somebody thinks this was over- mischievous, what do you think?