Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy New Month + Unhappy Groom?

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Happy New month of March! This year is really rolling along as if downhill. I hope you guys are having a good time in your respective lives, studies, relationships, etc? I am enjoying mine, many things have happened and I thank God for all the milestones and pray for more blessings to us all.

So February is over as is the Month of love extravaganza. However, my top commenter Muyiwa loved the discussion so much, he wants a last one. Muyiwa (People in the Limelight) has been good to me, one of the most helpful bloggers I know. He ran an interview on his blog and he still has a cover of my book on his site linked here. So I acceded to his request.

Who is happier on the wedding day? The bride or the groom. I think Muyiwa believes it is the bride who has organised this big event for her friends and family. And the groom is by the corner calculating in his head how to pay off the debt of the party. LOL. Even though this happens sometimes, I disagree. I think both the bride and groom should be equally happy on their day, especially if they cut their coat according to their size and material.

What do you all think?