Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A blog for A Heart to Mend

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As February draws to an end with the Month of Love extravaganza, this blog will be changing somewhat. I have started working seriously on my second manuscript and would like to reserve Myne Whitman Writes just for that and myself. I want to become more personal and relaxed here. Share some more pictures, my observations, reviews of books I'm reading or have read and movies too. Most importantly, seek for feedback on the work in progress currently titled "Ghost of the past".

News about my current novel A Heart to Mend will be moving away to another blog. This new blog will bring together all the news, interviews, reviews and events to do with the book. So what about the Cupid's Risk Series? That will also have to go. like that. The interactive will resume next month but will also be moving house when the time comes. All those who have expressed an interest in writing should start getting ready as I will send out emails soon.

So as I was saying. The promotion for A Heart to Mend continues and will gear up very soon when the book hits the shelves of bookstores in Nigeria. A Heart to Mend has done much better than I expected and it is all thanks to you all, the readers and feedbackers. The new blog is to make sure that all the news are collated in one place and equal opportunity given to each promo with it's own headline which is no more happening here. All the book giveaways, downloads, wallpapers and buttons concerning the book will be shared there as well as radio appearances and book signings. Please head over to the site and follow if you are interested. It is

To publicize this book on blogville, please copy the book cover image and put it on your blog with a link to the site (see my right sidebar). A special shout out to those who have bought it, please leave comments there. If you wish to send pictures of yourself with the book, I will put it up on the sidebar with a link to your blog. Tell your friends about the book, and also suggest it to your book club, bookstore or library. For those that shop on Amazon, I want to encourage as many as have read the book, as excerpts here or you won a free copy or an opportunity to proof-read, please leave reviews on Amazon or make a post of it on your blog. Thanks again.