Monday, February 1, 2010

Title for interactive story + February + Moving House

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Hi people...OK, to round up the Season one of the interactive story, we have to give it a title, there have been some suggestions. I don't want to bias it by saying who suggested what. However, you can always find out by scrolling through the comments on the last chapter. That said, the suggestions are*****DRUMROLL****

1. About us
2. Emotions
3. Live and let love
4. A tale of two hearts
5. Life, Love, Lies
6. Cupid's Risk

Vote your choices on the left side bar, this time you can select multiple answers. Polling ends after 24 hours, all the best.

On to other news. Happy February - the month of love. As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to have a Love Extravaganza this month. All my posts will be love themed. So if you are in love, have had your heart broken or cracked, get ready for it. If you want to know what agape love is, share a mother's love, review love without sex, a closed heart or waiting for love, etc etc... As part of it, I will co-host two shows on the Verastic blogtalk radio. The first is the I-LOVE-YOU Valentine show on Feb 6. Details will be coming soon...

So I was supposed to put up the poll for the interactive story title yesterday but this was overtaken by events. We've just moved to a new place, pictures below. The move was relatively painless - - we had some professional help and that took a lot of the load off (pun intended, LOL). However, our internet is still being sorted out. I hope it evens out soon sha so I can get back to my blog rounds. I've missed visiting you all. Hope you guys had a nice weekend and here's to me wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Mwah!