Saturday, January 23, 2010

Results + In My Dreams (The Book)

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So the votes are in and more people want to see what happens with Iphey. Does she tell her sister, does she confide in someone else or does she decide to keep it to herself? Our next contributor is Vivianne and the post will be up by Sunday. Remember the giveaway is on till Jan 31 and the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy of my eBook "Love Happens" or you can download it on lulu. The paperback A Heart to Mend is available online at Amazon US, UK and Canada, Barnes&Noble and Borders. Find out more information on my website or enjoy the book trailer video on Youtube.

Another good news for blogsville fiction writers and readers. Some of you read the series blog 'In my dreams it was simpler'; the writers are great and the story was gripping. Now the collaborators have put it in a book form and published it. Check out the blurb...

"Sometimes Life Doesn't Happen the Way We Dream"

Six Best Friends... A Man... His Wife... His Mistress... A Mystery Hunk... A Man with a Shady Past...


Get a glimpse into their crazy lives in this exciting new series!!!
They are thrown together in a series of events and twists that will leave you intrigued and hanging off the edge of your seat! How will they deal with life's ups and downs? How will they handle their relationships, careers, and family pressures? How will they make the most of the situations they face?

You can read chapter 1 here and buy the book from LULU.