Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Book is on Amazon! (US, UK and Canada)

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Firstly, the votes are in and more people want to have go back to what's happening with James and Iphey. We already know that she does not pick the phone. So what does James say? What insane thing did he do? Why did he leave his family? Our next contributor is Juanita and the post will be up by Wednesday. Remember the giveaway is on till Jan 31 and the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy of my eBook "Love Happens" or you can download it on lulu.

On another news...drumroll...MY BOOK IS ON AMAZON! Do you know how I found out? On Vera's blog! I sent her an autographed copy as a birthday gift and she linked the amazon site on her post. Wooohooo...thank you girl. OK I'm very excited forgive me but this is a biggish deal for me. It's like a milestone. Get published, go on sale, be on Amazon, get to Nigeria...and so on, LOL. OK we're getting there small small. So right now, the book is available in the following places online. I think this is just in time because the book will make perfect Valentine's day gifts (hint**hint, LOL.)

My website $14.99 (Autographed Copy)
Publishers: Authorhouse $13.50
Amazon.com $18.50
Amazon.CO.UK GBP14.49
Amazon Canada CDN$19.08
Barnes & Noble $16.65
Borders: $37.78 (Crazy right? I don't know who's selling their copy.)
Kalahari South Africa R254.66

Hopefully, the list will continue to grow. Thanks to all who have bought their copy. Please leave reviews on the amazon page including those who won the Part one and have read it. For Nigeria, the plans are still under wraps but sometime in February for sure. Remember, you can still read the first chapter and share to your friends by using the widget below. Thank you all so much. I am grateful for your support, it motivates me to do more.