Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Talk - Naija

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I want to apologize first for the inconsistent updates in the past week. Unfortunately it may continue up to next year when I'll return from my Naija trip. The fact is that I have slower internet and less time to browse because I'm spending more time with family and friends. And so, it's really been awesome in Nigeria so far. Seeing the changes, mostly for the better, speaking with people, known and unknown, feeling their optimism, their fears, their anger and their hopes; about the future of the country, reading, politics, etc. Infrastructure still remains a challenge especially in the power sector, road and transport systems and Healthcare.

The forthcoming elections has got people talking, at both state and federal level, I'll see if I can register though I won't be here to vote  since the dates have been postponed from January to April. Still there are passionate debates and more people seem aware of their options and their rights as well as their civic responsibilities. Fashola seems to get the consensus as the best governor in the country and will likely get re-elected. It is possible Goodluck will carry the presidentials but Atiku should not be underestimated too. Uduagha in Delta seems a more contested choice, his major opponent is Ogboru, who is well known, Also, many of his detractors do not like his government's support for Ibori. Again, we shall see.

Reading seems to be on the upswing, but it seems there is a niche and that needs to be expanded by more people being involved in literacy campaigns. The education sector is in shambles, results are abysmal. But how can you pass an exam when you cannot read? The president, I hear is about to launch a nation-wide reading campaign. Some think it is to score political points ahead of the elections, but I'd rather give him the benefit of the doubt for the effort and time he's putting in. Being a leader is not an easy task.

As for the House of rep and Senate, they should be ashamed of themselves, they're not worthy of being leaders. Greeders more like, imagine earning close to 10 million each month while the masses strike while begging for 18,000? And then they call the CBN Governor to apologize for speaking their supposed secret?For shame! I hope Nigerians vote with their legs at the next poll. My only fear is that those who seek to replace these ones are not better. But I ask, what will they do with the money? I heard that TY Danjuma complained recently of not knowing what to do with his amassed wealth. I hope he's not wanting my pity? Pschewww..

On a final note, I love Naija, or as Dora Akunyili will have me say, I love Nigeria.

ps, check back for pictures with some bloggers...


  1. Aw, I'm glad you having a great time in Naija, and I'm excited to hear of all the improvements. I pray the Naija's story will continue to improve.

    The political leaders in Nigeria always make me angry. They all seem to have one goal in mind-- embezzle as much funds while they are in office. I wish we could throw all of them in jail, seriously.

  2. Unbelievable! *flexes arms* Lol, glad to hear you're doing well Myne! I;m surprised you have such positive reviews about the president. Most of my friends and family seem to think while he may have good intentions, his priorities are misguided. I think it's unfortunate that Nigerians abroad can't vote, but I guess we have to start from somewhere, right?

    Looking forward to the pictures. Enjoy your time at home!

  3. ok o, waiting to c d pictures????????
    nne oya update jare

  4. Wow! You did travel to Nigeria, I miss ya girl, pls keep the pictures coming, am so looking forward to it...:=)

    Naija sucks and I can imagine your point of view, they truly need to educate more Nigerians on how to read and better the educational sector...you will be missed girl but don't forget to keep the pictures coming...muah!

  5. Myne,today my love for you just increased,so you knw politics,I wish you would love it like I do,well,best wishes to all them contestant but for the Sanusi and House of Reps and senate saga,I knw that Sanusi is right but he should have kept his mouth shut,if not properly handled he might face a serz problem,even though I know he has better chances if he loses his job as CBN governor,can he also account for the 75%,what was his motive,that the 25% be reduced?he painted a bad image at that Igbinedion,and even if it's so,he didnt have to diss them aftyer all he is enjoying equal benefits,so he shouldn't stop our ''parents''.
    Yes oh,Madam due process says no more 9ja,you are really keepin in touch,pls enjoy the place.
    You totally rock,xxx

  6. glad you are spending quality time with family. Can't wait to see your pictures

  7. re: Naija Politics:
    I really despair Myne
    All we hear is that the members of House of Reps & Senate are continously voting to increase their benefits/ salaries.
    When I came to Nigeria last year, I was shocked to see the number of children who were out of school during term-time i.e. helping their parents hawk stuff.
    People talk about Naija changing/improving but I wonder what this is based on.
    So long as intelligent children from the slums cannot access quality free education and be opportuned to maximise their potential; I am sorry to say we have a long way to go!
    Yes, I love Naija - but its like the love you have for a wayward child (You cant help it)

  8. Welcome to 9ja!

    No place like home huh?

    Glad you are seeing it 'LIVE'!

    About politics in 9ja,...na *siddon posture* i don take....becox their matter dey provoke me shaaaaa & am not ready to suffer HBP for another pesin matter!....*grinning*

    As for our education?....i have only this to say *an audible s-i-g-h!*

  9. @ The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife: I feel you. I just sit and watch whilst trying to do my own little bit in my corner. If I die because of HBP, who will know or care?
    God bless the country anyway. We can't help but continue to love her.
    @Myne, seems you're having a brilliant time. Have fun, fun and more fun and please continue to push for literacy in your own way. God bless you.
    It's not easy to have internet access or time, but please do try to update us on the going ons there :). Thanks. Xx

  10. My dears no be small thing, this politics. I try to not worry about it but it is our country so wetin for do? I will try to update when I can.

  11. Blessings Miriam:

    Please forgive my ignorance but where is Naija? I thought you were in Nigeria. Again forgive my ignorance I have no knowledge of your land. Because you said you were going home i.e. Nigeria I am summizing that you are using Naija to represent Nigeria, is that correct? If so, does the name have a specific significants that it replaces Nigeria? Why the change? Is it politically driven? Sorry about ll my questions its just that I got a bit confused with the new name change.

    I hope you are having a surberb time. Take care and stay blessed.

  12. Welcome to Nigeria! Enjoy your stay jare!

  13. You locked Naija down in this short piece o. Looking forward to the polls too. God help us!

  14. Glad to see you are having fun! I chickened out of Saturday's event. It would have been great to see you but I got lazy! Hope you had a swell time.

  15. The internet is much slower? LMAO, then covering my face in shame. We will get there!

    You ears seem to have picked up a lot of political vibes oh! Great work! That roller-coaster is always something!

  16. Keep 'em coming. You make me love Nigeria too.

  17. Hello Rhapsody,

    Naija is the same as Nigeria. It's a short and trendy way of saying Niger, which is the main River in the country and from where the name Nigeria comes from. It is still contested by the older officials and is more common amongst the young people in the country. Hope that helps and you can also check out this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-11447252

  18. Haha! Nice synopsis about the present situation! Me too, i hope Nigerians will vote with their legs lol. I think a lot more people will vote this time than last time. I certainly will. Fashola deserves all the praise he's getting. Even if he's chopping at least he's working too. You know? they should cut the national assembly budget to pay for the increase in minimum wage. Sometimes these people make me so sick- people are begging for 18,000 and others are carting away millions in a month for sitting down and talking rubbish, or fighting hissss

  19. I so wish I could vote..
    Yes, I'm of age..
    But I hope the polling centers wont be riddled in bloodbaths but like I have told my friends, for Goodluck, I am ready to stay in the line even if it means under the sun just to see he gets elected..
    The National Assembly is one place that OPERATION CLEAN UP has to do a quick and serious work on..
    I have stopped being appalled at the never ending money directed at them and of course the non existent work that they do. wetin man pikin go do except say pray make God punish them!
    As for Uduaghan..
    His house in warri is infront of mine yet, our own road isn't tarred so you can imagine.. We haven't had light for 4days so how would one survive with gen? You need to hear the constant noise pollution I suffer including from mine,(sighs)
    Yet, despite the strong opposition and apparent failure in leading delta, I don't doubt he'd be back..
    My dear, leave 9ja and their 'PETTYTRICKS' not politics..
    When you stop looking at them , you actually enjoy the country.. Except of course you can't over look the hardship unless, of course you have a heart of stone..
    Still, 9ja is funfilled with so much drama!


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