Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Short Story - Heaven Why?

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Happy Christmas in advance to everyone!  I hope everyone is doing good. I really miss coming over to your blogs and catching up. I crave your understanding for not starting Cupid's Risk as I planned, my schedule has been so muddled up. Well this was supposed to be the beginning of an idea I came up with for the blog interactive. I have left it as a short, enjoy...


Ure lay in bed that Monday morning and reviewed details of her activities for work that day. She was meeting one of her more difficult clients later in the day and she wasn't looking forward to presenting the proposals she had prepared for them. Luckily her manager was going with her and her usual partner. They were looking to increase the customer’s advertising budget by a few more millions. If they got it, she were halfway to her target and that was no mean feat seeing it was still the first month of the quarter. She loved her job as an advertising consultant/marketer but it could be draining sometimes as well.

Thoughts of Yemi's birthday occupied her as she took her bath and dressed up. Yemi had been her friend from University, her bridesmaid when she got married to Azuka in London and her rock after her husband passed away and they’d had to return to Nigeria. It was Yemi’s 35th birthday and several friends had been invited. She had already decided on her outfit and was putting together the accessories in her head as she dressed for work.

At the kitchen table later, she forgot all about fashion as she sat glaring at the invoice for her son’s school fees for the term. He attended The Regent Schools Abuja and the fees had just been hiked by almost 20 percent. If she’d thought the cost had been through the roof when he’d been admitted, now they were in the stratosphere. Well she liked their mixed curriculum and being that Tony had only stabilized this year after the tumultuous period three years ago. The poor boy had had to deal with losing his father and moving from the only home he’d known in London.

No, she couldn’t think of withdrawing him now. Well not while she could still afford it, who knew what would happen in future? The events surrounding her husband’s death had thought her to take each new day as it dawned. Wasn’t it the bible that said sufficient unto the day was the evil thereof or something along those lines? She remembered that her son’s teacher wanted to see her. Her son had been doing fairly well in his lessons for the past few months and she hoped he was not retrogressing. It would be a shame if something happened to upset the balance they’d been able to establish both at home and at school.

She took a deep breath and exhaled...


To be continued...


  1. not feeling it jor..that naija air is getting to ya...cant see ur handwork in suspense like the efe story that got me coming back we need like a scene of an accident that makes us wonder or somethin we can chew on till the next post ...this just feels like ok she lost her husband and she got fees to pay and but myne joo give us the usual jab that keeps us coming back some of that Myne magic...

  2. I like it so far Myne...the story def has a lot of potential and knowing you, we're in for an interesting ride! Happy Holidays dear, hope ur enjoying 9ja! Take care

  3. I like that its starting out so simple... the build up to something more interesting I hope... *fingers crossed*

    Happy holidays

  4. I'm hopping on this ride, wait! I need to fasten my belt, it starts smooth then the turbulence hits in

  5. She breathed in deep and exhaled? Must be some sub-conscious choreography - cos I just did too!

    Now, don't let's wait too long for the sequel!!! How's ur side of naija, btw?

  6. I think I am suffering from teasedomatitis....completion asap MW

  7. Not you're in Nija? Enjoy yourself and Merry Christmas.

  8. lolz @ bare feet,nigeria's air is nth but inspiration.
    Myne,I jnow this one is going to bomb blogsville.

  9. Okay I think I will wait for the next part of this...Thus does not excite me, but knowing you, I expect some thing interesting.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

  10. Thanks for reading, maybe I should have posted the whole story. I will be posting it soon.

  11. hmmmm.. Not hot ooo..
    But I'm willing to wait..


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