Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Meme and Tags

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I'm still enjoying Lagos, while thinking of the events this weekend, pheww! BTW, let me get this off my chest, the traffic is just terrible in this city. I wasted at least 5 hours today, well not really, I made a decent headway into my latest book purchase, but still... And who else was stuck in a queue at the filling station? On to other things jare....

Remember I won the Group B blog awards and Madam Meme? Here I am again. This is a very random meme I saw on one of the blogs I follow and I decided to do it here and also tag some people. So it's very straightforward, all you get to do is fill in the blanks and then tag 5 people to continue and spread the love.

5 Famous people you want to meet: My number one used to be Micheal Jackson but he's gone now. There are several of them sha, but these are a few that I feel we'll have things to talk about, you know have things in common, like passion for affecting society, etc. Toni B is there because I just love her music. You will notice that I did not put in the actors and musicians I do googly eyes for, I'd just be too tongue-tied, lol...
- Toni Braxton
- Nelson Mandela
- Bill Gates
- Oprah
- Fela Durotoye

5 Books that affected you: This is not an easy one, I have read like hundreds and thousands of them, but let's see. These have to be books I read when I was much younger and which shaped who I am today.
- The Bible
- Roots - Alex Haley
- Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
- The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta
- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle

5 favorite movies: Another hard one.
- Titanic
- Avatar
- Watchmen
- Toy Story Franchise
- Violated

5 things you can't do without: Easy peasy. Atala wants me to list internet for all five. Yeah I know I'm addicted, rub it in, lol..
- Internet
- Food
- Music
- Books
- Movies

5 turn ons
- Intelligent conversations
- A nice smelling man
- Chocolate and ice cream
- Honesty
- Independence

5 turn offs
- Narrow minds
- Dulling conversations
- Societal restrictions
- Lies
- Disorderliness

So now I tag the following people
- Omotee
- Naijamum
- Shorty
- Gretel
- NaijaLines

If you want to do this and I did not tag you, please just go ahead. Cheers!


  1. Oooooh tell more about Lagos!!!!

  2. I'm first,where dem dey?
    Michael was one person I also wanted to meet but now he's with God,but I still have Kirk Franklin.
    Myne tnx a million,though I didn't get what to do but you the best,love you

  3. lol @ internet for all 5...I bet my hubby would say same to me.

    I'd def love to meet Oprah and Mandela as well...

    Weldone on coping with Lagos traffic...all the best at the forthcoming event. Bring back pix.

  4. haaa mayne....that's the Lagos treatment. sorry i couldn't be @ The plams... if u saw my facebook, i had to post a picture 'okadaing' from maryland to Lagos island while my driver ate semovita in my car @ Opebi!!!!!lol
    But sha...i hope it went well, u just time urself ahead in Lag ni..and make loads of apologetic phonecalls!! That meme, if i do it, na disaster....lols

  5. Thanks all...

    @Gretel, you just list the 5 subheadings and say what you prefer..

    @Wildboy, the event is on Sunday o, don't know this one you're apologizing in advance, lol.

    Pele but I get you, the traffic is something else.

  6. See why i hate lagos *sigh*. pele dear, but you're having some kind of fun yeah? hope so. and hope u come to abuja.

    hmm, we have some similarities in our list....
    i'll do the tag, excited sef

  7. Welcome to back to 9ja....the heat nko?....5hours?......dem dey welcome you n-a-h..*grinning*.

    P.s...congratulations on your award winnings & laughed at what your hubby said.

  8. Traffic? Well, welcome to Lasgidi. That's how we rough it o! lol
    Interesting list.

  9. okay here is the resilient nature in me coming out. I would have loved to meet Bob Marley, if I have to make that list Bob Marley would still be my fave.
    As for being addicted to the internet, tell him its a job requirement!
    Sorry about the traffic, at least you are still having fun and catching up with your reading.

  10. One of the reasons I am glad to have left Lagos. Not like the heat in Abj is less scorching, but, one doesn't have to spend unending hrs on the road in it.
    I'd like to meet all Nollywood actors (save a handful that aren't guilty) just to beg them to 'up' their game and try to be better actors rather than twisting their tongues in a bid to sound foreign.
    My biggest turn-off - Unprofessionalism. A word not many Nigerian staff know about!
    Congratulations on youur achievements. Many more BGG (By God's Grace).

  11. Hope you are having a fab time in Lagos Myne - despite the traffic!
    Regarding the 'random meme' (not sure what that means); I think its a good way to know about bloggers - so being the nerd I am, I'll answer on my blog.
    See you there *smile*

  12. Thanks all for the comments. I'm having fun, mostly, the people are so nice and time to read is OK I guess, :)

    @Naijamum, yes, it's supposed to be on your blog. See you there.

  13. First, thanks for not tagging me. LOL

    I think my list of favourite people I want to meet, would go:

    1. Myles Munroe
    2. John C. Maxwell
    3. Dr. Ben Carson
    4. Zig Ziglar
    5. Ikujiro Nonaka

    My list of favourite movies would go:

    1. The great debaters
    2. Facing the giants
    3. Not Easily Broken
    4. Australia
    5. Fireproof

    - LDP

  14. And.. I wish you arrived lagos when I was there.. it'd have been nice :)

  15. @LDP, I am so sorry, lol...blame the limit of five. I like your lists though, loved the great Debaters with Denzel!

  16. Ha-ha, I was closing my eyes towards the end, hoping I would not be tagged. As I've just done a post, it will be the next one.

    I am jealous of you having all that hot weather to yourself oh. Enjoy:)

  17. Getting well adjusted I see!
    About your meme, well, I'd say...
    Duly noted!

  18. Nice. I know that much about you now :) You know, i watched Violated so long ago but it's still one of my favorite Nigerian movies (i don't particularly like those). They could make movies those days!

    I'm going to write these even though i wasn't tagged hehe


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