Saturday, December 11, 2010

Picture Weekend - Last Sunday at The Hub Media Store

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  1. is that a yellow pen? cool my muse would love that

  2. Blessings.....

    You look great, seems you doing a lot of work/promoting. I hope you have time to kick up your feet and have mad fun.

    Have a grand weekend

  3. Greater heights you'll attain,dear.
    Ahum,who's that cool dude in the last pix?
    As in??????

  4. You're doing a great work Myne.
    I had a nice time,got my copy of the book autographed, won a raffle prize, met a few other bloggers... :)

  5. Well done Myne
    PS - I spy Nitty in the audience:)))

  6. Yes o, Miss NG made good on her words to come and with her family too. We had a small catching up though I did not get a one on one picture with her because they had to leave early. Thanks Madam...mwah.

    @Gretel, you like that guy?

    @NBB, thanks for coming too...

  7. AH... Myne! I have serious hair envy right now! I miss braids. :(

  8. Nice pics...
    Love the fact that you keep uploading them.. Atleast ,I get to follow your activities/flexing.. LoL

  9. Cant believe I missed this!!! That is most def nitty I saw!!! I could even recognise from the back sef!


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