Friday, December 17, 2010

Picture Weekend - Infusion 11 in Abuja

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Happy holidays everyone, hope you're all getting set for Christmas? I'm doing good, still here in Nigeria, but missing our little tradition with Atala of putting up the Christmas tree and beginning to shop for gifts and food. But well, I'm surrounded by other family here and of course all the blogfam that I've been meeting in the past few days. There is a blogger or more in the following pictures and you'll have to guess who they are, lol...

Have a great weekend all...


  1. lovely pictures.....couldn't get off work on time for any of the call you this weekend and see if i can meet up

  2. someone's having fun!!! I have no idea who is who...but I know Omotee is one of them ;-)

  3. Looks like you having a great time *jealous sigh*
    Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  4. Thank you all, Abuja has been the most fun so far.

    @Naijamum, don't be jealous OK? LOL...Merry Christmas to you and your family too...

  5. I hate seeing pictures like this because every-time I visit Naija, my parents/relatives keep me locked up inside the house scared of kidnappers/greedy relatives and so forth, saying the "people" will pick up on my "fone"! ITS SO ANNOYING! As if i am a child! I would so love to enjoy events like this when I visit. Mission 2011 will be throughly enjoy naija by force.

  6. Nice pictures...I am so sad I did not get to meet you before leaving. Happy holiday to you.

  7. kai! c wat i missed..........

  8. I see Omotee..
    You had fun o..
    @LG.. Na your way na..

  9. Omotee I see you! Someone had fun o!

  10. Blessings my friend...
    May Christmas meet you in a peaceful and joyful state, surrounded by love, acceptance and hope.

    All the best throughout the new year and beyond.

    stay blessed.

  11. Happy holidays Myne!!

    Glad to see you're still having fun...It looked like a great event..

    Eya, poor IFNA. Lol @ Mission 2011 will be thoroughly enjoy naija by force.

    Ps: that dress is very pretty & you look nice.


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