Saturday, December 4, 2010

Picture Weekend - Celebrity Reads, World AIDS day Edition

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Hello everyone, hope your weekend has been going great? Mine has been an absolute blast, I am so thankful! Last week, I was a guest at the Celebrity Reads Africa, a programme to encourage reading amongst young Nigerians using celebrities as readers and role models. It was a great event, the venue was packed and I met a couple of bloggers too. Read some more reports of the event HERE, HERE and HERE

Essence and Modele - Celebrity Singers/Performers

Chichi Offor - one of the directors of Celebrity Read Africa

Deji Badmus - Presenter and MC of the show

Opening Act

About to Read

Reading from a steamy part of the book - to advice against irresponsible sex. It was the World AIDS day edition of the Celebrity Reads event.

Modele Reads from Neuro Surgeon Ben Carson on his experiences of reading and education.

Essence reads from a book of African Proverbs for and about children.

Chude Jideonwo joins the celebrities

Tosin Jegede, former child musician reads excerpts of a book on AIDS and living positively

Cross section of the audience with Joseph Omotayo, AHTM reviewer in the foreground

Students were in attendance. I felt funny reading an Edward and Gladys kiss before them, :)

More book lovers

Chude reads from No woman Left Behind - a short story by Tolu Ogunlesi of NEXT.


  1. Hope you didn't traumatize the kids. Lol. Myne, I love the new look of your website, and I think what I love most is that you're just yourself. Transparent. And that's what your readers love. More grease. :)

  2. You read what??? My! I woulda loved to be a fly on the wall there.
    Tosin Jegede? damn!
    Looks like you've really jumped into Naija groove with your two feet. Keep up the momentum!

  3. Oh wow...looks like fun...and I agree with Jaycee!!

  4. Nice event.... Keep up the good work in naija...

  5. this is a really brilliant event encouraging people to read. I bet u are pleased as punch to have escaped all the snowstorms and jacket weather.

  6. Reminds me of a scene from the second Naked Gun movie where OJ Simpson has the professor read from an euphemism-laden book to rouse his slumbering audience.

  7. Lol...Lord forbid that I feel traumatised by such... in my not long ago days,I would sit up and pay rapt attention! Feeling dissappointed when the innuendoes gala back for us o!

  8. @Jaycee, thanks so much dear. I hope I didn't, lol. I started reading Mills and Boon around 10 and I think it helped me that the adults around me reinforced responsible relationships.

    @Ginger, LOL...being in Naija has really been great, thanks.

    @Blessing and Prism, thanks so much.

    @Joanna, it is indeed. Though it's happening everywhere, but more Nigerians have stopped reading. I was happy to be a part of it.

    Azuka, lol..I think I remember that. I had to censor myself o, lol...

    HoneyDame, you and me both, lol. Gala is growing in my tummy now, i love it, and it still tastes just as good. :)

  9. wowww,Essence,mehnnnn I'm missing oh,Dear take it easy with the gala oh,this 9ja gala,dem no get expiry date.
    Me its sharwama I want,as usual sha.
    You rock.

  10. Some one is definitely having fun... ....yeah, our kids need to be encouraged o.....weldone.

  11. I went to this event in September. It was great..I should post pictures too. You look lovely :)

    Hope your having a lovely time Myne

  12. LOL at reading the steamy part in front of kids...
    Reminds me of when we used to giggle all through drama practise (especially Romeo and Juliet) in Secondary School *smile*
    Hope you had fun!

  13. It really was fun, thank you all. I was actually excited meeting the celebrities, lol...

  14. I can't believe I missed your coming in..
    Welcome dear..
    Love the pics..
    You actually look...
    So cool...
    Glad you're having fun too..

  15. Thanks Chacha, hope we get to see soon...

  16. I've never been to any reading, but it's something i definitely want to do. Not many of those in Abuja, and if they are, news of them is certainly passing me by :(

  17. I hope so too..
    Just update me as planned..


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