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Picture Weekend - As the Youth Corps leave Camp

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Right now in Nigeria, those taking part in the National Youth Service Corps are leaving their training at the orientation camps and taking up their primary assignment. The NYSC programme is a  mandatory one year service for all university graduates. You get sent to a city or state different from yours to get some paramilitary training, help develop your new local community and get some work experience with companies or the government service. Hearing stories from corper bloggers sent me reminiscing about my own youth corp year. I enjoyed my time at the Abuja Kubwa camp and stayed on in Abuja for several years after the youth service.

Many people think otherwise, but I say, Viva NYSC!

One of those early mornings, singing the national anthem. No actually, I think this was at a more official parade. We didn't usually wear the ceremonial top otherwise.

My Platoon drill team, can't even remember whether it was 8 or 12. We had mad sun marching under the rain and in the sun. Our commander, we affectionately called, Banger-Banger. Everyone according to him was a banger.

During the endurance trek, this was at a top point around Gwarimpa, you can city part of the city below.

Camp fire night. My hair was a mess, I'd just been to the salon for a touch up which was done by a not so good stylist. I wore mufti but put on the Khaki when it became too cold.

Fresh faced graduate. I was feeling homesick that day. :)

Yeah, I tried some volleyball while on camp. Still the only sport I still play once in a while. my platoon came 2nd or 3rd place at the last competition.

Being punished what else? Luckily it wasn't too sunny that day because we sat there for hours.

Cooling down after a morning run. That month in camp must have been my fittest ever. We woke up by 5am each day for an hour's athletic run with warm-ups before and after. I think I was asking the photographer not to take the picture. 

I was one of the experienced marchers, I took part in those children's day marching both in primary and secondary school. 

Right at the front. And yeah, another day of plain clothes. Banger Banger was a friend, and sometimes I complained that the khaki trouser was too big to practice in.

More endurance trek, taking a pit stop to refuel on food and drinks. I think the endurance trek covers about 10 miles or so. It seemed like we walked for forever, but it was about 5 hours or so sha.

My friend had not been feeling well bu the commandant insisted she go too. I kept her company and walked at her pace. And we completed it too, yay!


  1. awww..these pics are cute....Although i was born and mostly raised in the states, i really am considering doing this service.

  2. ooh nice pictures thanks for sharing them.

  3. apart from being prettier, you dont look like you've aged one bit.

  4. Corper Shaun!!
    Now tell me I was a part of the inspiration for this post ;-) LOL

    I can see u had so much fun @ camp

  5. I loved seeing this! Walk down memory lane eh?

  6. @GoHard, it's not usually easy for returnees but there are provisions and with an open mind, you'll surely have fun.

    @Joanna, lol...I'm smiling. Thanks dear, but ah, this was almost 10 years ago...

    @Tolu, you, Tigeress, my coz, Harry and all other corpers. Yeah, it was a great experience.

    @Naija American, yeah, this is quite nostalgic. My NYSC was in 2001.

  7. wow, you had a baby face! even up till now! like gohard i am thinking about going to do it, but since i am not a nigerian citizen wouldnt it be hard? and would i go before grad school or...?
    have a nice week!

  8. @Onose, thanks on your nice comments. This my baby face sometimes gets me in trouble, lol. OK, if your parents are Nigerian, most people will automatically class you as such especially if you ever decide to get a Nigerian passport to ease travel, etc. If you decided to stick to just your american citizenship, then you don't really need to do the service. You can go to Nigeria and work as an expatriate. NYSC can be done at anytime once you have university degrees and you're under 35, I think...

  9. Wow! So you've been there, Myne? Otondo Myne!!! Very nice pictures. Sure they hold the keys to a lot of fun memories! Doing mine ATM.

  10. HA!, your pix brought back memeories..congratulations t0 all corpers.

    You do look good in all your pix.

    I DON'T LIKE NYSC jor! waste of time & resources.....i served at Jos.

  11. Imisi, lol..OTONDO. Ajuwaya jare, congrats and enjoy the rest of your time there.

    @Nitty, thanks dear. My SO thinks the same too.

  12. Lovely pictures Myne

    I served in Maiduguri and I absolutely loved it.

    It was my first time up north and I got to see a different side to my country.

    I still keep in touch with friends I met on camp so I can honestly say that the programme is a great way to meet communities and people you would otherwise not have met.

    However, with lots of 'connnected' people arranging to serve in their preferred location,the purpose is often defeated.

    So, NYSC but only if the allocation process is free and fair for all................

  13. Corper Shun!

    These pictures brought back sweet memories! I served in Sokoto and it was fun then!

  14. You looked really pretty. i miss the fun and friends of my camp days. it was an interesting period.

  15. buahahahahaha,those pics sorta looked very funny,esp the one abt being a fresh faced grad,well,looks like you enjoyed it,and you've changed oh,for me sha.
    Me,I still have a yr before I do NYSC,I'm already dreading that time coz I'm still a bit ???
    Well done

  16. Na una serve true true! i served in one ebonyi state village and it was ANNOYING!

  17. Nice pictures, wow so you still have your pictures, if it was me I would have misplaced them by now. I'm dreading NYSC o especially the 3 weeks of camp.

  18. Thanks for the pics, yeah it's nice to go down memory lane. Ahh, some pictures are more special than others, and these are included.

  19. ahhhh...those were the days..i really enjoyed NYSC and still have friends from that period of my's an exciting time...except the cpuntry is getting more insecure and communities are not as excited about corpers as they used to be, i think ..

    and ur pics make me wanna bring out my NYSC

  20. Eeeya Myne I live in Kubwa, always dreamt of serving in ABJ so I can come home in like 5 mins tops if I walk or 2 mins if I run.. Yup, its that close, my house is off Hamza Abdullahi way, one more year to go..yay!!

  21. @Histreasure, you should bring out your pictures and show us some, lol..

    @Mariaah, I doubt they'll post you to Abuja, esp if you went to UniAbuja. But that would be so much less problematic if you do get posted to kubwa. :)

  22. Ah...NYSC. Lovely pics and memories, Myne. Particularly that endurance trek. Phew!

    Did mine in Lagos. Wish I'd done it further afield. It was interesting sha. Our camp commandant was lovely, everyone loved him cos he allowed us a lot of freedom. I enjoyed orientation camp far too much and was part of the quarter guard (you know...that special select group of eight who march excellently and greet the VIPs) ;) As a member of the quarter guard I also got to choose my work placement. (One of the privileges, though hush hush, lol.)

    I'd been thinking of doing an NYSC post and may well do so at some point. Have to first get hold of my 20 yr old pics. Lol.

  23. @Naiijalines, hahaha, I didn't get to join the quarter guard, they're the real elites on camp. It would be interesting to read your experiences. Abuja was my first trip to the north, I was hoping for Jos or Kaduna, but fell in love with Abuja.

  24. I served in maiduguri and it was fun despite my misgivings..
    I hated it but in the end, it turned out to be the best move ever..
    Most of I am now, I owe it to be in maiduguri.
    Those times were crazy..
    Love your pics..
    They were really crazy times!


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