Sunday, October 3, 2010

Picture Weekend - Yesterday

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So the weekend is almost all done and dusted. It was lovely spending time with the ladies of the Seattle Romance Writers Association but the Independence party trumped it, I confess. I had previously not seen as many Nigerians in our area in the same place before. And loads of them were dressed in the green and white colors. Feeling all patriotic and all, I was also rocking a green dress and a white shrug, lol.

At the RWA, I met some of the authors I had read their Mills&Boon, MIRA and Harlequin titles decades ago. And a new author - Brenda Novak - I had discovered more recently allowed me to take a picture. I also got a Regency Romance Anthology for those cold nights of winter or maybe when I'm in nigeria missing Atala. A lovely lady opened the show for me and my books when she requested an autographed copy. I had a great time chatting with the author I shared a table with too. She writes paranormal romance, and her novel she said is like Waterworld meets Book of Eli. we left around six cos we had some errands and also had to get ready for the later party.

At the Nigerian event, there was fantastic music playing which was mostly a mix of Naija hip hop. I didn't even realize I knew one of the DJs, one of the best in the area, lol. I met these two lovely twins, who as it happened had also went to my old school, Queens School Enugu. We exchanged nostalgic anecdotes and of course I had to tell them about Kevwe and Ofure :). I sold almost 10 books through them and a few of our friends also turned up too. I almost didn't feel like going when we left around half 12 midnight.

Great day all told, enjoy the few pics below.


  1. congratulations Myne, u are such an inspiration. I like da pictures.. you look so happy:D

  2. Congrats. you look really good in the pictures! i think i realy need to read your book, i am not really a romance novel person, but i guess i am willing to give it a try

  3. Yay... I'm glad you had lots of fun at the Nigerian independent party. There are a lot of us young nigerians in the Seattle area. I have been telling some of them about out you, your blog and your books. I guess it's safe to say that I'm your biggest Seattle fan :) .
    Hope to see more of you around. You need to come out more.....

  4. Lovely pictures up there, I can see that you really had fun. Congrats once more.

  5. I like this post and the pics. It reminds me of

  6. Nice one Myne, you look very happy. You're an inspiration, keep on doing what you do. Oh, and congrats on making the BBC blog roundup.

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  8. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. A friend convinced me to buy a copy months back. It was a refreshing read. Also, thank you for the message you left on my blog recently. God bless you.

  9. Thank you all so much.

    @ the first Anonymous, I sure will. It was lovely hanging out with you guys.

  10. Aww congratulations are such a huge inspiration!


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