Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture Weekend - Vancouver on my mind

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Will I ever forget vancouver? We had such a great time there last month that I don't think so. It's a lovely city, not too big and not too small, perfect for a small-town girl like me. In a way, it actually reminded me a Seattle, both on the West Coast, similar weather and they love their coffee too. Except Vancouver had a marvelous vista of mountains surrounding it almost on all sides, and is more diverse too. The native Indian population is more visible and there are also loads of Asians, I hear Richmond is almost 75% Chinese.

There was also a vibrant social life, with a thriving fashion high street that reminded me of the UK. I don't think we have that in Seattle. We visited several landmarks in Vancouver including Chinatown, Stanley Park, MetroTown, Granville Island, and the Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant. The last felt a lot like the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle where we went for my birthday dinner last year. We had a great experience this time as well. I'll stop running my mouth now and allow you to enjoy the pics.

Welcome to Vancouver BC, Canada. It was raining cats and dogs as you can see. 

Passing through the border control, it was quick and easy.

A random bull on the street near our hotel. Vancouver's answer to the Wall Street Bull? You decide.

Walking around downtown, the top of Vancouver restaurant building in the distance.

Holy Rosary cathedral

A mid-lake fountain in the lost lagoon at Stanley Park, had the ducks as the captive audience

The aboriginal tour guide, people who're originally from the area.

Lord Stanley himself, once governor-general of Canada. The park is named after him.

A view of the bay and the opposite shore from the tour bus

One of the hundred of years old trees in the park.

Lions Gate Bridge

Beautiful view eh? Can you see the sea-wall? One of the major attractions

One of the local Indian exhibitions, they have very intriguing artwork, I was tempted to get some

After the raven dance, our story teller and his young accomplice agreed to take pics

At the aquarium on the grounds. They have a massive collection, but nothing as scary, :)

A friend took us to see this arty side of Vancouver. 

There was this Chef school and these lovely cakes tempted me through the windows

The quay from Granville Island, Downtown in the distance. Those high risers must have a lovely view.

In a sporting goods store, maybe we're going camping next? Only Atala knows.

Of course we gravitated to the bookstore. Chapters at Metrotown

In the center atrium of the mall. I just replenished my MAC collection and was happy

The steam grandfather clock in Gastown

Vancouver on my mind and before me. At the international center off Chinatown. Thanks for joining me.


  1. Nice pics.. Strange that the girlfriend talked about a trip to Vancouver tonight also..:)

  2. Thanks for the comments, we sure had fun.

    @Dhjax, so are you planning to visit Vancouver?

  3. Lovely pics Myne. You must have had loads of fun. Take care.

  4. Looks like a lovely city - Kinda romantic. Maybe that's just my eyes, lol.

    Ok, don't keep us in suspense about Efe;)

  5. Thanks Lily and Shorty, it was a fun time.

    @Naijalines, really romantic! And you know me now, lol...

  6. Awesome photos... Asians are so everywhere. Even in NZ, they are all over. Are there many Nigerians therE?

    _ LDP

  7. Thank Doll, as they say, life is for enjoyment jare.

    LDF, there are not that many Nigerians but they're there.

  8. I luv the indian artwork and the mid-lake fountain , really awesome

  9. I loved that part too Jhazmyn, thanks!

  10. aww cute! I should be there shortly

  11. aww cute! I should be there shortly

  12. aww cute! I should be there shortly


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