Saturday, October 30, 2010

Picture Weekend - Day of the Superhero

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Hello people, how is everyone?

It's funny coming down the high of my birthday week, lol. Also, I did a lot of work this week and I was able to meet a major deadline for my next book. The manuscript is now almost ready for last line editing, yay! I want to do the Nanowrimo for my next project, for 2012. Hammer out 50,000 words first draft this November for a story with the working title of Meant for Each other. Cupid's Risk will be coming back soon, before the end of next month, once Ghost of the Past goes for final scrubbing. So right now, I am feeling like a Superhero.

Pictures taken at a volunteer event for the YMCA

Not a very cheerful Batman

Mrs. Incredible

Wonderwoman: who ever watched those series back in Nigeria?

A Police, I do consider them heroes too.

Mr. Incredible and Batman

The Fire Service; yeah they save lives too.

And Finally...

Wait for it...


No I'm not in the Police, just messing about at the Police Museum, lol...

Have a great one lovelies, and feel like a superhero.. MWAH


  1. Aww, you look so cute Myne!!!

    Good job, wow...ur a superhero indeed!!! I'm still tryin to finish this one book :(

  2. you look really nice Myne :)

  3. I love your picture...You having fun... I would be interested to know how the Nanowrimo would work out for you...This is my first visit and I love your site...!

  4. Hello Geosi, welcome to my blog. I hope the NanoWrimo works out. I belong to a writing group and some of us are doing the writing together, motivating each other. I'll be updating on this blog too...

  5. ha ha Myne you crack me up. As for Batman I dont blame him for looking so dour he's got saggy pants.

  6. You inspire me on writing deadlines, Myne. Superwoman, lol. I'm also doing NaNoWrimo, but that'll just be for continuing work on my current project...:)

    PS: I like your new template. Nice.

  7. Thanks Jaycee. I am lucky that I can write full time, that really helps I can tell you. I have written after work before and it is so taxing. All the best with your WIP.

  8. haha! you're cute with that pose and

    have a great week ahead!

  9. Kool and funny pose. Have a lovely Sunday.

  10. Happy Birthday Myne! Hope you had lots of fun. Good job with the deadlines and keep pushing! Have a great weekend! Hugs and lots of love.

  11. Thank you all.

    @Waffarian, thanks a lot, I did. You have a great weekend too.

  12. Hey, like the pic of you in your police gear...glad you have a great sense of humuor. :-)
    I did NaNoWrimo earlier this year with a group and it helped with my WIP even though I didn't quite finish the 50 000 words, but I did take giant strides.

    Am kinda working on 3 different things at the moment so I guess that kinda makes me a Super Girl (wooahh) or maybe it means I'm just lacking :-)
    Either way it's all good. Enjoyed looking around your site.

  13. Thanks he Fish and 2Cute, lol..

    @Gospel Girl, thanks so much and welcome here, hope you'll stick around. All the best with Nano, my first was last year, I also didn't meet 50,000 but I made some good strides.

  14. Lmao. Interesting gallery, here. You look great in the poe-poe gear too!

    PS - The third from the bottom would be "MI n Spidie".


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