Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Weekend - Alabama and Tennessee

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I was going through my album recently and came across a set of pictures I had almost forgotten. These were taken in the summer of last year soon after I arrived in the States. We were visiting my brother-in-law and his family and I was meeting them for the first time. I had a great time, they were all so nice and I loved my new nephews and niece. You won't see pictures of me cos most photos that had me, also had someone else in it. So manage these ones OK?

Have a lovely week and remember my birthday is in just two days...

At a new shopping mall in Huntsville Alabama. It had some nice brand shops with a feel of Venice, I think it was modeled after the Vegas Hotel. I haven't been to Vegas though so I'm not sure. The children also had some fun

Going into Tennessee, with the Nashville skyline in the distance. It is known as the country music capital and is also the capital of Tennessee. The water there is the Cumberland River.

At the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center where we stayed, they had this amazing atrium with the cascades arranged in between greenery. This gave it a kind of rainforest look, and there was a rotating restaurant too, I loved it. 

My lovely sister-in-law took me for a girls night out on the General Jackson Showboat cruise. It was her birthday and we enjoyed fine dining and inspiring country music. Right, a view of the Cumberland River from the boat. This matched the view of the south US I'd gotten from books I've read in the past. Slow and peaceful. 

On the boat, before the show starts. We take in the view and the air.... Then, one of the shows, the band that entertained were really fantastic. And they played some familiar tunes too, including some of Shania Twain's greatest hits.

I can't remember the name of this mall, it was close to the Opry Mills though. There was an indoor aquarium, and play stations, my nephews were captivated. On our way back to Tennessee. There was traffic and it took us several hours more. I kept busy taking pictures...... and more pictures......and more... lol

Back in Alabama... funnily enough, this is the Tennessee River.

ps: I read that a blogger died. I didn't know him, but he was also a writer and it made me sad that he passed on so young. May his soul rest in peace and his family be comforted.


  1. Lovely Pictures. Yea read about the sad news too, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

  2. ouch that is some bad news I hope his family finds peace. I cant believe u stayed at the opry my CP and I always daydream that we will become writers in residence there. It is so beautiful there especially at christmas

  3. @Shorty, Amen.

    @Joanna, Yes it is so lovely. I can close my eyes and dream of writing in that cascades Atrium, lol.

  4. can I please have the link to the news?

  5. @Etoile, this is from another blog and still on my sidebar blogroll

  6. On note, breathtaking pictures!!!
    On another,note, yeah,so sad sad!

  7. your nephew really looks intrigued...lovely photos.

  8. MW...the photographer! Nice shots.

  9. suprisingly i never thought of blogsville as a place where they'd be sad. nice pix. happy birthday. i'd still say it tomorrow

  10. Nice pics giving you pleasant memories..
    How far for your birthday plans na?
    I have to call you o.. I really do..

  11. Happy birthday love! Wishing you the very best..
    Have a wonderful week..

  12. Thanks all,

    @Blogoratti, I dey try small small, :)

    @Chacha, I dey wait o..

    @HYAW, no one expects death anywhere I guess...

  13. wow,lovely pix and I read abt the death,really really sad,happy b/day qnd I want to sing happy birthday for you,where's the bash''?
    Experience a new phase with success and greatness.You're an achiever.You rock

  14. Am jealous, can I come with you sometime, you having fun Nice pictures, me like

  15. Happy birthday in advance and lovely pictures

  16. Nice pics! I always have my trusted camera with me too. I take it everywhere!

    and sorry to hear about the death :(


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