Saturday, September 25, 2010

Picture Weekend - The Puyallup Fair

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Hi everyone, hope you're all doing fine? How's the weekend and what plans for the coming week? You may want to gover to Naija Stories to vote for your favorite writers and stories for the Independence day contest. The polls will continue unto Friday next week.

Now to today's post. The Puyallup fair is supposed to be the 8th largest fair in the world and the greatest in the North-West. After seeing so many ads on the TV, we decided to give it a try. As it's just about an hour from us, I put my freeway driving to the practice to and from the fair. The fair itself was lots of fun, and the slogan "FREE YOUR GLEE" was very apt. I got the Dizzy pass ticket for all the theme park rides and did as much as I could was crazy. There was so much going on, a trade fair, giant pumpkins, we also caught a concert by Vocal Trash. The show lasts for about a couple of weeks and I think you need to go everyday to cover it all. We crammed as much as we can into one day. Enjoy the pics below.


  1. OMG this brings back memories. I used to live there ya know. Did you get hot cross buns? Its a requirement of the fair.

  2. Myne, you are the one rocking obodo-oyibo oh...lovely pictures though.

    How are you are Mr.? Have a great week ahead.

  3. Happy 18:04pm Sunday evening. I'm looking for link to your Twitter page. I will like to send you a DM. Its a very useful info.

    You need to install contact form on your blog. Its very easy. Its by Google. The javascript sends your message from the form on your blog to your Gmail account. Ask and I will send DM on how to do it. Check your DM.

  4. EDJ, you lived in the northwest? Yeah there were lots of food at the faie but we're not big on fast food.

    @Rita, yes o, small small. We're fine thanks dear.

  5. Only in America can someone spend so much time drawing picture on vegetable. Wondrous.


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