Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picture Weekend - Edinburgh Reminiscing

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So today was my sister's birthday and I woke up early so I could call and wish her the best of days. After we spoke, I couldn't go back to sleep so I went on Facebook to see what was happening about Goodluck's declaration for president. Turns out that my sister had uploaded some pictures which took me right back to Edinburgh.

She had visited me back in Edinburgh from Nigeria in 2007 and that was when these pics were taken. Just before she left, I dropped her camera and it was spoilt. She never bothered to get out the SD card until today. The ones I took with my camera all got lost with the rest of my documents when my last computer crashed just before I left the UK. I never bothered to recover them. Now I wish I had. At least I can see how much I've changed. And I have, lol.


ps; I think I have become lighter in America.


  1. Edinburgh! The memories.. unfortunately when I think of it.. *cringes*

  2. lmaooo I think you have too. Nice pics! see your wide smiles :) obviously you had fun! Never been to edinburgh though...hopefully soon.

  3. Edinburgh.. I once saw a lovely rainbow whilst crossing the bridge on the train from the South to Aberdeen.. Priceless day!

  4. Nice pics with your sis. I would love to go to Edinburgh sometime. Perhaps a trip with the Fringe festival in mind. Lily was there this summer and loved it.

    Have a lovely week.

  5. Edinburgh is a great city and it helps that my time there was a really fun and happy one. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Lovely pictures. You both dont look like sisters no resemblance at all, just like me and my sis people fail to believe we are

  7. Lovely pictures Myne. I will love to visit Edinburgh one day.

  8. Thanks Zee, I don't think we look alike too though some people seem to think so.

    Shorty, thanks! You'll def love the city.

  9. You and your sister so look alike. lol

    - LDP

  10. You both have same smile..
    Nice pic..
    Lol.. at getting light..

  11. Edinburgh?! No wonder you understand my recent angst. Hmm, I hope to be like you soonest -reminiscing. You and your sister dont look alike o!! Maybe the wide smiles:)


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