Thursday, August 19, 2010

I need a Stylist. Help please!

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Don't I wish I looked like Brandy right there?

I know some people who wake up every morning, shower, and step out the door looking great. I even used to think that celebrities were blessed with some awesome fashion sense by which they look gorgeous all the time. I later found out that they have stylists working on them from head to toe. I've come to start wishing that I also had a high quality personal stylist, but where will I find the money to pay the hefty price?

There are some absolutely amazing bloggers who share their style when they can. I follow a few of them in the hope that some of that fabulousness will rub off on me but for where? I still have to make my own decisions on how to dress up each morning.

It used to be better when I had an office job, I dressed corporately up every morning and built my style around what my colleagues wore or what I saw on the streets. Now that I'm a full time writer, it's more difficult. Casual has never been my forte and that's usually how I have to dress when we go out for fun or just out. Though I'm a bit better at evening dresses.

Now I'm about to travel to LA, you know the fashion capital of the world. Who knows, I might even run into some of those celebrities, our very own fashionable DITH and so on. And I feel I need a stylist to prepare. Or maybe I can get my family over there to take me shopping.

But that would be too late right? LOL...

When I go shopping, I just don't know what to get. I hate trying on clothes for hours on end in the fitting room so I end up just picking up stuff that I think looks good. And then when I get home and wear them, I will tire for myself.  Sometimes I return, other times, they just pile up in my wardrobe until I can offload them to my less discerning friends and family, hehehehhe...Do I even need to talk about accessories? Did anyone say clueless? I have my Swarovski ear studs and heart necklace and my rings and that's basically it. Shoes nko? Please don't rub it in. I have stacks of them and none that sweets my belle.

Anyway, this is a cry for help. From Myne to YOU...You know I have to form celebrity to fit in with the celebs on the red carpet.

If you live in the Seattle area, give me a shout.

If you live in LA, even better. I can trust your credentials. LOL...

Someone please give your sister a hand or don't blame me when you see my dowdy LA pics. And believe me, I will put them in your face every weekend as usual. So don't say I didn't warn you.


ps, where are the must see places in LA?  If you can make it to the book expo, lovely. If not, I'll still love to hang out.


  1. lol....sorry can't help you here! i need a stylist myself even!....LA huh? sista, my happy for you o! journey & goodluck....& have fun.

  2. Small tip: don't condemn your corporate clothes. Roll up ur shirt sleeves, pair with dark jeans and put on some walking heels, and you're good for a casual afternoon 'tea' or shopping trip. Switch the dress shirt with a nice sleeveless 'party' top, and throw on one of your snug fitting jackets for an evening out. You can hang up the jacket when it's time to dance. My point is you have to Study your closet, mix and match play with ideas and see what works. Practice makes perfect.

    Also, read on Google about body shapes and how to dress them correctly. Determine your own body shape and pick out tips that work for you. It may be best to compare tips from two or more sources just to make sure pple r saying the same thing. All the best hon, and show us photos.

  3. Pele dear. I'm far away and cant help.

    Since a stylist is not in ur budget for now, I think should start exploring your inner style. Exercise more patience when trying on clothes and it'd help if you carry a female friend along for advice.

    Experiment, Mix and Match, Play with Colours. Dress to suit your mood and occasions. See whats in vogue and play around it : asymmetrical (one-hand) dresses, little black dresses (timeless) etc.

    As per colours, u can never go wrong with black (being its neutral, any other colour goes with it).

    Accessories (bangles, cocktail rings, necklaces) etc.. This does more wonders to an outfit than u think

    As per shoes, depending on the occasion: gladiator sandals (casual), pumps and platforms (evening/official), flats (works for casual and serous look)

    As isha said, google can help too.

    In all of this, comfort is key. So make sure you're comfortable in whatever you wear

  4. On another note, Miss Natural is pushing me down the "Top Feedbackers"...How dare she?

    Well, this is me at the top again :)

  5. Nne, I don't think I can help you. I need someone to help me sef --- in the way of finances. LOL. Gosh, how I wish someone would just say, "Vera, let me take you shopping!"


    Anyway, so LA, huh???? Oga di kwa kpo kpo!!! Go babes!!!

    Oh, if all else fails, wear two wrapper judge (george?) and one of those puffy hand beaded blouses ... in emerald green :-)

  6. @NG, thanks dearie.

    @Isha and Zel, these are nice tips. I will surely be coming back to this page.

    @Vera, my mother made me buy those two level wrappers, lol. I will wear them one of these days.

  7. Hi Myne
    Google "wardrobe 911"
    It's a really very useful site. Start out with a few of the recommended must have pieces and build on from there.
    A good tip is to start from scratch .... meaning take an afternoon off and try on everything in your closet. Put them in 2 piles .... goodwill pile and "to keep" pile. Close your eyes while doing this or get a NASTY friend to help you - otherwise you will find yourself wanting to keep most items, whether they fit or not.
    That helped me. I trimmed my wardrobe majorly and then started building it up VERY SLOWLY but SURELY and CAREFULLY and TASTEFULLY :)

  8. lol i also hate trying on clothes, i also think i need a stylist who will just look at items and give them to me already knowing the items will suit me. have fun at your book stuff....and yes i need to see the pics no matter lol!

  9. I love going shopping and trying on clothes. It's part of the fun of shopping. I can't give ant advice though....too much of a tom boy. So not into fashion.

  10. I feel you my sister.
    Nne, sorry me I no fit help you.

    would be looking forward to those pictures.
    Enjoy youself in LA

  11. Wish I could help you, but i ain't in LA.
    should you come to Ghana, i will be your stylist. :)

  12. Myne, this is a huge request and coming from you I am ready to do anything, only that ....I cannot help here.

    I hope you get a great stylist oh.

  13. Some of the commenters here have given some pretty good tips, not much else to add. I tend to stick to classic styles and colours, so I can always mix the old with the new.

  14. Thanks o, I have learnt a lot. Lets hope these tips find their way into my wardrobe, lol...

    I'm now in LA, and it is hot!

  15. Do have fun Myne and wear anything Atala loves,if you weren't hooked to him,would have said let most of your stuff be bold and out-standing,it speaks for ur personality too.
    Enjoy duh.

  16. Sorry not much to say about fashion. I live on jeans and dresses myself....Where are the pix from LA?

  17. I just got back from LA!!!! Go to hollywood boulevard. EVERYTHING IS THERE! you can also do a tour of the city. they take you to really cool places. Universal studios was fun too and you can shop on rodeo drive..or melrose place. Ohhh have a SASSY B smoothie from d'lush on hollywood!

    REGARDING a stylist, I can help. I think I am fashionable enough. e-mail me.

  18. Ms O. I'll be calling you o, I've seen your pictures and you're one cool, stylish lady.

  19. Blessings.....
    Your entry made me smile, you do know that Brandy wears weaves, extensions on the hair tip just go to the Black owned/operated salons and get hooked up.

    As for the clothing in terms of what best for your figure, go directly to the sales manager usually they have someone there who knows about those things and can help you out. In this day and age all department stores have to have knowledgeable sales people on hand, or else, what good are they?

    Have a grand week.....

  20. hey Rhapsody,

    I didn't know that about department stores, I'm sure going to ask the nest time I'm shopping. Thanks so much!


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