Friday, June 11, 2010

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

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It is the world cup people! I wanted South Africa to win but well it was a draw. Next up, Nigeria and Argentina tomorrow, go Super Eagles!

BTW, for those on twitter, have you got the Nigeria Flag Twibbon? Let's dance to Shakira and Waka Waka.

The other major song for the Mundial is that by Knaan. I like that one too but I never saw a video I liked much for here. But as a card carrying Banky W and MI (Have you voted him for the BET awards?) fan, I like this version and the naijarized video

Talking about video, the best for me will have to be Akon and Keri Hilson with Oh Africa!

Which of the three songs do you think is best for the World Cup? Tell me in the comments.

ps, major Update coming up. Remember free ebooks from me, they're going again. And maybe a few gift cards thrown in.

Enjoy the summer!


  1. firstttttttttttt!
    omg i am so excited abt d world cup! go Naija(i know i am dreaming sha but its go to hope)1

  2. I don't mind this song but K'naan's "Waving Flag" kicks its ass all over the place. I'll always support the African team but my priority's the BLACKSTARS all the way. Go Ghana!

  3. Miss B, congrats :):) Yes o, fingers crossed for our people.

    @Sankofa, I think I'll add that one too. I like it though none of the videos trip me too much.

  4. HaHa!So you're also waka waka-ing on your end of blogger!lol!!!Yay,i love the shakira song!This time for Afria!!!

  5. Hmm good to know you like football,well I don't watch T.V. too often and I don't do music so...but I've seen the 3 videos and they are ok for me.
    Shaking's waka waka is good,the graphics in Akon and Keri Hilson's piece is so creative and all the Wavin flags(I've seen like 4)speaks volume,for me it's a bit personal,it makes me think of retirement.
    Let's KEEP praying for 9ja.
    MW,pls I've got a request-don't make all your post this season football based,it would be suicidal for me,
    Love lots

  6. all three songs. go super eagles added the twibon, even done am not putting my money on d super

  7. ooh btw, big congrats on the Blog awards..

  8. Thanks Fablady, I'm also not putting money on them. But not Brazil too, I will root for an underdog, lol.

    @Tnotes- yes o, since it all starts today.

    @Gretel, unless Nigeria wins a match I may not even mention football. Expect a glorious post though if we win the finals, hehehe..

  9. I actually like Akons vid and d concept, i think the lyrics werent so strong sha. The chorus was ayt, the verses seemed ..iono.
    Def prefer waka waka.

    Not a fan of the nigerianized 'waving flag'.

    Song was good by itself.


    Well i'm not that big on shakira, and i love the one by Banky and MI

  11. I'm defo waka wak-ing hehe
    don't know but kon's one doesn't really do justice for me..
    Go Blackstars...!

  12. I love Shakira. It's a much better video than the other two. And in the thematic sense, Africa belongs to all races - all humanity came from there. If Africa is to move forward, we all have to take responsibility for her.

    Pity Nigeria having to meet with Argentina first. Wish I could place a bet and win on the first major upset in football history. The high would have been better than winning the lottery. Now, why am I 'speaking' in past tense? Lol.

  13. I am a huge Shakira fan! Trust her to use her hips well!
    Zaminamina hey hey! Waka waka hey hey! This time for Africa!

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  15. This time indeed is for Africa, I think I like her song best too.

    @Naijalines, just believe! LOL...

  16. hey... long time...i think nothing of the world cup except that it makes the guys make a lot of im not that big on sports. anyway, finally saw a hard copy of your book with someone in my school and just couldnt stop 'wowing' hope you've been good

  17. the three songs are col for the tournament

  18. Argentina whooped our ass this morning :-(

  19. I love all the songs but our performance with Argentina was a disgraceful outing as far as i am concerned. May God help us with the rest of the campaign though.

    _ LDP

  20. Since our Zebras are as useless as ever I'm crossing fingers an African team wins it!

  21. Yeah, Nigeria wasn't that good yesterday. Kudos to Ghana today, I hope one of the African teams take home the cup too.

  22. I love K'naan's waving flag :))

  23. Why Shakira?

    Were there no African female singers left in Africa?



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