Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have you voted?

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The Nigerian Blog Awards.

Now I am in New York seeing Lady Liberty and her friends so you know I didn't really put up this post right now. See why I was nominated for best use of media?

Some interesting messages on twitter

you know i'm wondering if this is a real account or a bot.. #justsaying... :)
9:39 AM May 22nd

this bot says hello ...., hope you're fine. I miss you and ur blog and I wonder if all is OK with you. Do take care of yourself. Bye...bye.
10:18 AM May 22nd

So yeah, there are many bots and I use them to do my business but this is my message to you all.

MW is here too if you need her. And I didn't see that last bit, take your time and all the best dearie
10:22 AM May 22nd

This is a scheduled post and will self regenerate in 24 hours.

Now go and vote. The Nigerian Blog Awards.

See you on twitter too. And thank you all so much if you've voted, (and voted for me) you are very much appreciated.

I love you, mwah!


  1. Yes I have and U got my vote in one of categories.
    Hv fun in NY

  2. MW, this is what we call scatter yarn...i havent got the faintest idea what you have just blogged about


  3. I actually thought I was the only one.. Don't get at all. Well I was here and I'm leaving..

  4. babes, I voted. I still dont get why I was nominated..Oh well.. haha...I am doing it for fun. You totally have my vote.

  5. ok gonna go vote, just found out about the awards from Mrs O's site

  6. you will always have my vote all the time,
    love you scatter
    the humility

  7. goodluck myne...i did vote and i love your blog :)


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