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Does James survive the shooting? You decide!

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You recall I said there'll be an eBook for Cupid's Risk? I have started compiling it and that is going well so far. The eBook should be ready by the first couple of weeks in July for your summer reading. To help wrap things up nicely, we'll need an epilogue. Our epilogue will be in the form that is seen in some movies. You know, the type where they list the character with two or three sentences detailing what happened to them in future? Yeah, that one.

I have listed our major characters below. Pick any number of characters you want and write a maximum of three sentences each of what you think they get up to. I will announce the winners whose submissions will go into the eBook. In case of ties, there will be votes to decide.

To make this more interesting. Be among the first ten to post your comment with an epilogue entry and receive any chapter of your choice in A Heart to Mend, FREE! To enter for this, put EPILOGUE at the beginning of your comment and state the chapter you want, 1 - 21.

So let's do this folks. As for me, I know that Dabaru will surely go to Kirikiri for life, lol. Have a great weekend all.


IPHEY: A 25 years old lady who recently moved to Lagos from Port Harcourt with a new job in Diamond Bank.

CHINEDU: Iphey's love interest. They were introduced and met through a blind date where he confessed his hell raising past.

AISHA: Iphey's best friend who linked her up with Chinedu. She is married and wants Iphey to be settled too.

NGOZI: Iphey's older sister. She is married but her husband has been missing for the past three years.

MAMA IPHEY: Iphey's mum. She is of the meddling and match-making type.

JAMES: Ngozi's missing husband. It has been shown that he actually abandoned his family due to financial woes.

OBI: Iphey's six years old nephew and Ngozi's son. He is asthmatic.

HABIB: Aisha's brother and also a close friend to Chinedu. He works as an officer in the EFCC.

BISI: Iphey's colleague at work. She pretends to be a friend but stabs Iphey in the back.

FUNMI: Iphey's immediate boss. She is jealous and uses Iphey's inexperience on the job to get back at her.

AYO: The branch manager at Iphey's office. He does not hide his hots for Iphey and this makes his previous lover, Funmi, even madder at Iphey.

OTUNBA: A Suitor who starts courting Ngozi, Iphey's sisters a couple of years after the disappearance of her husband. Their mother does not like him.

ALHAJI GALADIMA: Chinedu's benefactor. A police officer who works with informants willing to give details of criminal activities.

GBENRO: An informant and former colleague of Chinedu while he lived a dangerous life.

DABARU: An Ajegunle gang boss. Chinedu's former leader in criminal activities.


  1. Hey am first lol..
    That's good news

    Iphey-she's later taken to the hospital for medical check ups and after a week marries Nedu.
    Chinedu-later marries Iphey,his well-desired wife.
    Ngozi-she finds out the truth and is so sad she can't think.
    James-dies in the hospital after apologizing to Iphey,Ngozi and his mother in-law and making Ngozi promise him that she'll re-marry.
    Huh,I'm tired Ohhhhh
    MW Congrats

  3. Gretel, I like your epilogue o, lol, 1 week to wedding. But remember to state the chapter of AHTM you want, there is 1 to 21.

  4. Thanks Myne,alright let them marry 1 month later,guess I'm so eager to marry.LOL.
    I think I'll be fine with chapter............
    I no know??? Ok,chapterrrrrr 21.Hmmm

  5. I guess i don't need to enter for the contest seeing as i have the AUTOGRAPHED copy huh? that's right everyone, be jealous lol :)

    Here's my epilogue.

    BISI: stabs Funmi in the back by sleeping with Ayo; and then gets fired.

    James: wakes up after a lot of surgeries and a six-week coma and reunites with his family.

    Alhaji Galadima picks up another boy like Chinedu and helps him

    Chinedu and Iphey get married at last, and live happily ever after. blank lol

    Oh Habib needs a babe!!! yes please give him a babe

    and of course Dabaru gets to go to prison forever!

    yeah bye

  6. EPILOGUE. James- Returns back home and asks for forgiveness from his family. Iphey- Seeing as chinedu proves his love for her accepts him as the one she wants to spend her life with. Bisi- Regrets what she has done to Iphey and asks for forgiveness. Dabaru- Rot in My opinion I'm not a writer tho. Lol


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