Saturday, May 15, 2010

Picture Saturday - Northwest African American Museum, Seattle

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As usual, the pictures of me will be going down at the end of the day. By the way, no mind my infrequent pulling of these supposed-to-be-regular memes out of the box.

Is the sun shining in your corner of the world? Well it doesn't do so often here but small small, Mr. Ball of heat has been making it's presence felt. Not that it is that hot, but to fulfil it's other function of light, it can get blinding.

I look like a ghost up there, don't I? LOL...

We had just come back from an outing to the North-West African American Musuem last weekend when I decided to play with the camera. Below is some pictures of the American experience for African Americans and a special display on Ethiopia and their migration to a new land (there are a lot of Eastern Africans in these parts and most are subsumed into the AA subculture). Enjoy.


  1. The sun in 9ja now is 4much o! You definitely looked like a ghost! BOO! the pix..weldone.

  2. So I can even get to be 2nd on a blog? This is really 'werking'. Ya, looking like a ghost is even an understatement...U look disappearing, lol. I think I prefer the blacky to the white you.

  3. lol. myne dose pixshures of u made u luk . . . . . . . . Naija sun no funi at al..

  4. @NG, na so I hear sha, but sometimes I miss that sun. Thank you dear.

    @Kenn, congrats, you're usually last. :) I have disappeared now.

    @Fragile, make you complete am now? LOL..

  5. Ethiopian artifacts have such a unique and beautiful style, nice pics. Congrats on the sun, hey!

  6. nice.. you changed ur hair.. what happened to d Mohawk:-) xx

  7. Myne, myne, myne! What can I say?lol

  8. Sunshine comes after the rain ,lol,nice one

  9. I see you stuntin'! G'head! Nothing do you jare.

  10. @MsAfropolitan, it was a lovely display.

    @K-bloggers, the frohawk is on a sabbatical, :)

    @Wildboy, yes, I'm listening...

    @Muyiwa, thank you.

    @Nice Anon, why are you just showing us your hands now? I want to see some face too. :)

  11. Myne... I will not try my description skills on how that shade made you look in the picture... If I do, I will resemble Madam nitty gritty. haha. We are in winter here in New Zealand though and it aint funny at all o.

    Awesome pics from the museum though :) Looked like u had so much fun. Blessings of a great week :)


  12. I'm so lost right now here and its really annoying me! all the blog rounds I have to do kai!
    Do I even know how the wheather lool? No, I've been bed-ridden. But I can see you've been having fun plus the small weight you've put on oh.. Ha!
    Good to be back!

  13. LDP, lol, me too I was surprised how that picture turned out. Pele on your winter, it will soon pass.

    @Chacha, you were bed ridden? Eh ya, sorry my dear. I hope you're feeling much better now?

  14. the pics from the museum are amazing.real nice

    and that pic of you juts made me smile, i see u were goofing around a bit.enjoy!

  15. MW the photographer...woop!
    How are you?

  16. Histreasure, goofing around is the word, lol. Funny picture that...

    @Blogo.., I'm fine thanks and you? Have a great week.

  17. Yeah! You look different from the picture on this blog!

    PS-Abeg no miss the sun here o! Like Nitty said, it is 4much!

  18. u gonna be a photographer too? plenty talents o, lol.
    u look different there. nice!

  19. love the pictures,lol sun is shining too much o, lol

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed viewing them.


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