Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting packed for New York.

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So what should I put in?

Books ....check

More books ....check.

Passport ....check -can you see it?

Oh yes...My box .....check

What should I pack? What is the weather like? New York peeps where una, and please suggestions on what to do are welcome. See you guys and the Lady soon.


  1. It's sunny with occasional spots of rain. Don't forget the umbrella. But if you do, you can always buy a cheap one at every corner, guaranteed to last until the wind blows! Street vendors have everything your heart can desire...

  2. safe flight dear and have a good time. update us on how the book signing goes and your time there.

  3. Don't forget your debit/credit card, it's NYC!!
    Have a great time :)

  4. do the tour bus package thing, i have done it before, its a good way to go site seeing and learn about the city

  5. Have a wonderful trip

    BTW how do you get the Nigerian books you read there

  6. hahaha I like the way you pack!! Have a great time in New York!! Be safe!

  7. Thanks for all the good wishes. The packing is done, now starts the travelling.

    @VV, I hear you, lol. Umbrella packed.

    @MsAfro, Check!

    @Harry, I usually order them online from Amazon

  8. yeah, u 4got me...can I come along? lol

    have fun!

  9. Have a safe flight! Btw why are you bringing your passport?

  10. I am jealous, I have been searching for reasonable tickets to newyork to no avail. Be sure to walk around see the usual, have some good pizza or street food, visit canal street and catch a broadway show.

  11. Visit central park! it's gorgeous right now!

  12. HOW many books are you going to read???

    And er..are you sure that suitcase will be enough?

  13. All the best on your trip, Myne. Hope you have a fantastic time.

  14. Hope am not late comenting o! journey...& shio! na all that books you wan read? I have to wait until they are asleep before i read some pages of a heart to mend..becox, i wan digest the book well interesting.....Myne...ha! weldone...i saw the pix...hmm...hope it's soon...becox i wan come chop rice o! hehehe...

  15. hope you're loving your trip so far!


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