Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This I promise (Poem)

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I want to be good to you
A promise I’ll keep to
Even when things are tight
Our life will turn out right
My heart will bear the seed
To fulfill your every need

You’re always there for me
And so I’ll make you see
That I’ll continue to be here
To show you that I care

I’ll do anything you desire
Light up your fire
I’ll treat you just right
So happiness fills our sight

Our love was meant to be
You are the world to me
This I want you to know
That as we continue to grow
I’ll heartily cherish you
I will to you be true


In my nine months of blogging, Blogville, especially the Naija community has been there for me and I appreciate it. I often like to say I am a lover, not a fighter. I try to stay out of controversy cos it really makes me uncomfortable but I hope no one thinks that makes me weak. I was really upset yesterday but writing the rebuttal took a lot of it off my chest. I won't lie and say I'll simply forget this incident or that there are no thoughts that have come out of this. One thing I'll say though, please if you do not want me on your blog, if my comments on your posts rub you the wrong way, please do let me know and I'll stop. I'm not blogging to steal anyone's thunder or dim their light.

This I promise is a poem I wrote for the one I love but it can be read to you guys. YOU who follow this blog, who leave comments, both personal and critique. You who send emails, subscribe to my posts and most importantly, believe in my work and support me in any way you can. I do not take lightly the trust you have resided in me, by making this blog and Naija Stories what they are. I am sure it is not just me and I couldn't have done it without you. I care about you all and I care about our community here online. If anyone has issues, comments, questions, etc, my email is myne@mynewhitman.com. Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

On this note, I ask that we please move on. I have disabled comments on the previous post. Thanks to all those who commented, one thing shines through. The sky is wide enough for us all and there can never be too many opportunities.

This I promise you. I will keep blogging with an open mind.


  1. Twitter rocks! Fast update info! Glad you disabled the comments on the previous post. The strongest people in the world make something beautiful out of a mess.

  2. ahn ahn! someone beat me to it.

  3. I'm just seeing your previous post MW...and all i can say is i am proud of you-no idea is original and there's nothing new under the sun my dear.
    Keep doing what you do...and hey nice poem!
    Smile always..

  4. Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh big kiss

  5. Can you imagine that I left a very long comment...infact, it was the longest ever (trust me) and then the comment section was still working, anyway, instead of me to just press "publish", wetin I do? I bin dey "preview", dey correct mistakes, etc. And that was the exact second you disabled the comments...imagine!

    But since we are moving on, I guess my comment, "alas!" (as nitty gritty would say, hehehehehehehe) will remain in oblivion...

    Therefore, my comment here would be:

    Nice poem.

  6. Glad everything is sorted out!! ***wooosahhhh***

  7. Nice poem as usual. We also promise to continue supporting you to keep up the good job. Hugs

  8. u were the one that made me continue blogging. u were there 4 me. love u lots.

  9. moving on...i love the poem

  10. I'm just reading about this,and all I can say is,"Myne,you rock"!

    please keep doing what you do,and smile all the way :-)))


  11. If you had read this poem to me and presented me with an engagement ring at the same time, I would have better appreciated it.

    No, wait. I don't need an engagement ring from you. A Blackberry Bold 9700 would have been just fine.

  12. Thank you all, glad you liked the poem. I am def smiling.

    Vera! You this girl sef, lol...

  13. LOL@ Vera...

    The poem was nice... i love it

  14. sweeeet... yeah we love u.

  15. Na wa o... Where did my comment go now??? Oh well... Really nice poem. I appreciate the self control it must take for all involved not to keep talking about it as feelings were hurt. Hopefully, with time you can both move past this misunderstanding and even laugh about it some day.

  16. I love this poem and Myne you rock I'm glad that you blog.

  17. from this situation, i learnt to "be slow to speak"....i made a comment without knowing the true situation of things!!!

    wish you both the best!

  18. Hug!Hug!Hug Myne....real sweet poem too. I'm sure glad you're moving on....

  19. i don't know who the idiot is;
    but i'll get to the bottom of this.

    Just you wait...
    Love the poem.

  20. saw the post

    I think you handled it well
    blog dram, blog fights

    'sugarbelly' is younger, you know and some things come with age, though not all.

    Let it go and maybe you can be friends someday but don't try now.

    you did good, she will probably see your side though but don't expect her to agree right now.

  21. The poem is perfect so like you!
    Why oh God did you Myne kill my fun?
    Not fair naaa.
    I heard of it and see the race I picked to my lappy only to see that you've disabled it..
    Anyhow, make I swallow my spit.
    You definitely know where my loyalties lie.
    take care and miss you much much.

  22. From what I have seen, you have always been such a positive person, and I think I've said this before - I really admire you, you are an inspiration to many of us!!! I wish you all the very best in all that you do. I pray you stay strong and make the best out of every situation you encounter - just as you've been doing...

    Loved the poem!!!

  23. Hey sweetie, faithful one *wink*,
    You know I'm feeling the poem, very beautiful. I can't believe you only been blogging for 9 months, omg, I thought at least a year! Well keep up the good work, you will always have the haters/Judas, but that is what makes us all the more stronger and wiser. I got nothing but love for you Myne!

  24. Lovely poem.glad u could keep ur head over the water.
    Nice job
    Blogging is a lot like real life and what is life without some scuffles now and then
    Dust the Dirt off ur shoulder.

  25. glad you have managed to move on and found a peace in your writing. it was a lovely poem :)

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Game FreakZ

  26. lol its not good to comment late. I saw your previous posts just after you wrote it but i was too busy to comment, so i tried to comment now but it was disabled...reading this post I understand why. I was just going to say keep on doing you myne, there were some ridiculous comments but thats to be expected...there would always be a dissenter. I love you writings and the blog sky and earth is big enough for innumerable talent. That being said, the poem for SO lol. or am i jumping the gun, is beautiful.


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