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Ten Things I love + Blog Rolling

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So I have been tagged by F and M of Half and Half to take part in this 101 award. These are the 10 things I love;

Music - I just love listening to music, sometimes it doesn't even matter the genre or language. I prefer ballads and soulful melodies, if the singer has an amazing voice, even better. I have to say that some Naija artistes have broken my mould for only slow songs, like Dbanj and his crew, I even danced to Fall in Love at my reception, lol. But you can guess the person wey dey do me Strong thing.

Writing - This is no surprise is it? And it should be obvious I'm not talking term papers here, I only do that when I have to. I love writing out all the people who populate my day dreams and imaginations. Writing is like magic to me, you put down these thoughts and it becomes a story that people want to read and enjoy too.

Atala Wala - 'Nuff said.

Movies - I love watching TV and the moving pictures on them but the best of the experience is sitting in a darkened cinema with over 50 feet tall images flitting before your eyes. I really love animated features but the movies that will get me any time are big block busters, lots of CGI, plenty of action, and the longer the better. You can imagine that I was in movie-watchers heaven when I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. It even still shivers me timbers when I think about it.

Ice cream/ Chocolate - What can I say, I'm a sweet tooth. I'm working on my self control bit it's best if I don't have any of these two permanently around or someone would have to pay. Probably my tummy bursting my buttons, lol.

New experiences - I sometimes say in this regard that it's like being an adrenaline junkie. I love trying out new things, going to new places, meeting new people, experiencing diverse cultures. Even sometimes just reading about it or seeing pictures can do the same thing. When that is not enough, I do it myself - kayaking, bungie-jumping, roller-coasters, doing Europe on a students budget, and lots more.

Intelligent people/conversation - Does someone feel me?

Reading - This is related to some of the others like intelligent conversation, new things and writing. And that is why you will see me at your blog, absorbing everything. I don't do as much book reading as I used to but I'm getting back there small small.

Dancing - This is a new one, I mean me doing it. Or maybe not. I danced on my secondary school's traditional dance troupe way back when. Now I'm a fan of ballroom dancing from watching too many Dancing with the Stars. Recently, I put my money where my mouth was and we're taking lessons. I enjoy it, but I have to confess that even Kate Gosselin is still better than me.

Charity - Last but not least, I love giving to charity. It doesn't have to be masses of money cos I don't have much but even an hour of my time to make someone else happy, that will always make my day. I believe that is the best way of showing our thankfulness for what God is doing in our lives and I take advantage of every opportunity I can to give back.

So now I tag, Fabulo-la, Suru, Funkola, GidiasianBabe, Tina, NaijaWebGeek, Blessings Outlet, Diamond Hawk, Mamuje, and All the Right Words.

So these are also the places for today's blog rolling, so please roll over to theirs and say Hi. I assure you, they're all wonderful blogs. Have a nice week all, take care...


  1. aww, Myne! I admire your list a lot...

  2. Meeen... This is why I hate technology o... Na me suppose first now! This thing no gree commot my comment... :( LOL... Naked... No beef, sha... :D

    Your third point is sooooo adorable! Lol... Don't we all need one of those... As for ice cream and chocolate- those demonic things hunt me down! Your list was really nice to read... Thanks for doing it after all.

    P.S. Gidiasianbabe, and Blessing now have no choice but to do this thing o- they have been double tagged! Lol

  3. @F, Af and I did not want to make noise Obodo oyinbo, ese oh! LOOL

  4. I soo love Ice cream and Chocolate too...

  5. I dey sorry for gidiasianbabe and Blessing outlet. lol.

    We share writing, reading, dancing, music and conversations in common. I will do my own soon o F. LOL

    - LDP

  6. Oh Gosh Myne! We have so much in common apart from the writing and I suppose reading! hehehe If I see a long post etc I' run away. Thats why I struggle to read books. I've recently been sent a 20 page script that I need to give feedback on ..God help me lol

    Oh I'm not really an ice cream/chocolate junkie though. lol

    I love new experience , music , intelligent people and charity :)

    You sound like a great fun person

  7. Ice cream- (Cookie dough fantasies)- brb ... Im back! No3 is cute.
    Cool list Myne!

  8. Nice list. Best thing for me (apart from No. 3) is chocolate, and ice cream. Makes me feel much better about the amount of chocolate ice cream I get through on a regular basis. Oh, and bars of chocolate too. And cherry, and strawberry ice cream :)

  9. My only question is:
    Shouldn't Atala Wala be the first on ur list?
    Why is he number 3?

    If na me I go vex o!

    Abi Atala Wala, how you check am?

    lmao! hahahahahahaha

  10. Seems there are a lot of ice cream and chocolate foodies around, LOL.

    @Fabulola, hehehe...*looking sheepishly around,* the list is in no particular order oo, hehehe...

  11. icecream and chocolate anyday. Nice list.

  12. i was expecting writing to be number!

    ice-cream n chocolates...hmmm...

  13. Love this tag especially dancing with the stars part knowing I watch that show, funny you have a sweeth tooth, watch it knowing toothache not funny o, love chocholate so bad especially the dark ones knowing it is good for out health.

    Keep up the writing and reading, love ya

  14. Nice lists. I do love to listen to music, love to watch movies though a lot of Nigerians movies are just not it for me. New experiences? O yes! Hence the Mali road trip -lol. Let me stop here b4 I copy all your list.

  15. hmmm... I will try to do it... can't promise! thanks for the tag anyways :-)

  16. Myne thanks for tagging me ooo
    @F,why u dey show your power nau ,lol
    i love all your points especially dancing and intelligent people.thanks

  17. Thanks for all the comments.

    @Gidiasianbabe, I hope to read yours soon.

  18. i feel you on ice cream and chocolate!! and cake too. lol!

    interesting list you've got here myne.

  19. thanks mama. i'll do my "10 things i love" next post.
    i love ur list. xoxo

  20. feeling you on the intelligent people or conversations ...such a turn on

  21. Thank you all,

    @Funkola, looking forward to it.

  22. awesome list. i am so stealing this.. i think we may have the same list. except for #3 for obvious reasons

  23. I love the list.. maybe this will be my next post...even though I wasnt tagged!..

  24. Thanks Reverence and Miss O, I look forward to seeing yours, regard yourself as tagged. LOL...

  25. I love this list and I will be doing one too.

  26. Why is Atala no. 3, i hope it is not in that order!


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