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I'm sorry but YOU DID WHAT?!

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There are some sparks flying over at the THE CUPID'S RISK SERIES. After some weeks of silence between the two, Iphey and Chinedu confront their feelings.


There he was. The man who had refused to call. The man who had made her feel ridiculously foolish and yet made her want to try again. Iphey was shocked to see him after so many weeks! She had to blink to be sure that this was not a trick her eyes were playing.

“Chinedu, what on earth are you doing here?”

As the words left Iphey’s lips, realisation hit her hard. MAMA! She had been right all along. The woman HAD been expecting someone else when Otunba appeared on the scene. She glanced back and the look of ultimate satisfaction on Mama’s face said it all. Right in the middle of this storm in Ngozi’s living room, Mama was grinning from ear to ear. The smile of a woman whose mission had been accomplished. Unbelievable. Iphey tried to caution herself from jumping to conclusions but Mama’s voice sealed her suspicions.

“Oh Chinedu. I have been expecting you! How are...”

“Wait, you were expecting him?” Iphey turned to her mother. She knew Mama was a match-maker but did not believe she would go that far. So all that delay asking for details about James was just to buy her some time so that Chinedu would meet her here? As Iphey extricated herself from the confused web of emotions that her mind had become, she realised Chinedu was explaining.

“Yes your mother called me here... she said she wanted me to come help her with something.”

"So you're not here to see me?"

“Yes...Erm...No... Your mother said...” Chinedu stuttered.

The funny thing about shock or stress is the disconnect between thought and speech. His words were as eloquent as those of a teenager asking for a first date. What Chinedu was thinking was, “How dare you? I am the one who should be demanding explanations here. YOU made up your mind without hearing my side!”

These thought flitted through his mind, yet, the exasperation he felt was far outweighed by something else he couldn’t explain. Like why he could not erase her from his thoughts like he did with his phone. She had a hold on him and he didn’t like it. He realized that she had also gripped his arm literally.

“If you would excuse us,” Iphey said to everyone. All eyes were fixed on them by now. “We need to talk,” she whispered to him...CONTINUE...


In other news, there are some new blogs for you to check out on my April Blog Rolling. If you have not added your link, do so now and go make some buddies. Let's show some blog love people.

NBB at My Writing is and "Information Enthusiast, Christian," He writes, he thinks and likes the web because its a major tool for him. After being pranked by at least 3 people and maybe my humble self, he finally became April wise, lol...

Jonquille is on a quest on his blog, for what? I do not know. What I do know now is that not everyone likes Friday. Jonquille certainly doesn't..."I just had this feeling today’s going to be a tardy day in which all the consequences of my sins basically; get me! Since Friday is like the end of the week I feel as though it’s a dead end. I have nowhere to escape. I think I’m being gripped by today’s chokehold. Friday, have mercy."

JustJoxy has a blog which some might term "Kitchen Sink Drama" That was the first time I heard the phrase and it made me smile. It's supposed to be when someone writes about their everyday lives, humdrum and all, especially when it has to do with cooking and all that stuff.

So any plans for the weekend? How was Friday night? Take good care people and enjoy yourselves too. See you soon.


  1. Check out entry in the murder scene blogfest going on now. It is from my historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE, set in 1853.

    Thanks, Roland

  2. tis match making mama ehnnn. KITCHEN SINK DRAMA SOUNDS LIKE FUN. OFF TO CHECK HER OUT.

  3. Thanks for the info. Nice write up as usual.

  4. Nice write up.You tantalize person sha. hope you good? Happy weekend.

  5. Thanks all

    @Roland, will sure check it out.

  6. LOL @ the term "kitchen sink drama"... Well done with the editing of this one, Myne... :)

  7. I like learning about the people on your's the way you present them. Thumbs up on the Iphey the excerpt.

  8. Wow. Lovely write up per usual!!! God given talent.

  9. Lovely! Thanks for featuring My Blog . Really I'm April Wise. lol

  10. Lovely excerpts as usual....a good thing you are doing here. Keep it up Myne.

  11. Thanks for all the comments. Have a nice Sunday.

  12. sounds interesting

    my toes are turning up in my peep toed sandals

    Its means i can feel a good gist
    only written


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