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Family Face-off + Blog Rolling

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If you want to continue reading about this fiery scene between Iphey and her mother, go over to Cupid's Risk Series to find out what happens. Don't forget to vote on what you want for your next chapter.


About thirty minutes afterwards, Iphey was at Ngozi's place. As she rolled down the driveway and parked, she saw her mother outside, pacing the length of the small compound. She had to pause for a minute when she noticed Mama’s eyes boring into hers with hurt and disappointment. Immediately Iphey knew this was one of those days one wished to go back to bed and wake up with all the past events being a bad dream. Not that her dreams had been very peaceful at the moment. Iphey sighed and got out of the car.

As she walked towards her mother, it was obvious Mama was angry. She was as tense as a cat on a spring and ready to pounce. Instantly, Iphey began to dread the days ahead. She didn’t totally welcome her mother's temporary visit under any guise because she knew how much Mama loved planning other people’s lives. As she guessed, Mama was too angry to notice Iphey’s discomfort and began to barrage her with questions even before they were inside.

“So that was why you ignored all my calls to your mobile phone these past few weeks and just sent me text messages? If the information had not now slipped out of Ngozi, you had no intention of telling me that you found my missing son-in-law?"

Iphey continued on her way into the house. "Mama, I'm sorry but..."

"How long did you think you could keep such vital information from me, Iphey? Or do you think I have no right to ask?"

"I didn't want to be the one to tell you. I hoped Ngozi would do that. James is her husband..."

Her mother cut her off again. "Or as you believe and have never minced words to let me know, it is not my business? You don't want to get married and now you want to put your sister's marriage in jeopardy?" Mama poured out more questions.

They were now inside and Iphey spied Ngozi on the sofa. She sat with legs crossed and her jaw resting on her flexed fist.

"Ngozi, you better tell your sister that life is not all about work, work work!"

At that point, all Iphey could see was Funmi’s smiling face as she handed over a query or termination letter if she returned a minute late to the office. She turned to Ngozi for help, finding none there, she turned back to her mother....CONTINUE


In other news: Let the blogs keep rolling! Thank you all so much to those who have linked up their blogs in the April blog buddies list. You guys know I always want to show my appreciation one way or another. This one is a quick and easy widget on my right sidebar titled April Blog Roll. Simply fill in your names and link your blog. I promise to visit, comment and if possible follow any blog listed there, that is if I'm not doing that already. I promised to also remind other blog visitors to check the blogs out in all the posts I make through out this month of April. So these are reasons you should click on those links and visit the first 5:

Anjuelle Floyd is a wife of twenty-seven years, mother of three, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in mother-daughter relations and dream work. Anjuelle facilitates writing groups and provides individual consultation of fiction projects. She also gives talks on The Need for Family, the Writing Process as a Path Toward Self-discovery and Healing. Anjuelle came across this blog from Freado where my book A Heart to Mend is on the top ten and has invited me to appear on her Radio Show. You can also add her on twitter @Anjuellefloyd

YankeeNaijababe (YNC) says this on her profile. "I consider myself very articulate and driven to succeed in everything. I love people,business, fashion and beauty and living life for today. I also have a special place in my heart for "Women of Tomorrow." I believe that anything is possible if you set your heart to achieve it, you just have to believe in yourself and keep aiming for higher heights. This one life of ours is too short to be stressed over ignorant people. Enjoy every moment of your life, live for you and be caring towards others." I love visiting YNC's blog, it's so simple, friendly and relaxing. Not to mention motivational too.

Light-Her-Lamp is the lady behind the "blog chronicles the metamorphosis of a young writer whose sole purpose is to radiate light through her writing style." She agrees that "Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe."-Michael Strassfield. Her blog satisfies me on two levels, I read a story and I also get an inspirational message. I was reading her blogs even before I became a blogger, she has remained very consistent and I love her for that.

Tatababe is a busy law student and has not had time recently to update regularly. So I am very pleased to have her link on that roll and know that she's visiting. She is a bubbly and cheerful personality and that is what I take away from her blog. She celebrated her birthday about a week ago and I love how she capped the post. I speak that in this next year of my life: -Something(s) good is/are happening -Something(s) magnificent is/are happening -The realm of ever-expanding good is actively present in my life. Let's join her in saying Amen!

Purple-is-my-color- is a new blogger and says this on her profile, "I was HIT by GOD with his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ever since it been a fantastic LOVE story.. there is no going back.. You can say I am obsessed with Christ, I stalk him and I do everything:) Na I love people and people love you? well with time. I gather wisdom from What God has given me and read books, listen to preaching, Talk ALOT:) with people to learn from them." I am definitely learning with the royal Diamond.

That's it for today, I'll be coming over to yours soon. Meanwhile, I hope your weeks are going well so far? Take care now you all...


  1. I am first!!!

    Nice posts... keep the Cupid series coming

  2. Posting up profiles grants us an added benefit: it allows us to learn about the rest of the people in the blogging world. Fantastic idea Myne, and thanks for reading my posts too.

  3. Yah its a great idea.
    Im sooo behind on the Iphy story :(

  4. Thanks for coming to my blog

  5. This is a really cool idea, Myne. I love the comment about being hit by God's unconditional love. Would be looking forward to the other bloggers you spotlight as time goes on.

  6. u always come up wif gr8 ideas. wil b checkn out new blogs. lemme go link mine too.

  7. I think it's nice that you take the time to visit these blogs in order to comment on them. Good job!

  8. I have not been reading the story... so I cant say too much. I love the blogroll though. God bless you on this amazing job. You are awesome!

    - LDP

  9. I didn't see where I could link my oh..Read the cupid's risk.It was really nice..
    Anty I dey greet oh..Lol

  10. This is a great idea. Thumbs up for taking your time to visit and leave comments on most of the blogs. God bless you.

  11. My first time of reading the story, which showed i had missed a lot. Well-done on the blog roll, since you are already visiting my site, no need to add mine ehn?
    You are truly gifted! Am so lazy & distracted that i am yet to finish the novel i started late last year! MY GOD HELP ME! heheehhehe

  12. i have missed a lot in this cupid series ,have to catch up ,what of the other campus story ?Myne when will post that,i am enjoying it

  13. Thanks for your comments and Amen to your prayers.

    @Nitty-Gritty, you could put your link so that others too could visit you.

    @Muyiwa, for you, you know I will put up that story next?

    @Sosexy, the link is on the right top of the sidebar titled, April Blog Roll.

  14. Im definitely going to check some of those blogs. I just had a look at YNC and I really liked what I saw. As for Cupids risk, only God knows when Im going to have time to follow it. I love the excerpts though!! cant wait to sink my teeth into it and hopefully contribute eventually!!!


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