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Temitayo Ilori - Doom's Wing

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You have read a chapter of his work, now to meet the man himself. Temitayo Ilori is the self published author of Doom's Wing, an epic fantasy novel. I was quick to ask him for an interview after reading an excerpt of the book which is available at the following places.

1.Silverbird Galleria Lifestyle shop V.I
2.Ebeano Supermart bookstore VGC
3.LaternaBookshop V.I
4.HUB media store, Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Temitayo Ilori?

I am just an idea; an idea that must be created. Every moment of my life is spent doing this. Temitayo Ilori is many things to many people; to some, he is a biology graduate while to some he is an author. But I am just me, nothing extra-ordinary about me at all.

Did you ever envision yourself as an author/writer? Where did the interest come from?

I had loved writing since I was a kid and always know I would be a writer. I started a book project with four of my friends in the junior secondary school, though we didn’t bring it to a concluding end as a result of inadequate experience and resources. As for the interest, I grew up with books around me, and I was always wondering who wrote them all and how they had such ideas to write some big stuffs.

- About your debut novel - "The Doom's Wing" - where did the concept come from?

Doom’s Wing! Hmm. Doom’s Wing was a revelation. The whole concept was given. I just finished a very long manuscript of my first writing for a different book and said to myself that now I can go to bed and at least rest for a while when in the middle of the night, a phrase that started it all clung to my spirit, woke me and never let me go until I put a full stop to Doom’s Wing 14months after, while writing almost every day.

- How did you come up with the title?

Like I said, it was a phrase I heard and had. It says, “If you dare ride on Doom’s Wing to achieve a means, it is just a thin stretch of time between deeds and rewards, you will soon get to an end called destruction. I will say again Doom’s Wing was a revelation and if I didn’t somebody else would have.

- As someone who self-published, can you tell us about the process? Was it hard? What resources did you use?

The bottom lines in success are “BE WILLFUL” “Believe in yourself and don’t care what the world thinks” “Don’t be too sure, but Dare to succeed”. With these attributes, you will attract people, resources and power that will make your dream come true. Self-publishing isn’t easy, but I have an ideal, “If it is not tough and challenging, success is not there.” If you can drive it to success, the joy is great. Therefore you must take self-publishing as you take a business that must later succeed.

- How would you describe your writing style and how do you find the inspiration to write?

Nothing extra-ordinary, but poetic. My inspiration comes from God.

- Who are your key literary influences? Any favorite authors?

James Hadley Chase (pseudonym for British writer Rene Brabazon Raymond), Cyprian Ekwensi (especially his book Burning Grass) and God, the way he writes the stories of our lives amazes me.

- What's your opinion on Nigerians becoming more interested in books and writing?

I will say that is wonderful. Writing and reading helps a country’s culture and economy. So we are expecting a boom in Nigeria soon.

As a Nigerian writing in a relatively unpopular genre, what is your hope for Fantasy novels?

We are Nigerians, we are capable. We are not limited. Creativity knows no bound, it knows no culture, and it knows no tribe. When it wants to express itself, it takes the shape it desires for the best of it. I hope more people will see it in this light.

Now that "Doom's Wing" has been published, what's next?

Until success no stopping! Putting Doom’s Wing on every table and shelf and for everybody to read in their individual languages is the vision, and it has started. Doom’s Wing is intended series and the first title in that series is “Legend of Tellam” which is now published.

Any words of advice for up and coming writers, bloggers, and authors?

Be yourself, Believe in yourself, Be Fearless and don’t write to win awards. Just WRITE your best always! Also don’t be limited by what you see and what you know alone, go beyond all those by reading books or taking account of your gleaming thoughts. W.H Murray wrote, “Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless dreams and splendid plans, that the moment one definitely commits oneself, providence moves too.” Commit yourself to excellence and you will be amazed what will happen afterwards.

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  1. hummmmm refreshing and inspiring.

  2. Good job Tayo. We are getting there too.. God bless you

  3. Impressive and inspiring....i love what he says about not writing to win but writing your BEST at all times...true words indeed

  4. Good interview,love his qoute

  5. good post on Ilori. it makes me want to read asap. anywhere i can get the book in abuja?

  6. Nice to know and finally put a face to the story.Myne, good work.. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thanks for dropping me an Entrecard.

    I truly enjoyed reading this interview. Ilori has great words of inspiration for us, wannabe writers.


  8. i cant believe ive gotten knocked off the top commenter list.oh well, hope to read his book soon.

  9. MYNE! its been ages,,,how r u,,,ive been away but been keepin an eye on ur posts...finished ur book finally..will mail u seperately regarding that....ill definitely recommend...and i so see ur book as a movie dont know y...but its soo intriguing from cover to cover...pls tell me ull consider making it into a movie...its will be a breath of fresh air to the nollywood crap that u can tell the end b4 it starts...i could ramble on and on...but hey just thot ill stop by...and till another topic comes up ill be leaving it seems to be mostly marketing that happens on ur page now...pls give ur fans a myne blog that we can all come and pour we did in feb and previous months?!

    love UR GIRL Barefeet!

  10. @Daylight, I will find out from Temi where it is available in Abuja. Thanks for your comments.

    Hello Tashabud, thanks for your comment and you're welcome to my blog.

    @Barefeet, I will try to put up some of such posts soon, just for you. How are you? It's really been awhile. I'll be looking forward to the review, cheers.

  11. I had not heard of the book yet but seems really interesting. Always up for a fantasy novel!

  12. fist time here,Hell ,on blogsville.. Heard so much about you..Like it here,will be can bet on that.


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