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Like I said earlier, Cupids's risk will be going to another blog with season two. That's the header of the new place.  If you want more, follow this link immediately..

If you want a little taste first, enjoy this and then click on the read more link to access the complete story. Read, comment, vote and contribute. See you there...


Over the years in his life, Chinedu had learnt one policy. He never pursued something he couldn't let go of whenever the moment demanded it. So now he scrolled to Iphey's name and chose the option to delete. He hesitated, and then he pressed on the button. The phone asked him if he was sure he wanted to delete that contact and all their details. He closed his eyes and...

The ring tone to his phone startled him and had his eyes flying open to the phone in his hands. Chinedu glanced quickly at the screen, his heart beginning to race once again. It was Habib's new number.

"Hello?" His tone was dull.

"Hey Nedu, what's up my guy?"

"I'm at home, where else do you expect?"

"Dude!" Habib's voice was surprised. "What's the deal? Wetin I do you?"

Chinedu forced himself to laugh. "Sorry dude, na just some wahala with Iphey."

"You and this Iphey babe. It's nearly three months since you start to chase that girl." Habib laughed, "always one palava after the other. You go out today, tomorrow you're not talking. If it's not your past, it's her boss. What is it this time?"



  1. Yay... Loved this entry... I guess we are delving more into Chinedu's past now... Let's see how it goes...

    btw, tried to comment on the actual series blog but I couldn't; the word verification bit wouldn't let my comment through... I'm hoping this isn't due to my illiteracy...

  2. F, congrats! Please try again and let me know. Cheers..

  3. Myne, was this piece also a collabo like some of the other stuff you wrote with a co-writer?

  4. Yayyy the series is back!!!

  5. will you move the other part of the series to the blog also?

  6. I love this story..guess I have to follow the cupid blog now

  7. Thanks all, seen some of your comments over there.

    @Afronuts, no I wrote this first chapter myself. But I'm always open to collabos.

    @Rene, Yes I moved all the back chapters there too. They're under archives.

  8. @Harry, yes please follow the blog, thanks. I might not remember to update it here all the time.

  9. Hey dear, thanks for dropping by. I have been busy with school I think I have missed quite a bit of chinedu and iphey's story. Btw I am feeling the new story you have going. ur blest

  10. k im back to commenting!

    you missed me, you know you did :)

    you did, didnt u??

    teehee i missed ur blog :)

  11. I missed you too CB, been waiting for you to come back! LOL. Have you seen the new blog?

  12. It's always your dialogue that knocks me out. I could learn a lot from it. Well done.

  13. Keep up the good work...MW.
    Motivating us lazy types to actually start writing again!

  14. my dear, if u can move d season one to the blog also, dat will greatly help me to catch up cos i want to contribute in this new season

  15. Thank you all.

    @Blogo and Nana, we're fishing for male contributors, please...

    @FFF, I also moved season one. It is under the archives Tab.

  16. Blessings and congratulations. May your success continue and flow bountifully.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


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