Friday, March 19, 2010

For you I will (Poem)

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This is dedicated to Joicee who specifically asked for a poem. Enjoy!

I will go the extra mile
Just to see you smile
I’ll run the longest race
Just to win your grace

I’ll eat the bitterest tart
And that’s just for a start
I’ll ford the widest stream
Just to get your dream

I’ll ascend Everest’s cliff
Just to get you a gift
I’ll endure the thinnest air
Just be my lady fair

I’ll be the strongest lad
Just to make you my lassie
I’ll have a love so true
And it will be just for you


  1. I love this poem. The will to do anything for cross the widest oceans and more...

  2. Nice poem,permission to steal??

  3. i want. i hope my next toaster steals this poem :D

  4. i like
    i am kidding
    I love this.
    Like is not enough
    fro something so beautiful.

  5. I'll endure the thinnest air
    Just be my lady fair

    that's beautiful!

  6. Hmm, I'm envious of Joyce oh..
    What would you do for me na?
    This is nice..
    Wish a guy could say that to me and mean it..
    Sent you mails, you updated? Take care

  7. Thanks all for the lovely comments, permission granted to steal, share and recommend.

  8. @2cute, I have replied the email, update how?

  9. @ myne.. Sorry I think I'm high,Lol..
    No vex.. wrote this before I saw the mail.
    Will send you a mail now though..

  10. Myne,thought love month is over,lol,hope u will write one cos of me to if i request, nice one

  11. Very sweet and beautiful words, can move anyone awwwwh...:)

  12. Thank you all.

    @Muyiwa, My love poems will surely continue, lol

  13. I love ur poems cus ur soooo good with rhymes...nice one

  14. Thanks Ms 'Dufa. How have you been? Quite a while right?


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