Sunday, February 7, 2010

When will another come?

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She lies atop her downy pillows
Her eyes upon the high ceiling
But she does not see the cracks
Crossing the face of the plaster
Like those on the tortoiseshell

For her gaze is upon the unseen
And her thoughts lost in the mists
As she tries to bring up another
She fixes in chiseled features
In the bold outline of a face

Her creation then takes on the form
Of one of the legends of old
Amadioha, Apollo, Arthur… or is it Sango?
This evokes the sound of thunder
That bestirs her from her daze

She glances around the empty room
But her dreams are not for real
And so she starts to weep
Like the first drops of rain
Tears fall and blur her vision

When will another come?


Like I mentioned on Vera's radio on Saturday, (You can listen to it right here on the side bar) loneliness can come in different forms and from various memories. People may have just lost friends, children may have lost their parents or parents may have lost children. This may either be to death or to distance - physical and emotional. Valentine can therefore be a month of loneliness for a lot of people but most especially for reasons of romance.

So right up there during this season of love is hurt from a lonely heart. Broken relationships, broken promises, no new partner in sight, no partner - ever. All these are the reasons I believe Valentine should not be all about couples. Take time this week, this weekend and on valentine day to do stuff with friends, family and the less privileged in life. Call parents, send notes to friends, spend time with other people and finally show yourself some self-love. For those waiting for another, ask Vera. They may just be on the way and arrive on val's day.

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  1. OK... first of all the poem is amazing...

    Will like to add that I have no plans for vals day... But I think I will end up spending it with my sister... thanks Myne for the inspiration...

  2. i hope i'm gona b first. Lonelines na killer disease. Wen i get tat feeling, i fil like i wana puke.. Get sick bt den again... Taking a walk has a way of healin it 4 me and chaneling my thots to somethn else.

  3. harry beat me to it. i was hia 7mins afta tis post. damn d network.

  4. Love the poem. I would be lonely on vals day because i'm doin the LDR thingy :(, but after reading this post i have made up my mind to spend it with my friends. Thanks Myne for reminding us vals is not only for couples.

  5. beautiful poem, you have a way with words Myne.
    Spending vals with boobo, yea....... he's coming to visit me in school.

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  7. wow... looove the poem..

  8. i may be single but vals day is one of my fave days.

  9. funny enuff my best memory of vals was spent with friends watching tv and pigging out. hoping this one beats it, cos with no man and family far away, my girls are all ive got.

  10. I'm not single and I still do not like Valentine's day, particularly because of its emphasis on couples... Eros isn't the only kind of love that exists and so should not be the only kind of love that is celebrated. Not to mention the excuse to douse everything in pink and/or red... Ewww... I love Myne's decision to show different perspectives throughout the month sha... I guess if i was to believe in the whole Val thing, it would be closer to this than to any romantic holiday.

  11. Love love love this piece of work, you are amazing, for real. Forgive me for being missing sometimes, my laptop freezes anytime l click blogs. My reason for being missing in action...keep up the good work, really love your work

  12. well
    doesnt look like i hv any choice
    no valentine for me this year :)

    btw myne, you've got a great laugh :)

    oooooo n ur SO is so cuuuuute lol i heard him in the background lol

  13. i missed the show, must listen again. yes you are hundred percent right! Even tho i have been so worldlized that Valentines to me means couples (I know that is soooo wrong tho)

  14. That's deep. Love the cultural references too. Nice poem.

  15. oh myne
    thanks for this
    av been dreading vals day this year
    cos i expect it to be filled with loneliness

    loving the love theme this month
    am sure ud be drowning ur husband with love

    hope ur having fun in d new house....

  16. Great poem. Something struck me (although I am not sure of the imagery). DO the cracks in the ceiling, and her not seeing them, mean her failed relationship(s) is/are her fault but she does not know? Or does it just symbolise the failure itself? Or is it just to show the depth of her despair? Lol.

    I'm spending the Valentine Weekend with the coolest girl on Earth.

  17. Valentine,lol,i will just shack myself up at the bar to erase my val experience

  18. I love the sensitivity that this post shows to the single ones out there.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day, Myne!

  19. Awww...Mayne...what a nice and sweet post!

    Happy V day in advance!!!

  20. thought provoking piece, tanks for sharing.


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