Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking of you. (Poem)

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What its it about you
That keeps me thinking about you
Whether I like it or not
You are always in my thoughts
Why do I stick around
When I should stay away
Why do I always come to you
When I could be some place else
Why can’t I just forget you
Even when I really want to

What is it about you
That makes me wonder
What you look like
First thing in the morning
And what you will look like
Last thing before you sleep
Why do I think of you
The very instant I wake up
And on you I also ponder
When I can’t sleep at night.

I close my eyes
Your face is what I see
In the quiet of solitude
I hear your voice
And when I try to sleep
I only dream of you
In the multitude of friends
I am lost in thoughts of you
Will it ever cease?
This thinking of you

But I hope it never does
Cos when I think of you
A dull day becomes bright
And the fears of the night
Are immediately forgotten
I become a beautiful bird
Blessed with strong wings
I can fly any distance
Even to the ends of the world
Just thinking of you


  1. hia its ur girl barefeet stalkin u im first ill leave a love poem behind in a minute...x

  2. nice one Myne love is in the air love the idea of thinking of someone ure in love with but ow about a flip of the script writing here about ow he loves me so...he? read on and ull know who he is at the end...

    The thought of you, makes my heart skip a beat

    The sound of you, makes me tremble

    My kness feeble, my heels buckle…

    The sight of you, takes me away from earth its surroundings

    and anything called reality…

    Your touch sends tingles down my spine

    because you touch the deepest part of me

    where no one has ever been.

    Your touch takes away my pain,

    and anything that creases my brows.

    Your eyes filled with fire, passion, fire and love for me

    How be it that I try to explain the things you do to me!

    Your hands hold me close, that my worries become past

    In your hands I find security more than I could ever imagine

    You even have my name tattoed in your palms

    Oh how you love me so!

    Thoughts of me cloud your mind, and being all day.

    Because you love me so, you never go to sleep

    You lay me at your bossom, and oh do I marvel at the comfort I find…

    I could stay like this forever

    More than a gemtleman, youre a king amongst kings

    My king. Sat here I write in total awe of you!

    Amongst princes, kings, lords and gentlemen…

    Your’e the one I desire….

    My perfect gentleman!

    To God
    from ur daughter barefeet!

  3. hehe comment above me is on fyah. God's composing his own poem for you too...

    @myne...ah ah, dis speaker needs a break oh, thinking of u thinking of u all day. Hehe anyhow sha, that's what love can do. Nice poem.

  4. Myne! this love onslaught is killing me. I believe again! lol

    ive been "thinking" too much sha.

  5. As sappy as it is, i like, i like...reminds me of sweet, puppy love...(smiling like a school

  6. this is beautiful. You have given me some lines for the vals...

  7. wow, barefeet: GOD WILL GIVE U AN A+ IN ALL U DO. I LOVE DAT POEM


  9. @myn lovely poem made me wanna cry. .

    @barefeet. .beautiful. .made my hrt race.

    Longtime myn bet u ve been

  10. My best Myne poem this month....I'm definately sharing ;-))))

  11. oh Myne! lovely, i'm gonna steal some lines for val, u mind? no u dont :)

    @barefeet: nice! i can imagine Him smiling at this. tres cute

  12. I hope I can get some to think of me like that....*sighs*

  13. Barefeet, your poem is so sweet. Halfway, I realized it was to God and my smile widened. You write really well. I loved it!

  14. Omotee!, Nana, please feel free to share at will. It's my valentine gift.

    Sunnyside, it has been a while. We're good here and you?

  15. Thank you all so much, I appreciate the comments. Wish you guys the best this Valentine weekend.

  16. nice one. wish i could say i believe, but i'm much too cynical to do so. excellent read though :)

  17. This is beatiful...i'm definately sharing this.

  18. This is heartfelt... my only small pet peeve with this poem is that I wish the word "cos" was "'cause" just because everything else is in proper English lol

  19. I go love o...haba, this is really sweet Myne

  20. Thanks Ohjay, Shorty and Neefemi.

    @Suru, noted. LOL. Thanks for reading and the comments.

  21. This is really nice .... Myne, your poems have depth.

  22. that surely was some good loving..i really liked it and will definitely be stealing some lines for my val celebs..happy val dearie!!

  23. oh are a delight..reading those lines lifted my's beautiful..No other love is so amazing...thank you

  24. Did you just fall in love? or is this all in the month of love with val here? nice poem, which i could steal and give it to someone..i need help.. i posted a blog and i need everyones' advice.

  25. Hey Myne, I might not get a chance to go online tomorow. I just wanted to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Congratulations. Make sure you enjoy it.
    Take care Babes..

  26. @Andrea, thank you so much Babes. Enjoy your Valentine weekend.

  27. Thank you all for reading and the lovely comments.

  28. How did I miss this by coming over so late. It's beautiful. I like your poems. Can definitely relate. So apt this valentine of course.

  29. Myne happy anniversary

    the poems have been wonderful this month

    @barefeet that was awesome

  30. awww myne that was so deep and gorgeous!

  31. I can't believe I'm just reading this poem after all this 'years' (LOL)...This is beautiful Myne. This is a precious poem. Kudos to you.

  32. I can't believe I'm just reading this poem after all this 'years' (LOL)...This is beautiful Myne. This is a precious poem. Kudos to you.


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