Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet things you do to me

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A reminder about the I-LOVE-YOU Valentine show on Feb 6 which I'm co hosting with Vera in preparation for V-day. Remember to tune in by 10am EST and 4pm Nigerian time on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, enjoy the poem...

Sweet things you do to me
You make me feel so fine
In the press of a mobbing crowd
The way you look into my face
And hold on to my hand

Sweet things you do to me
You treat me like I’m a queen
The most important thing to you
You do all in your power
To see that I’m always happy

Sweet things you do to me
You point out those things
That you know I love to see
You cause me to smile at you
And make me laugh out loud

Sweet things you do to me
You show a real sense of depth
In times of pain and sorrow
Which I cherish as much as
Your arms of comfort around me

Sweet things you do to me
You can spin the silliest jokes
Just to tease and thrill me
Your warm and tender smile
Is a lighthouse in the storm

Oh! Sweet things you do to me
For in this ever–changing world
Long as you're always near
Most sweet is your love for me
It always sees me through


This old poem is dedicated to Andrea. She really loved this when I posted it the first time and remembered it. Congrats dear on your marriage and the little blessing on the way. May you and your hubby enjoy this valentine to the fullest. And I mean to the fullest, you get my meaning :):).


  1. Aww so sweet.
    The sweet things you do to me
    You just make me smile :)

  2. really sweet. myne u really do mean bizz. lol

  3. OMG!! This is so it

  4. Myne,. myne, myne.. Thank you so much.. My favourite poem. I love it. You just made my day.This is one poem I will never ever forget.

  5. This is lovely,i shall send it to my boo ;)

  6. congrats andrea on ur marriage. wish i had some1 to foward dis poem to.

  7. i still love this. it's so sweet.

  8. lovely poem. Really like it. keep them coming, Myne.

  9. this is so beautiful
    its the simple things
    that make love special
    for me.

  10. wish i had a boo to send this to :(

  11. I particularly like the stanza...sweet. btw I am looking forward to your show with vera.

  12. Oh! Sweet things you do to me

  13. I have always loved this! its soo sweet

  14. Excellent piece - congrats to Andrea.

  15. Thank you all. Isn't love amazing?


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