Friday, February 19, 2010

My ideal/dream romantic moment

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So like I said in my last but one post, tell me your ideal romantic moment and you may have your heart mended/ win a free copy of my book this February. There were three entries, please state in the comments what you think of them and vote for your best, Purple's simplicity, Barefeet's rhymes or Adenike's love for the ages. 

If you want, you can describe your own dream romantic moment even though the entries are now closed. But watch out for the next giveaway.


Purple Streak

my ideal/dream romantic moment...

hmmm... Waterfalls? ... chocolate? ... champagne? ... red roses? ... love lingerie? ... passionate sex? ... naaa!

i'd rather just be lost in the arms of my one true love ... location regardless ... locked in an embrace that says it all ... without words ... *dreamy sigh*

too simple, innit? the power of a heartfelt hug/embrace can be unbelievable! believe me ... there's just this indescribable and overwhelming sense of connection ... it IS astounding!

There you have it, my ideal/dream moment is ‘The Embrace’ ... tested, trusted and true...

Pardon me for my lack that much of experience ... this is the best my fantasies (and reality) could come up with ...




Tis a sunny day as we prance around @ work
Emails pave our thoughts as pc’s quack
Then a text message telling me to pack
Toothbrush, passport, nothing more than a sack
Even more im not allowed to ask?

With the rhythm of my heart going faster
With my head thirsting for the answers
I do as I am told
Then another text
London heathrow 1900

I hop in a cab
Trying to look fab
Yet calm with a handkerchief to dab
Arrive at the airport in a splash

There he is the reason Im here
All over my face my thoughts are crystal clear
It was like a movie premiere
Dressed in a suit tapered with black silk
Black patent brogues to match
He definitely turned it up a notch

Held my hands his finger over my lips gestured that I shush…
Spun me around and I was blindfolded
Absolutely dumbfounded
I was led away till we got off the plane @ GIBRALTAR AIRPORT
Yes the famous GIBRALTAR
I thought to myself wow I definitely need this holiday!

He planted a kiss on my lips as he left me in the taxi
With wandering eyes I didn’t utter a word
I was driven to a destination unbeknown to me
Arrived at Catalan bay
Where the driver handed me a note
“Head to Caleta palace hotel”
Asked the driver for directions
Upon my arrival I saw the red carpet littered with rose petals
As I was met by a chariot to be whisked away
To the rock of Gibraltar as the next note said
As we halted at the base of the of the rock
Surrounded by the breathtaking sea

Once again with his back to me I saw the Gus he said
“ Take off ur shoes”
I looked around as he held my hand
The sunset
His perfume lingering in the wind
The comfort of his hands
He led me as we walked along the pathway
Till we reached the peak
I took a sneak look at what lay ahead
Table tapered with diamonds
Chair wired with roses
Traditional lanterns all the way from Nigeria
Hot-pounded yam with vegetable soup
Laced with smoked turkey
Lay on the table

We ate we drank we kissed and whilst he offered me
His tongue I felt a chill in my mouth
I withdrew to ask if he had just being to the tattoo parlour
For a piercing?
He ignored me even further
And beckoned for me to come closer
To be met by another kiss yet so passionate
And there it was a metal piece
The thought of it had me feeble kneed
The cool air of the sea
Was all I could feel
And there it was he knelt
Said the words and asked me to be his
And no one else’
There and then I knew
I will be his rock
Stronger and higher than



My ideal romantic moment:

Sunday evening, 20--. I'm 60, my husband is thereabouts that age too. Children are grown and out of the nest, married or in college. We've had a fun day, one of the children came for lunch with her family after church. The grandkids were fun to have around, and life was just good.
They've left and as the sun sets, my love and I sit on a swing on our back porch overlooking the lake. We laugh as we remember the antics of the little ones, we smile and rejoice at the success of our children and give ourselves a mental pat on the back for raising them to be good, honest, balanced children. We give thanks to God for all his mercies and for blessing our marriage. We thank him for seeing us through the hard times.
Then my husband turns to me, his eyes brimming with tears and says, "I'm forever grateful I met you, I'm furthermore grateful I married you and I can't express to you how much I love you and how I'm glad God gave us the opportunity to carve together a life. I will always love you even when you are old and your farts become uncontrollable. I will love you when your teeth and hair are all gone and we can barely see each other over our cataracts. I will love you when your fingers become gnarled and I will sit up with you through painful nights. I will always love and cherish you".


  1. Interesting MW!
    I voted Purple Streak as my choice even though I did so based on bewilderment. Never in my life did I ever think that a cuddly embrace could be counted for a romantic trump card.
    My heart tells me that you are a minimalist-idealist. Good girl!

  2. My idea might sound boring, but i dream of it everytime i close my eyes. I'll give anything in the world to be wrapped in the arms of my love, reading, talking about books and arguing over political, social and religious matters. Hm! I don't mind the location o but NEPA no go take light sha. Hehehehe. Lol.

  3. I pick the last one- it even made me cry. Strong, enduring, gentle love is the one I choose.


  5. Yah, Adenike's moment is unique. So I'd go with hers.

  6. I Loved Purple Streak and i agree with o and Chizitere def thats so me

  7. I like the one by Barefeet... It's very imaginative so I guess that's why I like it the most.

  8. tough call, i loved all of them for the little things they brought in, the simplicity of purple feet, the suspense of barefeet adn teh warmth of adenike. Id have to go with purple feet cos I just love embraces!!!!!

  9. Ade4nike's made me cry! ! choose!

  10. Ahhh its Adenike for me... reminds me of the Notebook... see this is what i want for myself *sigh*

  11. Wow beautiful ideas

    i choose purple streak for everyday life
    then barefoot sure is a wonderful proposal mix with suspense and the mind to just go to the airport like dat without asking a thing
    Adenike pretty good.I want it wen am old

    hehe so i no get choice yet..buh i sure like number 2

  12. I love all but love Adenike's moment the most.

  13. LOL, this was very cute. While reading the ideal proposal, I was like what if she swallowed her engagement ring? Hahahaha.

  14. I love all of those. Good job, Myne. :-D I can't pick one.

  15. I love all three.. lol.. I don't wanna choose since I'm a sucker for romance and they're all romantic..Nice work myne.

  16. Thanks all for the comments. Remember to vote cos one of them has to win to get the free autographed copy of my book.

  17. im sad no-ones voting for after all the googling for definitions..using the rhyme dictionary and then simplicity is the order of the day mscheeww..its ok to fantasise btw i dont need to fantasise actually i got my man next to me..myne comment box now in operation waitin on ur feedback..and for those voting simplicity surprise and suspence is how and wat makes my barefeet tingle to the jingle of love...

  18. My vote's for purple streak. I truly loved these three and their differences.

  19. I like Adenike's moment, that's TRUE LASTING LOVE! That's what we hope for when we tie the knot, isn't it?

  20. I vote for Barefeet!!!! That was awesome!!!

  21. i do love barefeet's own but adenike's very cute.

  22. Purple Streak.....there's this thing with simplicity that gets to me

  23. Thanks Neo ..... Adenike for president lol that's funny.
    Waiting breathlessly for the results :)

  24. thnks to everyone thats voted for me

    @ leggy ahh see as u disown thanks 4 d comment on my blog

    @ blowing blessings a hail storm of blessings are comin ur way much love

  25. @ Adenike ...u beta breathe b4 u die and ill be ur successor for the book heheheh

  26. Thanks y'all ... for the votes, comments and all. I can't comment on each person's comment so i'd have to thank y'all in one. Please please vote vote ... Simplicity for President!!! :D
    @ Barefeet: U are one crazy fellow ... or should i say ... feline?! Luv'd your piece. Thumbs up, babes!


  27. adenike for UN general secretary !!

  28. LOL@ barefeet campaigning!

    I love barefeet's. It's creative and imaginative...albeit farfetched, she put work into it. If nothing else we can dream right? lol

  29. this is building up my fantasies. Who knows what I'd do when time comes to propose... I can't wait though :)

  30. Aww loved d last one.

    2nd one was good 2 but I don't know abt having d ring in his mouth tho.


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