Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The love of a friend.

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You were there in my time of need
Not knowing the meaning of greed

If I need it, you’ll give your last dime
Rich or poor, you gave me a good time

You did everything a friend should
And treated me the best you could

You comforted me when I was sad
And laughed with me when I was glad

I recall the times we used to share
And I want you to know I still care

I will always try to be there
Whenever, wherever you need my cheer

When you need me, I’ll be there in a hurry
When you are down, you don’t have to worry

Though some things you do may be wrong
Our friendship will ever remain strong


Please feel free to share your stories of friendship. What was the best thing you did for a friend or a friend did for you? Who is your best friend? It's that time of the year. So send them a note, leave it here to show they're appreciated.

To my SO whose birthday it was today, happy birthday honey. You're my best friend.


  1. Happy Birthday to your SO. Loves the poem!

  2. yeah. hapi to ur SO. LOVE UR POEMS ALWAYS.

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  4. what is the full meaning of SO?
    happybday to him.
    my friend berry is my bestest friend.

  5. Happy birthday to SO, wish him the very best.

    Abumze, thanx for being there all the time, you're never too busy to laugh or cry with me. i love and appreciate you so much.

    lovely poem!

  6. Happy birthday to SO!

    This is to my really good friend Wunmi. She's the longest standing friend I know and together we have stormed every weather. I love you gurl!!!!

  7. aww this made me think of my 3 best friends and my adopted sister, we do everything together and i love them so much.

    Happy Birthday SO

  8. Such a simple, beautiful and profound poem! Happy Bday Myne's SO. I'm sure you know this but you have an amazing woman!! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to SO.

    Lovely poem. My best friend is M,i can always count on her,love you M.

  10. I dont have a best friend. I have a few great friends and they are always there for me.

  11. Happy Birthday to Myne's SO, and thanks for being such a great friend.

    The best thing a friend ever did for me was waiting up for me when I travelled on a long journey. I arrived back at the hostel to find out he was waiting up for me.

    Now I am getting all mushy...let me go send him a note.

    Lovely poem, Myne.

  12. the best thing my friend did for me
    was to just shut up when i was hurting
    and not play the 'blame game'
    and just give me what i needed at the right time
    their names are bunmi and toyin.
    i love them too much

  13. Happy Birthday myne
    hope u had a g8 day.

  14. Happy bday to ur SO. I've got a best friend and she has done inumerable stuff for me. I always say God didn't give me a sister coz he prepared sumone better for me, my bestie! One thing i've done for her is hold her hair back and support her when she was sick & puking. I know it doesnt sound like a big deal, but for me it is coz if i see sum1 puking, i puke too. Well, it's worth it and i'll do it again if i have to. Her bday is also in feb. Leggy SO is significant order (i think)

  15. Happy bday to your man,nice poem

  16. Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind words.


    Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday... and thanks for being the person I can be myself with and tell all to, in times both good and bad.

  17. Great poem, Myne. I bet SO would be so glad to read this. Happy birthday SO! Coincidentally today happens to be the birthday of a dear friend of mine as well.

  18. Great poem. I love the rhymes especially. Happy birthday SO!

  19. Happy Bday,Myne's SO!

    I call my besties,my sisters cos what they've done for me especially in 2009 qualifies them as more than just friends!

  20. awww @ SO being your best friend!!!...Love it's a beautiful thing!

    Well, the sweetest thing I did for my bestfriend was to write a note and for Friendship day at church and they pick my letter!!! She was sooooo happy and she got a gift card ;-)

  21. Thanks all so much for the wishes. The friendship stories make me smile, thanks for sharing.

  22. Leggy... I think s.o. means "significant other"... I hope I'm not shooting my mouth off here :)

    A true friend is someone who loves unconditionally. When romantic feelings enter the picture, conditions usually follow: you want the person because they make you feel good, because they are romantic with the flowers and all that jazz. Friends are the ones who have to put up with the real you: the unsexy, unromantic, non-upgraded (LOL) version of yourself. That's probably why true friendships often outlast love affairs. The lucky few (not mentioning names(***cough***cough***MYNE!****COUGH)have those tow wonderful things wrapped up in one :)

  23. my high school best friends are still my best friends even though they dot know it.

    once i had to lend a friend 100 dollars, but i forgot to go to the bank for it, and that day it was snowing heavily, taxis were absent,and the bus had left. i walked to the dorm in 30 minutes and then had to go back to the bank again for the money.

    i was a snowgirl at the end of that day, seriously it took me about 3 hours to de-freeze. it was terrbile.

    my friend appreciated it though.

  24. That poem about friendship is beautifully written!!

    Life wouldn't be as entertaining or as fun as it is without true friends!

  25. aww this reminds me of my bestfriend. he can be a bit obnoxious sometimes but there is nothing he wouldn't do for me. we grew up together so our families call us twins lol

  26. happy belated birthday atala wala

  27. The best thing a friend has done for me is to piss me off and them make me laugh immediately after

  28. awww happy belated birthday SO...i have a special fondness for those initials cos they are mine too lol. well i cant think of any specific best friend moments but when i think of my best friends i think of the only two friends im not afraid to cry in front of

  29. Friends? Im beginning to wonder what that word even means...

  30. Beautiful poem, Myne. Happy belated birthday blessings to your SO.
    My best friend is of the best things he has done for me (there are so many others) is standing by me when i'm afraid that no one else will. I'm glad i'm hooked on his friendship.

  31. Favor's Heart, thank you so much and I wish you the best in your friendship with D.


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