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The bond of twins and brothers

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At the first mention of Efe's name, the next sentences his mother addressed to him hardly entered Ofure's brain as a sudden pain intensified in his skull. He moaned softly. Upstairs Kevwe screamed sharply, "No... No..."

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine mom but I have to go see Kevwe."

Ofure rushed up, taking the steps two at the same time and holding his head in pain. The nurse hurried down going in the opposite direction.

"What is it?" He heard their mother ask anxiously.

"I can't tell, just a few minutes ago, his temperature and blood pressure shut up and he woke up screaming," the nurse explained hastily, "I want to call the doctor. He said to call him once the patient regains consciousness."

Once upstairs, Ofure tried to calm Kevwe down. First, he controlled himself by taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly. Soon Kevwe stopped screaming. He opened tearful eyes and looked soulfully at his twin.

"It's not true, Efe cannot leave me. I won't believe it. No ... No ... No ... It's too painful. I can't bear it. Please make the pain go away, Ofure tell me it's not true. Say it's not true, say it..." he tried to seat up but the bandages and POP on various parts of his body wouldn't permit it so he demanded instead, "Where is Efe, where is she? I want to hear it from her,"

The tears overflowed his eyes as he looked around blearily. Sighting their mother at the door, he suddenly cried, "But why? Why would Efe leave me, why? No ... it's not true," he muttered shaking his head from side to side.

Ofure led their mum out of the room and closed the door gently after her. Tears clouding his own eyes, he went back to the bed, placed his palms on his twin's forehead and closed his eyes. Before long, Kevwe fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. By the time the doctor came, his blood pressure and temperature were almost back to normal and he was sleeping peacefully instead of being unconscious.

Ofure took some painkillers and went into his own room to rest. He knew it was only because Kevwe was his twin that he had been able to do what he'd just done. He was good with his sick patients in the hospital but on his twin, his hands made wounds heal faster and calmed him down. There was no medical explanation for the phenomena, he had come in contact with other people who had the same gift. Some of them had been doctors and others were not. His own twin brother did not possess the gift even though they shared the bond of telepathy; he knew some other twins had the same gift.

When he had felt as if a brick wall had fallen on him a week ago, he knew instantly what had happened. He was on his rounds in the hospital where he'd just started his five-year internship but had boarded the next available flight to Nigeria. He had gotten their phone call in the Paris layover and reached the hospital even before his parents who had arrived a day later. The accident had occurred just outside Lagos and the Road Safety officials' had taken Kevwe to LUTH. The same officials had also later sent a message to their parents.

After more than a week at the hospital, both parents had traveled while he'd remained at his brother's bedside. Though he'd told no one, Kevwe's injuries seemed to have counterpoints in his body and this inflicted him with a serious headache. Ofure sighed painfully as thoughts of Efe came into his mind but he deliberately wiped them out so as not to disturb Kevwe. Soon, he too dozed off.


BTW, What is the mystery of the bond between twins? Is it stronger than ordinary familial love? Do you have any special closeness with any of your siblings? What will you do or have you done for the love of a brother/sister? This Valentine, don't forget to tell your family you love them and also show it. Don't wait till they're lying on sick beds or even worse, when it is too late.

ps, So this is a very rough first draft from my upcoming novel, I'm still working on the manuscript. Please give me feedback on the writing too, thanks...


  1. this is a lovely write up. i personally believe there exists a bond between twins cos i have dese 2 naughty girls as friends and dey r twins - taiye and kehinde and trust me, they feel these things like mad. i used to think dey were just toying with the heads of all of us but there was a day we were all gisting and next thing, kehinde screamed and held her chest and she immediately told us that taiye's boyfriend just hurt her, everyone in the room started laughing that she's just a joker and like 30mins later, taiye comes into the room crying and tells us her bf and her just had a huge fight and all of us were amazed. since then sha, i began to believe that a bond truly exists between twins but if this is entirely true, what about the twins that are constantly bickering, jealous of eachother and at logger heads?

  2. OH MYNE
    excellent writing
    u already had me at the first paragraph
    love the fact that ur going the nigerdelta route
    twins have always fascinated me...
    this will be fun i can tell
    good work

  3. beautiful i also a have taiye and kehinde as friends. hope its nt same ones i know. MYNE: DIS IS REALLY AN INTERESTN PIECE. YEAH NT NLY IN TWINS IT ALSO HAPPENS WIT MOTHERS. ONCE I HAD AN ACCIDENT IN SCHOOL(FELL OFF MY BUNK) AT NITE AND THE NXT DAY LIKE 7am, my mum was already in school. dat she knew i was hurt. I was suprisd.

  4. I think twins are so close because of the fact that they are from the same egg... I guess... Not to sure but I wish i was a twin...

  5. I think twins share a very special bond, such that they're able to tell if something is not just right with each other. I think its stringer when the twins are identical.

    I'm very close to my mum and my heart beats faster when something isnt right with her

  6. i dont think twins have any form of insight into what the other one is doing.i know many identical twins and they get mad when people imply this.
    they told me that they dont feel when the other person is hurt, they cant do many things the media imply that they do.the only thing unique about them is that they look extremely alike and have almost identical twins.
    i personally think that unless you are a twin you cant tell if twins have a special bond or not.
    i think its all a myth that the media, movies and soap operas promote.the bond btw a twin is no more than the bond between someone you a sibling or your mum.
    i dont believe twins have any 'special bond'.

  7. and have almost identical set of genes*

  8. really well done - looking forward to the rest of it

    its scientifically proven that twins are linked, i think god did it to show how awesome he is

    I love my siblings all differently, on one more than the other and i will do anything for my siblings except cover them for murder or in the case of my bro spousal abuse....

  9. @neefemi:no, there has not been any scientific prove that twins are in anyway linked.

  10. Intresting Myne,i liked this. Don't havee any twins that i'm close to so i cant say anyting about them.

  11. Nice one MW. Kevwe and Ofure are twins right? I think the names are kinda mis-matched. Kevwe is a Delta name and Ofure is an Edo name. Not sure if the choice is deliberate but incase its not, wanted to point out the contrast. keep em coming! :D

  12. Thanks all.

    @Anonymous, thanks for the pointers. Trust that I researched the names. Kevwe and Ofure are Urhobo names. But they can be shared by Bini and there are urhobos in Edo too.

  13. I quite agree with leggy but at the same time I believe there's a bond btw twins that cant' be explain not that they share the same pain or anything of that sort although I can't disprove that but I know there's a bond btw them just like the one btw brothers and sisters...maybe stronger

  14. Back in the days , i wished i was a twin, but of cos it wasn't going to happen, i had already been evicted lol. I find twins fascinating, my boo is one,but i must confess i secretly don't like the fact that, there's someone else walking around who looks exactly like him.

  15. i dont think the bond is tied to twins only and it doesnt happen all the time. mothers have a strong bond to their kids and even friends too. i think it's just a deep connection btw ppl and the twins angle of it has kinda been over-exaggerated.

  16. captivating.. but i trully do not believe that twins are connected in anyway or have some sort of telepathy, i just believe that people who care for each other deeply feel each other's pain. Just on that level, no more.
    I have twins around me here who are as different as night and day.. so, ?????

  17. I feel the bond between twins is somewhat spiritual knowing I once had a bad crush on a handsome identical twin guy. His name was Taiwo and they both used to play pranks on ME. The one time I cried over Taiwo, Kehinde was there to offer support. What a big mistake? I used to wish myself a twin sister, someone I could play nutty pranks with. I love this story so far, sounds like a fun read.

  18. great, love it. am a medical student and to be honest, i know nothing about this kind of bond between twins. but if it exist, i'll say its just mystery that even the greatest science can understand.
    i love the story line, hoping to read more.. all the best.. xox

  19. I love the story line! Good job! I so not sure of the bond that twins share...maybe it's from them spending most of the lives together, etc. Like a wife being able to complete her husband's sentences or maybe its a deeper bond that the human mind can't define or comprehend.

  20. i love it tho!!

    goodness it felt real!

    i want more!

  21. Sounds great for a rough draft!

  22. I think there is a special bond between twins. I don't know why but it's just there I guess.

  23. Twins are a strange phenomenom.
    Only God can explain the strong connection they have.
    I have twin siblings and when they are far from each other, they can sense when each other is in trouble.

  24. I have twin brothers and have watched them grow up, and to be honest, I think the bond between twins is often exaggerated. Yes they are genetically similar if they are identical (fraternal twins are just like regular siblings who happen to share a birthday), but they are very often individuals. It's just fascinating to people to think that twins have some sort of a special bond and a special communication, and sometimes, it is so exaggerated that even twins start trying to act the same, etc.

  25. Thank you all, please keep the twinnie stories coming.

  26. I'm so hoping I'll have twins. Really love them. And I thik they are special. Two sets of twin friends I had as a child had such telepathy that they would fall ill at the same time even though they were at different places. Dunno if these cases were unique, though.

    love the article. more! more! please!

  27. I really enjoyed this! (I came across you blog from Tyhitia's.)

    I have 2 identical twin cousins, and they are linked by how evil they both were to me when I was a little girl. They used to put in fake fangs and scare me at night because they knew I was afraid of "Dark Shadows". Yep. Equally evil. Same evil genes. ;)

  28. I've always secretly - or not so secretly fantasized - about being a twin, an identical twin. And, of course, I still want to have confusingly identical male twins.

  29. Really nice!
    I really used to wish I was a twin when I was younger with a twin brother I felt it would be super cool :)
    Now I can only hope I have twin children

  30. nice story Myne...i dont know any identical twins so i cant say anything about them... but nice story

  31. I went to a Secondary school in Northern Nigeria and met these twins Larai and Laraba that scared the shit out of me.

    Not only do they feel things, they gang up to 'deal' with pple in...let me just say diabolical ways.
    I may have been young but when I think about it now, I shiver!

    But my mom had twins and even though there's a bond it's not like anything extraordinary.

  32. @leggy, actually yes they have...i studied psychology and through twin studies we have learnt this

  33. girl, u the storyline..cant wait for it.. there may be something special in the twin rlnship esp as it relates to each other but i definitely think there's been a hype to it..dont think it's as common as it's often portrayed

  34. its so special, this bond. its nt explainable but i believe it is there.


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