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Why isn't he here?....by Neo

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Iphey shook her head not quite looking her in the eye, “Is Obi sleeping?”

Ngozi peered at her closely as though she could read something off her face “Obi is sleeping. Iphey, please go on. O gini?”

Iphey sighed, “Ngoo, I don’t know how to say this…”

“I don’t like all this suspense o. Whatever it is, just say it.” Ngozi snapped, her patience running thin.

“James came to my house.He’s alive and has been in Lagos I…I bumped into him…in a taxi. Ngoo he looked different but I confronted him, initially he denied it but later he came and...”

Nothing could have prepared Ngozi for those words; she stiffened barely allowing herself to breathe. In silence, her eyes willed Iphey to continue.

“I told him I’d have to tell you, I even suggested we come together but he said he couldn’t face you after everything that’s happened.”

“Where is James?” her voice was surprisingly calm and sounded strange to her. “Is he here? Outside?”

“No, he was gone before I could convince him…” Iphey leaned towards her, “Ngoo, it’s a very serious matter…infact we have to….”

Iphey was still talking as she rose to her feet and started walking towards her room.

“Sister, where are you going?”

Ngozi turned and smiled at her, it was a bitter smile that left her eyes cold and empty “Iphey, you just told me that my husband who has been missing for three years is alive and well. And not only has he been in Lagos the entire time, he’s also not here to tell me himself. I’m going to bed and maybe tonight I won’t dream of him or wake up in tears and cry to God for him…”

Iphey stood up, “Sister, you have to hear what happened...”

That was the trigger, it was enough for her to lose it and for all the emotions that had been locked up inside her to burst forth like a broken dam. She threw the mug she had been holding against the back of the settee. Iphey cringed as it bounced and then fell to the ground. Water splashed all over the light blue fabric sofa and the matching floor tiles as the cup rolled to a stop.

“Hear what?!” Ngozi tried not to scream, to keep her voice low for Obi’s sake. “When he doesn’t want to see me? I have cried every night for the past three years! I fought off his family who wanted to declare him dead! I held our son at night watching to make sure he’s still breathing! And James is not here. He’s alive, not decaying in a grave, he can walk and he can speak so why isn’t he here? Iphey why isn’t he here? He left us, he left me….” She let herself crumble to the floor as the sobs filled her throat.

When Ngozi looked up, tears had started to run down Iphey's face. She hated her sister seeing her like this, so broken. She was supposed to be the older one. Iphey crossed the distance between them, sat down and wrapped her arms around her.

“I have to see him Iphey, I have to see him.” Ngozi mumbled into her shoulder.

“You will, we’ll find him” Iphey said firmly.

After she left, Ngozi watched as Obi slept, noting the rhythmic rise and fall of his small chest. She remembered the scare when those doctors had told her to prepare for the worst, when she thought that her world was coming to an end. If she had lost Obi, she would have had nothing left to live for. Luckily they passed through it. Obi slept now his face creased into the deep frown that signaled he was in deep sleep. These days he insisted on sleeping only in his pyjama bottoms and though he had been asleep for just a few hours, his small bed looked like a riot scene with his tiny frame sprawled diagonally across the bed.

As she wandered into the kitchen to fix herself a cup of tea, she tried not to blame James but it was hard, especially having had to bear this burden of worrying about their child alone. After James had disappeared, their friends had been supportive, offering words of comfort and prayers but after a year the tune had started to change. No one could explain why he abandoned his wife and child leaving them in such financial insecurity. They said he was dead and advised her to remarry while she was still young, while Obi could learn to accept another man as a father. She had refused and slowly one by one the friends grew tired and began to keep away.

Iphey and her mother helped out as much as they could but she couldn’t depend on them solely, so she had fallen back on one of her hobbies and turned it into a lucrative career. She worked from home as a baker, and on her own terms so she could keep an eye on Obi. It had been hard when Obi had constantly asked after his father and she had told him the same thing each time, “Daddy traveled”. But now that he had stopped asking, how was she going to tell him the truth. What would she even tell him? Where was James?


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Our Contributor today is Neo of PLETHORA - ME AND MY EXCESSES. She is currently giving up on love but heart mender that I am, lol, I can't allow that now can I? Go over to her blog when you can and show her some love.

Lately i have become a cynic (i was always the realist though but i think i'm being pushed over the edge) especially when it comes to love. I have just become so disillusioned with it that i have decided i can do without it. Dont get me wrong o, i'm not about to dash off to the pound and pick myself up a litter of kittens. I'm not saying i want to be the spinster-aunty forever knitting horrible sweaters nobody likes.


  1. oooh that scene seems to be very emotional,hope they find james soon ,so everything will be clear,thumbs up Neo

  2. Dang... second! Ah well, someday i'll be first.

  3. Nice, but iphey and her big mouth sef...

  4. eeya........sorrrrrry.!enuf sadness
    more on my loevr man now,i have voted and i hope y'all want same..good work myne........this speed is high oh,lemme continue reading and voting

  5. *shaking my legs* Myne,when is ma turn na?

    SAD! SAD!! SAD!!!

    Good job,Neo...

  6. Quick Suggestion Myne! there should be a link to the previous post leading up to the current story. I hate being lost.

    However I got this one. I wonder how James would bail himself outta this one. Did he ever give reasons as to why he disappeared for so long? Did I miss that? If yea, please post d link.
    I wonder if she'll take him back.
    3 yrs ain't 3 days or even 3months sef. A whole lot can happen within those yrs.
    Very selfish man if u ask me..

  7. Beautiful and gripping.
    MW, I am loving every bit of this writing.

  8. Wow... Ngozi actually handled it better than I thought she would... I thought she would go all apeshit and blame Iphey for everything... I love this development in the story, though. Now, the question is will Ngozi and James meet again? ***Cue dramatic soap opera music***

  9. Very nice! I like how Ngozi reacted. I'm glad Iphey told her, that's not a secret sisters should keep. Loved your writing Neo!

  10. Poor Ngozi, so what happens next?

  11. That was quick. Ngozi has a strongheart, I for one would've had a cardiac arrest. All because of James..tut tut. Anyway I like this...just goes to show how women endure. Now waiting for the next part.
    Nicely done Neo!

  12. I love this interactive story...

  13. i really really enjoyed Neo's writing welldone.
    Myne i have joined the long queue of people in love with you

  14. Nice one Neo! I liked the way Ngozi reacted.

  15. Hi Muyiwa,

    As the first, you have won the free Ebook. Please send me an email to receive your copy.

  16. @Quaggar, maybe you'll get there soon. LOL

    @Qmoney, Thanks for voting

    @My World, start warming up, OK?

    @Dith, the links to all the chapters of the interactive story are on the right side bar. One can always start from where they stopped.

    @Posekyere, F, Blogoratti, Vivianne, Darlyn, thanks for your comments. I loved this chapter too.

  17. @Juanita, Jaycee, Shorty, Thanks so much

    @Ha000050, LOL, I love you too..

  18. Why did it have to end here

  19. aww mehn...Iphey's just stirred the bees hive, forgive the cliche..dang! Why didn't she just let it lie...I can't wait to see how this unfolds...

    ...and i'm hoping i can do another installment sometime, Myne..

    Well done, Neo, great input!

  20. Ysyyyyyyyyyyyy Neo this was awesome..
    I did not know u had abilities like this o. Nice Nice lol

  21. Nice writing Neo. I felt like i was right there with Ngozi..She showed so much maturity..poor her..

    looking forward to the upcoming chapter.

  22. awww!! I felt like hugging Ngozi!!
    she has such a strong heart!!
    I really do want to know whats going on with Chinedu nw ah ah!!

  23. When is it going to be my turn Myne?
    @Neo good job

  24. *teary eyed* oh i am published!!! well....by association, ehn all join.
    thanks peoples and thanks Myne!

  25. Awww how sad...i like how Ngozi reacted...very realistic. Wonder what the story on James will be.

    Good Job, Neo!!

  26. wow that was so deep...its like i felt every emotion that was described while reading it....loves it mehn!!!

  27. omg! iphey im so mad at u! why did u tell her? now encouraging her by saying u will find him!

    i loved this neo excellent job. myne how are you?

  28. Ngozi actually took it well. Or maybe the 'delayed' reaction will come later?


  29. Ngozi actually took it well. Or maybe the 'delayed' reaction will come later?


  30. @Burramint, I'm fine and you? It's been a while. Hope OK?

    @Enkay, I totally agree.

  31. She did take it well, but yeah delayed reaction so its probably going to hit her in full force soon.


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