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To delete or not to G-Func + Myne

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So that's it folks. We have come to the end of Season one of our interactive story. To round up, we need a name for the series. Suggest a title in the comments and there'll be a final vote. Enjoy...


"Damn! My fist is bleeding."

Chinedu had hurt himself while trying to "express his anger" about Iphey leaving like that but hadn't even noticed until his eyes caught the blood on the floor.

He walked into the house and went to the toilet to fix it up. He had just finished washing his hands and was about to wrap it his fist in bandage when his phone rang. He immediately ran out to look for it thinking it was Iphey. He pressed on the screen to answer.

"It's not what you think, I’m not..." he began.

The voice on the other end broke him off saying, “Chinedu, it’s me Aisha.”

“Oh, Aisha. How are you? You’re calling so late, is everything all right?” He sank back on one of his armchairs and tried to breathe more calmly.

“I’m fine, only I just wake from sleep.” He heard her yawn on the other side of the phone. “Iphey still dey there? She texted that I should call her in thirty minutes but her phone is not going through. You sabi where she dey?”

“So she told you she was coming here?”

“Yes now. She usually does that when she’s out late.” Aisha laughed. “Nothing personal to you…”

Chinedu grimaced. “Do you know whether she told someone else? Like Bisi for example?”

“It’s possible since Bisi knows you too but I think she’ll rather let her sister know.”

“I see.” Chinedu replied. “So was it just for Iphey you called?”

“Yes but now you mention it, I still dey vex Habib. How could he say I should not expect to hear from him in the next month and not say anything else? If you can, please speak with him o. This one is a new thing he wants to start. Abeg I no like am o.”

“I told you not to worry when we spoke earlier. But I will talk to him.” Chinedu knew her brother who worked for the EFCC had just gone undercover but he wouldn’t tell her that.

“OK, make I go back to sleep. TJ go call me any moment from now. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Chinedu replied, “and greet TJ for me.”

He dropped the phone and his mind went to Iphey. The scene with Bisi began to make sense now. Iphey must have told her she was coming and the girl decided to ruin it for them. It was lucky Aisha had added the last bit about why Iphey let people know where she was. He had almost begun to wonder if they were back to his checkered past. The truth was he really admired girls who had character and virtues like Iphey.

There was just something about her that made him weak, she had that "damsel in distress" look but somehow still managed to take care of herself. He also thought she was incredibly cute, even cuter than his kid sister, who he had thought before then was the cutest person in the world.

He still didn’t know what Bisi’s reason could be to mess them up. He’d never dated her so it must be something to do with the office. And then she had mentioned their bank manager. What did she mean? That Iphey was sleeping with the man? He decided he wouldn't think about all that, if Iphey wanted to think that he was fooling around with Bisi, so be it.

"If she can't trust me now, what makes me think she will in the future?"

He was never one for drama. He picked up his phone and scrolled to the phonebook. According to Aisha, Iphey had switched off her phone. He guessed it was so he couldn’t reach her.

Over the years in his life, he had learnt one policy. He never pursued something he couldn't let go of whenever the moment demanded it. So now he scrolled to her name and chose the option delete. He hesitated, and then he pressed on the button. The phone asked him if he was sure he wanted to delete that contact and all their details. He closed his eyes and...


Hahaha, nice ending right? Remember to suggest titles for the series in your comments. There'll be a public vote for the best...LOL.

This was a collabo I did with G-Func of I CALL ME G_FUNC He is one talented writer blogger and also one of the hot bachelors in blogsville according to The Gist. The ending was his idea and this is from his profile;

"I've been told a couple of times I'm handsome hehe. I also have a funny sort of humour about me some of the time and also ... real importantly.... heaven and maybe hell knows that I'm not stupid GOD didn't make me that,on the contrary..."


  1. Yea baby.. been stalkin ur blog, Myne for one hot minute... it finally paid off.

    Huh? Chinedu had better not delete that number o! Or else... lol. Nice one GFunc. We're gonna miss d series till Season 2 starts. Kudos Myne, great job so far.

  2. ooh ok good concluding part

  3. what, so where's iphey then????

    I thought she'd had an accident or something...and why wud she tell bisi she was going to chinedu's when she knows bisi is d culprit???

    I hope there'll be a sequel!

    will be back for title idea..

  4. See what am saying Myne? Muyiwa doin the same thing, I will start to post multiple times o...
    Muyiwa where is thy sense of fair play?? lol
    I love this post lol

  5. NO! NO!! NO!!!
    Ok,I so cant believe the suspense building up right!!!
    good job myne and g-func.
    titles.......ehm,hw abt a title that dnt giveaway the real content???
    Just suggestn sha!

  6. why'd it have to end..oh the agony!!!
    hmm How about "About us"!? that's just an opinion ooo no hard feelings i beg. hehhe

  7. Wow what a nice ending full of suspense.Well done Myne and G-Func.

  8. fabulous.

    imma think about the name and get back to you

  9. i know i have missed a couple of stories. I am kind of

    how are you myne..

  10. owwww....... don't delete it, preddy please..............

    Nice one.

  11. owwww....... don't delete it, preddy please..............

    Nice one.

  12. That ending isnt even fair!

  13. Thank you all.

    @Quaggar, thanks for your comments. As the first commenter, please send in an email to for your free ecopy of Love Happens.

  14. There's only one title suggestion! Hey people, let's hear it. The poll goes up tomorrow or we'll simply go with only, "About us" by Juanita.

  15. Delete ke? he better not try it.

    when does season 3 start? will be back if i can think of a title

    and i agree with azazel o, we shd ban muyiwa from commenting more than once, ahn ahn!

  16. nice ending. but where is iphey?????????????????????? MYNE,I LOVE UR CREATIVITY. U ROCK GURL.

  17. OK... This is evil o... You want give the whole of blogsville heart attack? He better not delete the number o! Can't wait for season 2... :)

  18. Yaayy! Up man u,united for life oh forgive i got carried away but why now ehn? Why will you end the season on such a suspense filled note *sigh*nice post newaiz and for a title how bout 'live and let love'

  19. nicceee!!! I lovee!
    As for title, how about
    "a tale of two hearts"

  20. Am thinking "EMOTIONS" for the for chinedu's tots,that's so typical of men...they just get tired easily and to think d babe jus needs to be given jus a lil more TLC and she go gree:)

  21. Haha! Nedu, the G-Man...nice conclusion!!

  22. I'm loving Nedu now....i'll say don't delete, he should just not disturb himself

  23. have a lot of catching up to do on

    FOR David.фаворит Бога номер-один.

  24. I'm back for the title suggesting....
    how about "Life, Love, Lies"

  25. why ya 'all mentioning my name here,i won the free e book two times i didnt collect it,you can ask the owner ,so what's the competition all about ,abeg i am more than that,respect is reciprocal.

  26. Oh man I need to get up to date on this blog. I'm sorry no names are coming to mind right now.

  27. awwww pls dnt delete the number chinedu dearest....pretty pls... :-(

    suggestion for the title(if m not too late) - cupid's risk

    emmm we all know dat cupid stands for love and for love to exist btwn chinedu and iphey, a bad baddo baddest guy who was once a robber and a saintly babe...emm, m thinkin dats a risk by cupid. the reader just has to find out if the risk paid out or not...

    m just sayin o, just me opinny..

  28. Chinedu better not delete that number...If not...

    *Okay pretty please don't delete Iphey's number. Call her...*

    Nice ending though..

  29. like Rene's title suggestion.

    @ muyiwa, relax it was a joke at least on my part.

  30. Delete jo, like that has ever stopped a man. Na only phone number dem dey take find person? Lol. It's been a fun ride so far Myne.

    Why's a title so hard to find? Lol, says the girl whose mini story's titled ". . . ". Lol.

  31. Yea I like Renes idea.Life love lies...

  32. Really interesting. if he deletes the number, he can still contact Iphey through Aisha Abi? No fears!

    Love, Life, Lies sounds nice.

  33. awww....sick ending tho..
    he shud delete it jare!

  34. Nice end to the first season of the series . . . but the suspense doesn’t seem fair. Lol. Chinedu has issues indeed but that aside who would blame Iphey, especially since she probably has more issues and is likely to want to tread as softly as possible. I like the idea of ‘not pursuing what you wouldn’t find easy to let go when the moment demands. Cool philosophy. I think I could tap into that. . . would deleting Iphey's number solve Chinedu's problem? I doubt

  35. Nice ending! but chinedu u're not fighting hard enuf, how can u delete just like that esp when u know that she cannot be blamed for the way she acted.

  36. myne myne myne!! wow! i just had a blast! i haven't been 2 d blog since the end of " a heart 2 mend". i dont no y i thot d blog ended. i'm in love with chinedu and iphey. i read from begining 2 end n i forgot about a report i was goin 2 send my boss now u got me hooked. pls dont keep us waiting for so long o. cant think of a title rite now. but it shld have cupid in it. all d contributors are amazing ya. mwahh!

  37. Wooooowww! I am so totally tripped! I was following your story Edward on nairaland and decided to google you to see if you had the rest of it somewhere online... and i stumbled on your blog and cupid's risk! I am utterly impressed. How can so many different writers produce a story with such synergy? I beg, humbly, to join this group of unbelievably talented individuals. I'm not much of a blogger- God knows my blog suffers almost absolute neglect- but i like to think myself a writer. And i am enormously inspired by you all.

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