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Results + HAITI + Seun Adebiyi

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Firstly, the votes are in and more people want to have Chinedu on the phone. Does she pick the phone? What does he say? Why hasn't he called since? Our next contributor is Mr. FunnyHoneyMoney and the post will be up by Sunday. Remember the giveaway is on till Jan 31 and the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy of my eBook "Love Happens" or you can download it on lulu. Find out more information on my website and enjoy this book trailer video.

Second, I'm sure most people have heard about the earthquake in Haiti. My heart goes out to all the people of that country and I'm praying for them. So many people are dead and more wounded and dying. There are many ways to help and these are just a few. Please do what you can.
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10
Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5
Visit to donate any amount directly.
Click on the relief button on my sidebar to donate to the American Red Cross.

Finally, I saw this on several places and got this from TORI's blog..."this article online today about 26 year old Seun Adebiyi, born in Lagos, moved here when he was 6 and is a Yale Law grad who is trying to be the FIRST EVER Nigerian Winter Olympian. Except he was diagnosed with cancer. Leukemia.

He's been through weeks and weeks of chemotherapy, but his doctors say his only chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant.

Sadly, only 8% of bone marrow list registrants are of African descent/African American. And for a match, the person needs to be practically IDENTICAL to you. So his chances of finding a match will be upped dramatically if there are more Nigerians on the list."

You can go to Seuns blog to read more. You may be able to help save his life.


  1. First?? Wooooooooooooooooooooooow! When there's a prize involved and I actually want to be first, I won't come at the right time... Big kmt!! Ok off to read

  2. pleeeeeeease,i deserve a pice...i triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!midudn.y??????????????????????

  3. ooooh,sugar,i am meant to be 1st on sunday,not today..oh well!!
    i have ben seeing this txt thingy for haitians,please will it work in nigeria as well??

  4. love the book trailer! really nice. ok i plan to be first on sunday!

  5. Your book trailer video is really cool, Myne!

  6. I feel bad for people of haiti too, butthere are some scams going on now.. people are trying to collect money, some are fraud.. Please be carefull when donating..

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  8. The video is really cool.

    I feel really sorry for the Haiti peopple its so sad :(

    Looking forward to next chapter.

  9. Great video, what happened in Haiti is just so heart-breaking. But I agree with Andrea I've heard sadly about some people scamming money out of people who are sending money so I'm being cautious as well.

  10. Errm Myne wetin dey happen to my comments??i was having like 22 before but it seems to be reducing o,i want to be among top feedbackers o.Lol

  11. ooh i ve seen the trailer before,yeah its nice,i also link wyclef's organization or my blog for people to donate,and seun ,may God heal you as soon as possible,amen

  12. Sad, what happened in haiti.

    How you doing?

  13. awww that seun's case is so sad!
    and Haiti too :(

    sad post :(

    but his name isnt sean/shawn it's pronounced shey-un...
    but its whatever, i still wish i could help

  14. Lovin the trailer sad dunno what to think on seun's predicament..for everyday we live,we should always be tentatively thankful for life..

    Btw..hope you been good!

  15. uhhh!!i wanted her sisiter on the line...and chee yah for that young man.ill go over to his blog and know what his blog type is.

  16. Ohhhhh the book trailer! It me dancing in my sit ;-). Smh...I still haven't bought the book, no vex...God will provide!

  17. Thank you all. The plight of Haiti and Seun are really touching.

    @QMoney, Donations to HAITI from Nigeria or from other international locations can be made through the UN Global website at

    Or you can also donate through the impact your world website at ...

  18. i didnt know books had trailers..nice one tho

    God help Haiti and Seun..
    oof to see his blog

  19. Wooh I'd love to read mrfunnyhoneymoney's own.

    is this my first time commenting? *sigh.

  20. I like ur book trailer. Good job myne!
    I will buy the book. shey its on Amazon already?

    i wanna read it.

    I feel sorry for segun....

    cnt wait for mr funny honey money's own.

  21. I can't believe the situation about Haiti and everything.

    And Im glad Rihanna reached out to Seun.. can't believe all of that.. so many things..

  22. i really hope seun gets a donor especially now that a known celebrity has taken interest

  23. I think it's great that you're spreading the word on Seun and also Haiti. Let us all do what we can to help.

    Have a great weekend. I find the way you manage to read and comment on so many blogs a true blessing to blogville!

  24. with all the bad happenings errywhere we should all stop to thank God for what he's done for us and even though you cant donate a lil prayer goes a long way,and yeah pray for nigeria also lal

  25. Thank you GNG

    @Mr Funny, you're very right. More reason to give thanks. I'm praying for naija o. Hmm...

  26. gurl, am really impressed with ur promotional skills. trailer! very nice! am definitely learning from u.

    so sad abt haiti.

    leukemia took d live of a very close friend, so i feel a lot for seun. praying he gets a donor.

  27. There are just too many depressing things in the world today. I pray Seun finds a match.

  28. Yeah...just too much sadness everywhere...:(

    and @ Myne How exactly does this interactive story thing work?

  29. Gambling continues to be a strong source of menace to the society but the thing is some people just never learn. James could run but the question is, for how long? I think Iphey needs to alert Ngozi about the situation immediately. . . I'm so loving this tale.

  30. Thanks GB and Teenage girl.


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