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Office Politics: Hell hath no Devine

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So one more chapter to go before the end of Season one but keep an eye on this space. As part of my Month of love Extravaganza, I will co-host the I-LOVE-YOU radio show with Vera on Feb 6. Details soon...


Bisi drove away smiling but she had not smiled over her glass of Vodka at SWE Bar that night. Vodka wasn’t really her thing, but the way her life was going these days, a daiquiri didn't cut it.

When everyone had gone from work earlier today, Funmi had called her in to say that her name was on the list of those to be fired soon. Iphey was to have been laid off due to lack of experience but Ayo had exchanged their names. Imagine! She tossed back her drink and gestured the bartender for another. Look at that ‘miss goody two shoes’, the small girl had scattered her life.

Bisi remembered the party last Friday and it pierced her heart. First Ayo and then Chinedu fawning over that small girl! Both men could have been hers. She had slept with Ayo a few times soon after getting her job but he’d dumped her for Funmi. She had got her own back when he married someone else. And it helped that Funmi was on her side. But now for the Bank Manager to put her job on the line for Iphey.

“Damn!” Bisi tossed back another drink.

Then Chinedu, they met at Cubes Lounge and he’d been paying her some good attention. They’d talked, they'd danced, they'd laughed. And then he’d asked of Iphey. From then, he was no longer looking into her eyes, no longer flirting, no longer touching her hips, no longer wanting her. And why? Always Iphey, Miss’oh look at me, I’m all innocent, I don’t know why men run after me.

The Bartender shoved the drink into her hand and walked away. First Vodka and Coke, now Strawberry daiquiri. She’d asked for a Vodka! Bisi hissed and wished she could throw the glass at his thick head, but knowing Lagos clubs, she’d hit someone else and the end wouldn’t be pretty.

Bisi hissed again and walked to the opposite end of the bar.


“What would you like that mixed with ma’am?” That bartender replied.

“Just give me Vodka jo!”

She’d been about to gulp it down when her phone buzzed. It was her Nemesis. “I’m on my way to Chinedu’s place just in case. Call me in thirty minutes.” Bisi shook in shock and horror.

“Oh, no.” She gulped her Vodka and stormed out.

“You’ve taken over my work, everything that’s good, but you won’t go scot free.” She knew Chinedu’s address, had asked that first night. She was closer and would get there first.

“Danladi, I wouldn’t need you tonight.”

“Eh, Madam.”

Bisi hissed, slow people irritated her and this old man was painfully slow.

“Go home ladi, I’ll drive myself.”

She got there fast and pressed the doorbell. She heard a crash followed by a curse and there he was.

“Hi, may I come in?” she said.

“Sure, come on in.”

Bisi chuckled knowingly. Her blue camisole always did that. She dropped her jacket and sat down uninvited. “I know I should have called first, but...”

“It’s no problem.” He cut her off.

“Are you okay? You seem aloof.” He was still standing.

“I’m good. How may I help you?”

“I would you like something to drink.” Bisi smiled, “A glass of you would be nice.”

“Excuse me?” Chinedu jumped a foot as though burnt.

“See, I don’t usually do things like this but I really like you and...” Bisi got up and placed her hands on his chest. “...I find you attractive and I...”

She kissed him slow at first, tasting, savouring and then hot, passionate like he was her sustenance to life.

The alcohol fueled her ardor till there was no possible way to turn back. She played the imaginary encounter, conversation and well, the aftermath until it seemed to materialize itself before her. In her mind, he deliciously responded in kind. She could feel his muscles tense as he made intense love to her.

“Blood of Jesus!” He shoved her so hard she toppled over the futon.

“Ouch! Hey...”

“I’m sorry Bisi. But what are you doing? You know I like your friend. I don’t want this. I want Iphey.”

It wasn’t like her thoughts. There was no Iphey in her thoughts

Bisi shook in pure rage.

“Ha!” she spat. “Iphey? You want Iphey don’t you? Ha!” She exhaled in pure anger.

“I’m sorry. Bisi, I really-“

“Shut up! You’re not sorry, not as sorry as you will be when I walk out that door!”

“Now Bisi, I don’t understand-”

“I said, shut up! You want to be with Iphey huh? Ask her about the Bank Manager.”

“Bisi what is wrong with you?!”

“Aw, baby, I love you too.” She hissed and stormed out.

Now she smiled as she recalled the expression on Iphey's face. Served her right!


Our contributor is DEVINE of Be-e. I liked this post, Bisi being the woman scorned. It reminds me of Devine's last post on her blog called Playing with fire:

"I'm playing with Fire and I cant stop.
I see the flames but its kinda fun!
You know how you strike a match and watch it burn to the tip and quickly shake your hand before it gets to the tip of your fingers?
But has it ever happened that you got so caught up in watching the flames burn that you forgot the plan and it burnt the tip of your finger?"


  1. seems am the first again right,ooh

  2. this bisi is a bad sharp guysssssssssssssss oooo ,thank God say chinedu wasnot lost in the romance kingdom ,nice write up,devine

  3. Nobody gets excited when theya re second so imma b excited.. YAY!! I am second

    BTW.. I think what Bisi did is just cruel!

  4. Nobody gets excited when theya re second so imma b excited.. YAY!! I am second

    BTW.. I think what Bisi did is just cruel!

  5. muyiwa,have u been 1st before?if yeah then can i have d book this time????harry doesnt sound interested
    *sigh*,i dey try now

  6. BISI! How cruel can a person be.
    Glad Chinedu did not fall for it.

    Good one DEVINE

  7. Oooh, so that's how Bisi got to do her thing abi?

    Nice one Devine!

  8. What can i say...I

  9. when do iphey and dhinedu hook up again? even if they get to have more challenges, the suspense is crazy.
    love this myne.

  10. I almost forgot who bisi was

  11. Myne, I want to write for Season 2

  12. evil child...i will beat her if i see her

  13. I no blame Bisi o... but Haba! No be Iphey's fault say she fly now... lol

  14. oh..ah...err, I cussed her already, mmttccchheew. She'll see who'll be having the last laugh. Naughty Bisi..

  15. I LOVED this!!!
    I so wanted to know exactly what happend btwn those two.....all you romantic peeps,this is da real story o......LOL!

    Devine, you too much o jare....Myne, you are such a good sport abt doing all des work o,here's to more in the months gbosa to u!!!

  16. Applause, more applause....great piece.

    Me likey, me like a lot.

  17. you know, i really like the way this post was straight to the point...there wasnt too much story, just action...reminds me of sidney sheldon, may he ripp

  18. chai!! this Bisi sef is a real enemy of progress... i really hope Chinedu and Iphey patch things up....

  19. im with neefemi, she needs to be beaten! jealous mofo, bad bele no 1, enemy of progress!!! kmt!

    Very nice post. loved it

  20. loved this!! As much as I want to be angry at Bisi, I can't!
    I actually get what must hv been going thru her mind!!
    So realistic!!

  21. thot chinedu was going to succumb. good thing he didn't.
    sure Bisi will have her pound of flesh somehow. you can't get away from a woman after using her , especially if she still wants you.

  22. Nice one! I'm glad Chinedu didnt fall for it.

  23. Chei, Bisi the hating ass heifer!! The length some women will wa!

    Good job, Devine!

  24. oh ok, now things fall into place. i was wondering. nice wrap up.

  25. Hmm Myne Muyiwa be cheatin go..
    I was wondering how in God's name anybody comments more than I do on this blog and it seems muyiwa person be posting multiiple times..
    That is so cheating right there, I should be first...

  26. this is good but its seems a lil funny to be hating on imaginary people lol

  27. im so late on this one!been off my game a while kai!nice one.. kinda hurts though when just one person seems to always steal the attention.. !hmm, Wouldn't want to be there though.. good one..

  28. I guess am late as always. I'll just buy the book. Simples.

  29. Nothing of the kind!

  30. Hmm...

    This is my favorite post so far.

  31. Wowwwww......... Bisi is CrAzY!!! lol...nice!

  32. hell hath no fury than a woman scorned...and boy is she pissed. poor bisi, her actions are despicable but you can understand where she is coming from.


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