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A man should provide for his Family...Myne + Aeedeeaee

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“What are you doing here!?” Iphey screamed.

“Please let me come in, I have to talk to you.” He pleaded.

“You!?” He looked the same as when she’d seen him earlier in the cab but now his face was softer, more like the brother-in-law she’d known. He was James, her sister’s husband.

Not knowing how to process the information her eyes were feeding her, her first impulse was to choke him by the collar and demand reparation for all the pain he’d caused her family. Since she couldn’t do that, the next best thing was to slam the door smack in his face. She did just that but James caught the door with his foot.

“Iphey! Please wait!” He begged again.

“Are you James or not?”

“Yes…” He breathed with downcast eyes.

“I knew it! I knew it was you.” She opened the door wider. “How did you find me?”

“I knew where you lived…”

“Damn you, James! Damn you to hell!” Iphey cried hitting his chest repeatedly with both hands till he caught them in his.

“Iphey, please calm down… listen to me!”

“Please, shut up! Shut the hell up! Why did you deny it when I called your name in the cab?”

“Iphey…I’m sorry but I had to…” He pushed her back into her apartment and closed the door. “I was shocked as much as you were, Iphey. I needed time to put myself together…”

James had managed to push her into one of the living room chairs at this time but remained standing. A tense silence ensued.

“Where have you been all this while?” Iphey asked in a low voice. Her hands hung between her knees.

“I’ve been here in Lagos…”

“My God! James, you live here? Ngoo waited…she pined for you all this time and you live here in Lagos?!”

Pictures of her nephew in his bed during the most recent stay in the hospital flashed before her eyes…Her sister’s depression…The fear in her mother’s eyes…Her own tears.

“Please Iphey, You need to relax…hear me out at least…”

She sprang to her feet. “How dare you come here after all these years and tell me to relax?! Why are you even here? What am I hearing you out on? That you abandoned my sister and her child, YOUR SON!?”

Iphey knew she was getting hysterical but couldn’t stop it. “How am I going to break this to Ngozi? How will I tell my sister that her long lost husband is infact alive? That he has lived in this same state all the while she was crying herself to sleep?” Several thoughts ran through her mind at once.

James came to stand before her. “See, I had to do what I did…I didn’t want to but it was the best thing I could’ve done at the time.”

Iphey was confused. She hadn't thought there was a happier couple than her sister and James at the time. She’d just gotten into University when they got married seven years ago. A year later Obi had been born and everyone had been overjoyed. He was three when to everyone’s shock, James had gone missing.

James went on...“Almost four years ago, something happened.”

Iphey’s shook her head vigorously. “What is it, James? What happened?” She cried, perplexed.

James breathed out and turned around. “I lost my job.

“What?? What are you talking about?”

“You see Iphey; two years after we got married, I lost my precious oil company job.”

“What does that have to do with it?” A shiver went over Iphey. The talk of job loss was a bit close to home with the recent spate of lay-offs in the banking sector.

“I never told your sister. I kept going out to work for nearly six months afterwards and never breathed a word of it to her. I looked for other jobs, gambled, took to drinking, chased other women. Nothing helped.”

Iphey found the sofa. This is only a bad dream. If I shut my eyes, it will go away.

James continued. “The few people who knew advised me to tell her but I couldn’t face the disappointment on her face. When Obi’s asthma came up while she was still on maternity leave, we had agreed for her to remain at home. So there was no other source of income…”

He looked at her face. “I know what you’re thinking…I wouldn’t be first or last to lose my job but I was so proud! Your sister didn’t know, her behavior didn’t change but I became paranoid. I blamed her for my woes and our sickly son for my quickly dwindling savings. Then I blamed myself but still I did not tell her.”

“Oh my God. Oh my God.” Iphey kept saying.

“I began to resent everyone. My family, you and your mother, you all boasted so much about my status…”

She could see it was very painful for him but she wouldn’t let that go. “Leave us out of this.”

“OK.” He sat down. “The thing was, I was brought up to believe that a man should provide for his family. In those six months, that belief made me mad!" He was crying now, the tears trickled down his cheeks.

“Are you saying…?” Iphey started.

James cut in. “I’m not saying I became actually mad but I eventually did something insane.”

Iphey's phone began to ring.


And that's it folks. What did he do? Who's on the phone? You have to come back for the next chapter, vote on the left as usual.

This was a collabo I did with Aeedeeaee. I enjoyed the challenge and maybe I'll be doing more of that. My second book is progressing well and I'm loving this interactive story more and more. Thank you all for being a part of it.




    PS i wonder what he did

  3. A responsible man should never walk out on his family, no matter the situation! he should not have left his home.

    What insane thing did he do? I hope not what I'm thinking.

  4. that's not a goo reason
    but i could see it happening...

    good job and i would have preferred
    it to be either iphey's mom or sis
    calling at that time...hehehe!!!

  5. Now, I am in wonderment lol...It was nice doin this Myne...I look forward to doing another installment...

  6. I SWEAR WE SHUD HAVE A UNION..I DONT WANT TO WAIT FOR THE REST OF THE STORY ANYMORE...LOL....its soo intriguing i swear we shud make it into a movie ...propa full of suspence..and we'd have the actors that did "letters to a stranger" act this...the guy whos the taxi driver shud be the excited wens the next post?

  7. LOVED IT!!!!

    what did he do?? he went to babalawo abi???

    Myne we should really conside turing this thing into a real book o, it if fabulous!!!

  8. oh btw??

    thoughts should be in italics.


  9. im sorry im sorry

    but why isnt Ngoo's name on the list of who is calling??

    oh well

  10. @ Barefeet, i so agree! lol. its like waiting for ur fave soapie week after week.

    i so knew it was james in the cab, wat did he do o?????????

  11. mehn so it was indeed james?

    I don't accept his excuse at all. Plain Bull s#$t!

    And he had the gall to come find iphey? Such nerve! Infact, i dey vex, but i'll wait to see how this play out.


  12. Ok...first of all, she's kinda overeacting as if she was the one the guy left...why?

    second of all, this guy sounds so weak, naive and immature! I don't buy his reasons for leaving.

    Can't wait for next chapter. :)

  13. Does he somehow think that is a good enough reason?...Oh plssss

  14. that reason is super lame! oh he'd better have a sweeter reason o

    i really really really enjoyed this

  15. OMG!! What kind of foolish excuse is that for leaving your wife and son!

  16. pretty lame excuse I concur. He should go back to being insane for such an insane excuse.


  17. omyGosh- Myne i am going to kill you and aeedeeaee? like seriously how can you stop there - omy days - hissssssssssss - lol -but more importantly that guy is a bastard with that said - tell me i am the next writer -so i can do justice to this, thank you very much

  18. yeah this is touching,i pictured that scene of where james told her the truth as a movie scene,tears go dey flow, yeah good one myne and adaeee

  19. This is getting better and better! What a cad James has become! I agree with the other commenters, it's a great soap opera!

  20. Thank you all, I'm just laughing here. I don't think James is a bastard, but lets hear his story first. Hmmm...

    The next chapter should be up on Sunday. Thanks for voting.

  21. james had better have a good excuse coming...
    a darn good one!!

  22. Hi BBB,

    Congratulations! I don't think you've been first before. You've just won a free copy of my eBook 'Love Happens'. Send an email to mulan.mine@gmail to get it. Cheers.

  23. Whatever the case was he shudnt have left his family.

    Welldone Myne and Aeedeeaee,cant wait for next chapter...

  24. Love dis STORY!!! Nice collabo here and I hope I will be first soon...

  25. Na wa for all of you. You are ready to forgive Chinedu for being an armed robber, but you are giving James seriously hard knocks for abandoning his family.

    But then, James isn't exactly 'Mr. Manly' like Chinedu...

  26. i loved it..i cant wait to know what he did and i hope ngozi is the one calling.

  27. awwww James! I wonder what he did ooo...dang and he left for 3 yrs!!!! hmmm...wonder what's next...

  28. Is this the height of suspense? wel, let's wait and see...

  29. LOVED this!
    his excuse reminds me of sum1 I know,lame as it is!
    Myne,I am so still interested in writing for the interactive. let me know when its ma turn ;-)

  30. RUBBISH! I sha want to know who's calling Iphey.
    Seem like their mother has a way of inviting trouble into her kids' life. First, James the run-away, next Chinedu the ex-robber.
    BTW, I love it. Wish I wasn't too lazy to join this story....sigh

  31. RUBBISH! I sha want to know who's calling Iphey.
    Seem like their mother has a way of inviting trouble into her kids' life. First, James the run-away, next Chinedu the ex-robber.
    BTW, I love it. Wish I wasn't too lazy to join this story....sigh

  32. RUBBISH! I sha want to know who's calling Iphey.
    Seem like their mother has a way of inviting trouble into her kids' life. First, James the run-away, next Chinedu the ex-robber.
    BTW, I love it. Wish I wasn't too lazy to join this story....sigh

  33. wowzers!! just realised i haven't commented in a bit... im always rushing to vote!! i actually really feel sorry for james... that kinda pressure is hard to face, cant wait for the rest!

  34. If she didn't accidentally flag down his cab would he have come looking for her to explain???? shu! talk another one jare! no excuse.
    Good work Myne & Aeedeeaee

  35. I, too, think James' excuse is lame. And why did he show up to explain?

    Can't wait to see what he will say next.

  36. good job Aeedeeaee and Myne!!!
    But i no like this kind suspense oh...shuo.. u guys wanna raise my blood pressure on top say i dey wait for
    can't wait for the next one! :)
    As for James... thunder fire that his mouth..what kind of lame ass excuse is that? lol

  37. That's gtta be one of d dumbest excuses ever but then again to an extent I understand. He is a man afterall!
    I would not take him back tho because I do not want a runner for a husband.

    He got someone pregnant or killed someone?
    and his wife was on d phone?

  38. i had enormous and diverse emotions whirling within me as i read this..GOD..i cannot imagine this..i could see them in my mind's eye and wanted to shout out at him..COWARD..THAT'S WHAT U ARE..

    great job, Myne and Aeedeeaee, great great job

  39. Well done both!

    But wait o, because a man loses his job, he leaves his wife? Mscheew, he should go away!

  40. Mehn James is in trouble. Thank God he is not a real life guy else some of us will really go hunting him before we hear the rest of the story.
    Myne you are really putting us on a major hold.
    Sunday where are you? Please bring us the new post
    Good one y'all

  41. I am soooooo happy i can comment today,i always feel LOST when i come here,like i dunno who we are suppsoe to eb voting for for the poll.
    As for James,there really can't beany excuse really...and then God forbid oh but how does a husband lose his job and d wife NEVER knows...meaning she doesnt know his colleague sor never goes to the office to look for im or what???i wait till the update sha but i still agree,he did not have an excuse except of course he joined a cult and they told him to il his wife and kid so he decided to run away from them to avter danger!!!

  42. *suppose,*be, *any,*kill, *avert
    thats for all d typos..ol

  43. Haba im 43rd oh..infact no..I don't know what to say, everyone took the worddds out of my mouth
    @cb lol babalawo ni?

  44. OMG myne,this is such a fantabulous concept,i just read all the stories and i am up to date!!infact i am interested in writing like in 5 stories time,how d i apply???lol

  45. if chinedu ever killed in d course of his robbery,over to God for 4giveness oh but i most definitely cant be with someone like that cos if anything bad happens tome,i will think God is punishing us

    so i jus saw sumtin about getting a book if i am that still correct lemme start stalking hard

  46. Thank you all.

    @Qmoney, there's no other place to apply o, your interest is noted. Thanks for the comments and yes up to Jan 31st if you're first to comment, you get my eBook, Love Happens.

  47. I am finally on board totally and completely...i have read all your posts from "testing".
    i think u should look for one part of your blog that informs newbies that they have to read the story from the beginning to understand it.......i see u around blogsville a lot and i always came here but i just didn't get it and guess i was not patient enough as
    thank God for patience!!!
    so i have finally voted as well just that i am wondering if our vote this week determines d direction of this story as well.....
    please bear with me and my several comments,i am making up for lost time:)

  48. Hi QMoney, thanks for that suggestion. I have the chapters on the sidebar but I will add what you mentioned to start from the beginning. Yes the votes will determine the direction of the story which will be up by Sunday. I will announce the results tomorrow.

    Thanks again for taking the time, I really appreciate that.

  49. Lol the excuse does not make sense..
    But I liked this.

  50. LOL @ your hubby's comment Myne, but it's true. Why are the comments nicer to Chinedu and harsh towards James. Ok he did a cowardly thing... but is that worse that being an armed robber?

    Good collaboration!

  51. I've finally managed to catch up with the whole story. I hadn't seen an interactive story before and i'm really surprised at how well the whole thing coheres. I'm enjoying it so far and waiting for more. Best

  52. Thanks Azazel, FavouredGirl and Culturesoup. I appreciate your comments.

  53. looking at things from his pointa view he musta lived one hell of a hellish life those 3 years
    nice one myne

  54. this is such a beautiful piece.. please wats keeping the next chapter?im hooked on here.. i actually made a bed here.. you're that good.

  55. Mr Funny, thanks and I think so too.

    @Chacha, lol, thanks a lot, the next will be out on Sunday.

  56. Blessings......
    Good story though I find that I am unsympathetic to his plight as he was selfish, self-centered and arrogant because his ego was bigger than his compassion for his child. He blame everyone else with hyping up his status but he was also bloated on his own status enough so that to yield beneath was too much for him to bear which force him to show is true character one of a spineless twit who could not see beyond his own egotistical need. “I blamed her for my woes and our sickly son for my quickly dwindling savings” thoes would have been the last words he said to me because I wasn’t going listen beyond that, to blame the wife I get the logic even as arsine as it is but to blame an innocent child for his inadequacies, hmmmm….too much.


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