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Cupid's Mr. FunnyHoneyMoney

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The phone rang through without any answer.


She was still not picking his calls.

“There could be a hundred different reasons. I know she wouldn't just ignore my calls,” he told himself.

Chinedu ignored the part of him that said maybe she was angry with him and wanted nothing more to do with him. There must be something else. He had not talked to Iphey since the party incident. He had tried to call her but never seemed to be able to hit the green button each time. However, today at work after his conversation with Aisha, he had managed to press it but the call didn’t go through; the network was busy or her phone was switched off.

One hour passed in which he kept staring at his phone on the table. He had been trying since with no luck and now he sighed. That was all he did: call, no reply, sigh, scratch his head, sigh, stand up, pace the length of the room, sigh, sit down and do it all over. He battled the temptation to get into his car and drive over there. Was she with someone else? According to Aisha, the man at the party was her Bank manager going overboard with unwelcome advances.

He called again. She didn't pick as before but this time he managed to send off a text message. He felt like someone was playing a game with him as the guy who always got something wrong. He still couldn’t explain to himself why he had been so angry when she had kissed him. Maybe she'd done it to annoy her manager but he had really enjoyed the kiss. He could still feel it even days after; he even remembered the stray strand of hair that had brushed against his face when they kissed. God he needed to talk to her. He knew though that this time there was no beating about the bush. They both spoke their minds or forgot it. It was all or nothing.

Thirty minutes later, he was still sighing and pacing. He picked up the phone and decided to try again. As if on cue the slideshow he had put as his phone’s wallpaper changed to the only picture he had of her. Iphey sleeping, a smile on her lips. He sighed once more and began to dial.

His doorbell rang.

He knew she was the one even before he got up from his chair.

“She has come, God she has come.” He banged into a stool in his zest to get to the door in record time and cursed. He opened the door and there she stood looking so beautiful, prim and proper in her suited banking attire. She looked like she just got ready to go to work instead of after a hectic day at the office.

“Hi,” she said, “may I come in?”

Every cell in his body screamed for him to refuse, talk with her right there, close the door and run back into the house. Instead he said, “sure, come on in.”

He wasn't as happy as he thought he would be. That was because it wasn’t Iphey shrugging off her jacket right from the door, it was Bisi.

Straight away knew he would regret that decision; more and more he felt like some unknown force was playing a game with him.


So that's it folks. Please vote on the left side bar for the next chapter. One thing I can say is that things are really heating up. I tell you don't miss it! will be up by Wednesday.

Our contributor is Mr FunnyHoneyMoney of A PEN IN THE RIGHT HAND OF A LEFT HANDED GENIUS. And he is a genius indeed, at least when it comes to writing and rhyming. Check out his blog. When I saw his contribution, I wasn't too surprised, he said this on his page.

"I gained quite the reputation for being a prankster; it just naturally happened that at any given point in time i was always doing some' mischievous."


  1. This should be interesting. let me read it

  2. Hmm...Iphey Bisi Chinedu Iphey Bisi Chinedu Iphey Bisi i sensing a love triangle here?


  3. As predicted, when necessary, will not be the first to comment.

    Chinedu and bisi?!? Someone just had to come and spice things up.

  4. for some weird reason, i was smiling all through the story :)

    great job MFHM, good to know u can write something besides psycho stories lol i kid i kid!

    what does bisi want now?? anyway she has already proved to be a bad friend so...yeah

  5. NICE!! Hmmn Bisi and Chinedu, i wonder what she has come to say. Cant wait for next chapter. Welldone Mr FunneyHoneyMoney,chai your name is long.LOL

  6. Yeah chinedu acted like a real man by allowing her,lets wait and see ,thumbs up my funnyhoneymoney

  7. Why is she not picking up, how long does she want him to suffer abeg?...Girls and shakara!

  8. WOW... Attempt to be first not sp successful I see... I love the fact that it wasn't Iphey at the door... Intrigue, intrigue, INTRIGUE!

  9. now the saga begins, pls somebody save Chinedu from her.

    very interesting read.

  10. Lol I like this but i feel that tomany times, the sory has gone off on a tangent..

  11. Lol I like this but i feel that tomany times, the sory has gone off on a tangent..

  12. Thank you all for the comments, remember to vote.

    @Azazel, maybe it's cos of the votes which determine the direction of the story. Otherwise, I think that is the fun of an interactive, you don't know what is coming next.

  13. very nice - and i have to agree with azazel - but still interesting

  14. good the twist! Bisi ke? hmmmm..wonder wat's next!

  15. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..waiting for the rest of the story.

  16. Chinedu! I sure hope you know what you are doing? Bisi should not just be taken at face value.
    Anyways I am waiting to see where this twist leads.

    BTW I made it here first I see! :) only I refreshed a million time and yet could not see the post till today:(
    What can i do to see the post next time?

  17. lol @ Darlyn..kpele dear,it happens

    and when i saw it was Bisi, i just screamed out.."WHAT IS SHE DOING THERE?' amebo + green snake in a green grass (like we used to say)

    welldone, fynneyhoneymoney

  18. Ahn ahn! Bisi, ke? Wetin she want na? Crikes! I really can't wait for wednesday...Welldone funnyhoneymoney

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. this one na trouble oooooo...... kudos Mr. FHM

  21. Omg Bisi?!?!?!? Whaaaat what did I miss? Where did that come from? Noooooooo I don't support this! *cries*

    Good writing though

  22. INTERESTING READ!!! good job to Mr MFMH(LOL) Gen my naija people will say... let the story continue!

  23. I caught up on the previous one and this as well, I really like how yhe writers pick up so easily from where the others left off with great plots and twists to the story. Good job!

  24. Chai mr funnyhoneymoney,your name's powerful oo . hehe. 911 Save Chinedu's Soul!(ScS). Im sensing a femme fatale coming!

  25. Chinedu and Bisi ke?
    Biko make she no go spoil Iphey chances o!

  26. whats with everyone and my name? just copy and paste if you cant type it lol

  27. hmm
    who is this bisi???
    and the plot thickens

  28. oh nooooo.....pls don't complicate things further for chinedu and iphey, i think it's time they both live in peace....dey've bin through alot..*sobs* .. . lol

    nice concept myne, would like to contribute also...

  29. @Mr Funny, I have shortened your name o. LOL.

    @Beautiful, thanks and I will keep you posted. Cheers.

  30. I'm wondering where this is heading now...arghhh, the annoying part is, there's no last chapter to jump to or FFW button to click on, i hate suspense

  31. Jhazmyn,

    I can feel you, I also wonder where this is going myself. But small small, is what I have learnt being a writer myself.

  32. now this is what i call a cliff hanger!! one of my best chapters so far


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