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Cupid's Comedy 2...Mr. FunnyHoneyMoney

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So more people want to hear about Iphey and Chinedu. Enjoy...


If there was anything worse than shit, that was what Iphey felt like as she drove back home that fateful Monday night. It was almost eleven and she was still out. And tomorrow was another work day. At least her car had been repaired. She tried not to think of the incident with James and then Ngozi, and remembered she had wrapped the day up by ‘cooking beans’, a banker’s slang that meant she and thus the bank had not been able to balance their books for the day. She prayed she wouldn’t lose her job for that.

Just as she was wondering what else could possibly happen, her phone buzzed and began to ring. Instantly she knew it was him. It was Chinedu again. She hadn’t realized how much she had been waiting for his call until it actually came while she was with James earlier. She couldn’t take it then and had switched off the phone while with Ngoo but now she would. She immediately parked by the side of the road and started rummaging through the junk she had dumped on the passenger seat for her phone.

“Damn” she thought, it was now when she really wanted to pick a call that the phone would be under the pile. By the time she found the phone the call had finished, she read the text and decided to pay him a visit. She sent off a text to Aisha and then Bisi as back-up of where she was going.

It took half an hour before she got there. As she parked her car outside, she noticed a car that looked somewhat familiar but she didn’t pay it much attention. Just as she was getting to the door it suddenly opened; and out came……

“Bisi?” Iphey couldn't believe her eyes.

“Oh, hi Iphey how you doing?” replied Bisi with a smile on her face.

“Wha…what are you doing here?” asked Iphey.

“I just came to pay Chinedu a visit. You nko?”

Chinedu came out with a jacket in his hand “Bisi, your…” The words were stopped in their tracks by the sight before him

“Thanks darling.” Bisi collected the jacket with a smile and walked away.

Chinedu walked closer to his new visitor. “Iphey…” She stood there in his driveway like she had just taken a bullet to the heart.

“Is that all she forgot?” There was so much shock in her voice.

“Iphey I can explain…”

“There’s really nothing to explain,” she scratched the back of her neck. “I guess I’ll just be on my way, goodbye.”

She turned away quickly to hide the tear that was making its way down her cheeks.

“But you came here for something…”

“It doesn’t matter anymore!”

“No, wait. Iphey, it’s not what you think. Nothing happened I swear it.”

“Funny, I don’t remember saying anything.” She ran the final steps to her car. To think that she had thought to ask his help for her sister's problem. She had been so excited to read his text, but it was all a sham.

“SHIT!” shouted chinedu as he punched his palm and let out a string of curses.

Cupid must sure be having a very good laugh with himself playing these silly games. He wished he had never opened that door, damn he so wished he had never opened that door.


Our contributor again is Mr FunnyHoneyMoney of A PEN IN THE RIGHT HAND OF A LEFT HANDED GENIUS. He wrote the first part and so had to complete it. Also, some others have sent in parallel chapters, so there won't be any votes for now. The next chapters will be up on Friday and Sunday.

ps, The first series of the interactive will go on break soon, I want too do a small project in February. Topic: LOVE. Watch this space.

pps, Enjoy the rest of the week people...


  1. awwwww...i just finished reading it. this just isn't fair! i love happy stories not this....pls pls pls,let notin bad happen to chinedu and iphey *sobs*

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hmm.. katakata don burst.. lol. I loved this. Nice work pple

  4. myne i get a copy of the e-book? *batting eyelids in a pretty way*

  5. *sobs with beautiful* nooooo! Could someone pass me some Kleenex. Aw knew this was going to happen..Bisi the %^3$%%^"!!
    This is good...but sad...*sniff*

  6. love is something i am not sure i want to read right now.
    but being the romantic that i am,i am sure i will enjoy my series, i may even write something from back in the days.

  7. Finally Iphey and Chinedu, yippee....... loved it lloooooovvvveeddddd it.

    Owwwww..... i wish he never opened the door too sob sob..

  8. Damn! See how Bisi is messing things up for these guys. na wa o!

    The drama continues.

  9. Talk about major bad timing...feel bad for the dude

  10. very nice X

    i really dont think iphey should have freaked out like that tho, after all she didnt catch them doing anything wrong, she should simply have asked.

  11. girls and their drama if all you were coming there for was to ask him to help ur sister...why u so mad? mschewwww

    Very well done sir

  12. iphey is acting too much joo...ahan! couldn't she just wait 4 him to explain....jumping into conclusion....hiss

  13. @Beautiful, congrats! You have won the eBook, so send me an email and I'll forward it directly. Thanks for your comments.

  14. I lovvedd this!!!
    Bisi is up 2 sumthn mehn!! looking forward to the rest!!

  15. Hmmn e don happen!!!
    Iphey should have waited for explanation.

  16. lol rene is right, she overreacted..

  17. This is so typical of gals....y is she so upset indeed if truly she went there for just "help",of which since wen did gals start needing helo from guys they aren't really feeling??story so on point!!!welldone oh myne,compiling this stories @this pace can't be easy...u must live here now.great work

  18. Wow..Iphey should have waited nau...we girls sha...aww poor Chinedu!!!!

  19. ahn ahn Sister Iphey, from where to where? cool down jo. talk about wearing ur heart on ur sleeve.

    mw i have learnt a new one "cooking beans"!!!

  20. I am so jumping and giggling right now....Mr Funny,thanks a bunch o jare!
    I voted for Nedu and Bisi,so I am so elated by this twist....Una too much.
    Myne, thumbs up 2 u,xxx!

  21. Mehn nice story..
    But why did this contributor mess up this storyline with the twist.

  22. ehm okay 2 things:
    1. how did iphey get nedu's address?
    2. why would she send bisi a text as backup, na so dem frenfren don reach?

  23. Nice one. I love twists.

    Myne, I have an unrelated question o. What margin measurement and spacing did you use for your book? I have a write up I did and was wondering how many pages it would be in 'book format'. Thanks

  24. Hi Anonymous,

    I used the custom pagination on MSWord and since the book size was 6"X9", that was what I did. The rest of the spacing and measurement was done by the publishers. So try that or 8'X5'. Hope that helps. All the best with the book project.

  25. @Azazel, LOL

    @Neo, that crossed my mind too but I don't think it's too far fetched to think she got the address along the line. This has been going on now for several weeks and they've met often enough. As for Bisi, I think it's because she's the only other person that knows about she and Chinedu apart from Aisha and her family.

    But let's watch and see...

  26. @Beautiful, I'm still waiting for your email.

    @Everyone, watch out for the next two chapters. More twists to come. LOL...

  27. ...i am just so carried away I cant wait to read what happens next...I feel like I am watching one of those series movies...The suspense is killing..

  28. OK... The twists are cute and all, but they need to get together already! This isn't healthy for those with high blood pressure o... SMH

  29. iphey can like to chill jare..she forgot her jacket ehen?

  30. yeah Iphey definitely overreacted..she also needs a little's not like she caught Bisi and Chinedu doing anything out of the ordinary...smcheew..

  31. yay myne you didnt tell me you were gonna was the other half of the story lol

  32. Yes I did, the voters asked for it. LOl...

  33. myne, pls check ur mail. av sent u my email...don't wanna write it here. tanks a mil

  34. Poor iphey, well everything happens for a reason and im sure we'll find out soon why this happened


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